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Below are list of PDF Downloads of Self-Coaching Training Process (STP) designed to improve the golfer’s game based on the ASPEN Self-Coaching System. The ASPEN Self-Coaching Technique allows the golfer to take advantage of existing and ordinary skills they have already developed and apply these same skills to their golf game with notable results.

ASPEN– Apperception, Sequential, Performance, Ergonomic, Neuromuscular Self-Coaching System


I CAN GUARANTEE The golfer this, they may very well practice their golf swing using their conscious mind concerning the WHAT, but once the golfer step foot onto the golf course that they will be relying on their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind runs the show when it comes to HOW on the golf course. The golfer doesn’t play golf with WHAT, but instead of HOW, their instincts!


Below are downloads in PDF format that the golfer can use to improve their game, including the Health & Fitness Golf Swing Coach articles.


Included in Health & Fitness Golf Swing Coach section is a 925-MET Diet Program Download. This describes the process of how I lost 9- inches in my waist and 52 pounds overall by following a diet that I developed in 2014. This 925-MET Diet Program is based on Circadian Rhythms and a Weight Factor (WF) to evaluate foods just by using the Nutrition Label on foods or on website of your favorite restaurants.


The Nutrition Label is a great source of information for maintaining a healthy diet and weight. The Weight Factor WF can even be used to determine the proper serving size of certain foods. Using the 925-Diet Program with the Weight Factor, you can turn your body into a calorie-burning juggernaut where the pounds melt off. 


Also included in The Locker Room are YouTube Videos that I made showing the basic techniques of The ESPY Golf Swing and my CASPER fitness program. I will be updating my Locker Room on a ongoing basis.


Introduction to SIG-Coaching Guide- The ASPEN Self-Coaching Technique:



The QATSPY Golfers Sports Psychology


Using the Golfer’s Elbow Technique for POWER:


Golf Swing Tips for a Consistent Golf Swing:


Golf Game Management- How to Get Better at Golf:


Golf Lessons- Improve Your Life:


Health & Fitness Golf Swing Coach:

The Great Qatspy a Forum for Coaching Golf

Articles from The Qatspy Golfer’s Page, to help improve the golfer’s game and life. A forum for coaching golf for power and control.

To help get Veterans involved in golf, Operation DOG TAG allows individuals, organizations, and groups information and ability to form golf clubs to reach out to Veterans in order to get them involved with their communities and find support and fellowship. The PGA of America has worked with veterans returning from the battlefield since 1919, after WW-I. The PGA realizes the impact the sport of golf has on these veterans. Most barriers that prevent Veterans from participating in other sports, are not an issue in golf. In the coming months, I will be outlining proposals to establish Operation DOG TAG in your organization or club.

Please review my Library of YouTube Videos to Improve Your Golf Game & Fitness:

YouTube Training Videos for Golf & Fitness

Even though the QATSPY GOLF Bunt-Type Pitch Shot is for the short game around the green, the same mechanics and techniques are used in the regular golf shot. Anywhere you practice your putting, you can practice the Bunt-Type Chip/Pitch Golf Shot. Just have a backstop to block those wayward shots.

TWEAK Self-Coaching Golf Swing Technique. This allows the golfer to get out of the way of their own golf swing. The golfer will eliminate the swing thoughts/develop golf swing instincts:

The T-N-T Putt used to hole more putts to make Par or better.

Home GYM with basic exercise equipment to maintain your Cardio, Aerobic, Strength, Plyometrics Exercise Routine. This YouTube Video contains 10 of my 12 CASPER Workout Program.

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