Introduction to SIG-Coaching Guide – Golf Instruction

The Self Golf Instruction Guide for Better Golf



The term SIG is the acronym for Self-Instructional-Golf that is based on a self-coaching format of HOW rather than WHAT. One of the most challenging aspects and dilemmas in instructional golf is retention and application of what was been learned and practiced between rounds of golf. The SIG coaching technique allows the golfer to improve at golf by redefining their motor skills developed at a young age playing either baseball or softball. This technique of using either the baseball or softball swing to develop a consistent golf swing is called Apperception, the HOW of golf swing coaching.



The advantage of using Apperception to the golfer is that the golfer’s motor skills are already highly developed and are instinctive. These motor skills don’t required thinking, but instead just redefining. The baseball batter in the batter’s box doesn’t think about their techniques or their mechanics, they is just focused on the pitch and hope the pitch isn’t a knuckleball.



This Apperception SIG approach also addresses the disconnect between practice and the golf course. This disconnect is not totally the golfer’s fault, but how typical golf instruction is presented to the golfer. Some golf coaches think it takes a total whole different set of techniques from the baseball-type swing, but it doesn’t. Why not work with what the golfer has already developed.



You may vary will practice golf using your conscious mind, but I can guarantee the golfer that once they step foot onto the golf course their subconscious mind takes over the show. So if your golf swing techniques and mechanics aren’t instinctive and a part of your fine motor skills, it is not going to be there for the golfer to use on the golf course regardless how many hours the golfer puts into their practice.



Matter of fact, your subconscious mind will sabotage techniques that isn’t deems instinctive. You might not consider your golf swing a survival skill, but your subconscious mind does, it’s treating your golf swing as a survival skill. You golf swing is being treated like self-preservation and will scuttle what the golfer spent 30-hours practicing on the range or in the backyard.



How to Develop a Self-Coaching Technique Based on the Self-Coaching System



Pyramid Golf Instruction Process

From the Learning Retention Pyramid model to the left, we see that 75 percent of what we retain is through actual experience, or using the self-coaching process based on Apperception. To improve at golf, the golfer’s swing mechanics and techniques must be based on two fundamentals: be supported by existing motor skills, and developed under actual, or simulated conditions. This technique is similar to scrimmage games in football.



For the golfer to effectively transition from learning the golf swing into utilizing their mechanics and techniques, they must train under actual condition, or simulated condition.



Focus on the Subconscious Mind in You Golf Training Sessions



 Unfortunately, most golf instruction or golf lessons focus on conscious mind. This is the top of the retention pyramid, where lessons are presented in a 30-minute period with the golfer retaining less than 25 percent of what is presented.



Our brains do not function in that manner on the golf course. The golfer already has well-established fine-permanent motor skills. These will trump any effort to consciously learn a new set of skills. If the golf lessons do not take advantage of a previous established motor skills (Apperception), the golfer is wasting their time and money. Once fine motor skills are established by age eight they are permanently engrained.



Spending $40 to $150 for a 30-minute lesson isn’t going to change your fine motor skills. You can refined your fine motor skills, but your not going to change them. By the age of eight (8) years old the majority of your permanent motor skills are set. This is like trying to change your DNA.



Permanent motor skills are what we rely on to execute our golf swing.  Majority of these fine motor skills were developed swing a baseball bat as a child.



If you capitalize on these permanent motor skills, your golf game will improve exponentially in a few weeks if not days. Look back to your baseball swing and remember how the wrists were preset even before the pitch standing in the batter’s box. You didn’t even think about your mechanics your just naturally preset your wrists.



I did research for by final in Kinesiology. I decided to do my paper on comparing the golf swing to the baseball swing. I had access to Time-lapse photography of both comparing the golfer swing to that of a batter’s swing. I confirm what I suspected all a long, they are the same. Study the comparison of Time-lapse photography I gathered for the each below. The two are more similar then they are different.




In order for the golfer to take their baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box they will have to use three (3) simple Techniques- SYNC, PRESET, and YAW:



The Sync element helps the golfer to hit down onto the golf ball that is a fundamental of both fairway woods and irons. If you set up correctly using the Home Plate Strike Zone Drill, the golfer will naturally hit up on their tee shots.




The golfer focuses on syncing/presetting their wrists naturally engages their permanent fine motor skills that accounts for 80 percent of the golfer’s entire golf swing.



The sync/preset golf swing technique does more than just setup the golfer’s swing sequence, the Sync/Preset technique allows the golfer to hard wire directly into their subconscious mind, where 90 percent of the golf swing is located. The Sync/Preset technique is like flipping a switch to just complete the circuit.



The subconscious mind ONLY needs to be convinced that it can use the existing motor skills it has already developed. This is what THE QATSPY® Golf swing, ESPY does.



The ESPY Golf Swing Process

The Training sessions under the Introduction SIG Self-Instructional-Golf Coaching Guide will provide the golfer with Self-Coaching techniques that will allow the golfer to retain 75 to 80 percent of their training on-and-off the golf course.


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