QATR-506-1- ESPY Coaching Technique to TWEAK Your Golfer Game


This 21- Page QATSPY Download will help the golfer use a TWEAK Self-Coaching Golf Swing Technique. This allows the golfer to get out of the way of their own golf swing. In other words, the golfer will eliminate the swing thoughts and allow their golf swing to become more instinctive. Last thing the golfer wants to do on the golf course is to think. Thinking is dangerous on the golf course, Sports Psychology 101.



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Inside-the-leather Classic Golf Swing Mechanics and simple golf swing tips for Self-coaching Techniques and Fitness.


This 21- Page Download will help the golfer properly Sync/Preset their golf swing in order to synchronize their golf swing. This is more than a coaching technique, but sports Psychology technique.

An Easy Coaching Technique To TWEAK the Golfer’s Game


I developed a unique QATSPY GOLF® Coaching Technique to help me to perform IN-THE-ZONE on the golf course. I knew that I had to focus my conscious mind on something other than my golf swing to be more consistent. I also knew that if I didn’t have something for my conscious mind to focus on, I would start thinking about my elements in the golf swing sequence; and the very last thing that I wanted to do was to think while standing over a golf shot.


I needed a method to tweak my golf game that allowed me to tap into the biggest asset I have on the golf course, which is my subconscious mind, where the golfer’s instincts and performance are derived from. This is basically the Sports Psychology of golf.


The term TWEAK actually represents focal points, my Thumbs, Wrists, Elbows, Arms, and Knuckles, that I could use to improve my golf game. Dual focus is a key technique that the golfer must learn to use as part of their Sports Psychology on the golf course and practice sessions. This develops the ZONE-TYPE performance that the golfer needs. This is a key technique the golfer needs to develop to help improve their golf game. This dual focus occurs also in driving that I will explain later in this article.


The TWEAK Coaching Technique allows the golfer to rely on their instincts, instead of trying to think during their golf swing. If you, the golfer, want to be able to perform on the golf course (what your worked on in practices), then your golf swing elements will have to be instinctive, like second nature, or an automatic response.


One method to improve instincts in golf is by using training devices because they are visual, and are something for your conscious mind to focus on and for the golfer to connect with their subconscious mind. One disadvantage to training devices is that you can’t take them onto the golf course with you. But the golfer does have something just as good as training devices, and this is their instincts of using their Thumbs, Wrists, Elbows, Arms, and Knuckles, or the TWEAK Self-Coaching Technique.


Most golf coaches will tell you, the golfer, to play more golf than you practice. The reason is because the golfer is developing their golf basic instincts from playing. The disadvantage of practicing is that practice doesn’t offer the golfer the same conditions found on the golf course. This is another driving technique that will be discussed later in this article.


The golfer practicing golf will discover that they are just using their conscious mind. The golfer actually uses their subconscious mind to play golf on the golf course. This is one reason why the golfer can’t take their golf game from practice to the golf course. The golfer’s subconscious mind will actually sabotage and disregard practically everything that the golfer has practiced or learned in golf lessons.


HOW to TWEAK Your Golf Game


The golfer has to create the same conditions that drivers experience along scenic, stretch highways and/or familiar routes, called Driving Hypnosis. For experienced drivers, driving becomes so customary and instinctive that the driver’s conscious mind disengages and focuses on something other than driving. This is how the TWEAK works in golf. Like the driver, the golfer’s conscious mind is allowed to focus on a target point. This allows the subconscious mind to takes over most, if not all, of the driving tasks so that the driver doesn’t even recall driving past certain landmarks or stretches of road.


I just did a promotional for my line of US WINGS® Cape Buffalo Leather Flight Jackets for colleges that I will carry in my Online Store, starting in September. I routinely make a PowerPoint presentation that contains the script to my promotional. I use the PowerPoint both as a rehearsal and as a teleprompter. I usually go through about five rehearsals before I make the promotional.




I use a technique where I focus my conscious mind on an image that I have placed on each slide, and this is similar to Driving Hypnosis. After about the third slide, my subconscious mind takes over the promotional. This is how the TWEAK Self-Coaching Technique works in golf.


While Driving Hypnosis is unsafe for driving a vehicle down the highway, the golfer will find that it works very well for driving a golf ball down the fairway. That’s what the TWEAK Self-Coaching Technique does, as it sets up the same mental conditions in practice that will occur on the golf course, where the golfer’s subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between practice or playing conditions.

Here are three (3) conditions that must be in place to have an instinctive IN-THE-ZONE golf game and a lower score/handicap. NOTE– Look closely at the first condition:

  1. Normal and routine tasks and conditions must exist.
  2. Rely on a high degree of relaxation, confidence, and muscle memory.
  3. The conscious and subconscious minds are focused on two different situations.


The following 21 page illustrated Download procedure along with the YouTube Video above will allow the golfer to train on his/her own in a Self-Training Procedure (STP) to improve their golf game and improve their handicap on and off the golf course. The golfer will discover that more improvements in their golf game will come from playing golf instead of practicing golf or taking golf lessons. Last time I check, not many golfers have the ability to take their golf coach or trainer onto the golf course with them each time the golfer plays.


The reason that this and other Downloads in my Online Store are more effective in improving the golfer’s game is that these Downloads are designed to directly addresses the golfer’s subconscious mind (HOW) than the conscious mind (WHAT).  WHAT doesn’t last very long on the golf course.


There’s one thing that I can guarantee the golfer, you may very well practice your golf swing and take golf lessons using your conscious mind concerning the WHAT, but I can guarantee the golfer that once they step foot onto the golf course that the golfer will be relying totally on their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind runs the show when it comes to HOW on the golf course.


Most golf training sessions and golf lessons do not address the golfer’s subconscious mind. It is kind of like a passing gear on vehicles, it engages only when the driver presses the accelerator.


When there’s a conflict between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, the golfer’s subconscious mind will win the face-off or duel on the golf course. If your golf swing isn’t instinctive you won’t have it available on the golf course to use.   


This QATSPY GOLF Download will provide the golfer the ability to turn their regular round of golf into an effective golf training session that their subconscious mind will retain more effectively. The golfer’s mechanics and techniques will become more instinctive like second nature for the golfer. 


As the golfer is using the Downloads from the QATSPY GOLF Online Store in their training session, a great training technique the golfer can use is to use an I-Phone and have a friend or family member video tape the training session as the golfer is talking themselves through The ESPY Golf Swing sequence. The video tape training sessions is effective for two reasons- 1) The tapping session provides the golfer with a virtual round of golf. 2) The video tape will provide the golfer a unique virtual perspective of their golf swing. Both are great training techniques to use along with The QATSPY GOLF Downloads.


This video tapping technique is used by public speakers preparing for speech. If you never tape your self during a training session you need to. It will far surpass any golf lesson you ever had before. Also remember to talk your self through each of the SYNC, PRESET, and YAW Techniques. You will see vast improvement in your next round of golf.       

This DOWNLOAD contains 20 Pages of golfing techniques, Illustrations, and videos to help you improve your golf game from tee to green!


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