THE QATSPY® Coach’s Film Room

The Quapaw Athletic Training for Sports Performance Yukan Clinic- Coach’s Film Room

THE QATSPY® Coach’s Film Room to improve your Age-Defying Health, Fitness, Sports Performance, and Life Style to be able to enjoy life and to prevent the ravages of aging.

These series of film goes along with my E-books to help illustrate certain techniques from golf training to your Health and Fitness training that includes my entire fitness workout routine film, below. These are between 5- minutes to 12- minutes in length that you can view FREE to help you understand my golf swing mechanics, health, and fitness instructions and techniques.

These are all FREE to view, but my E-books are where the detail techniques are layout in precise, step-by-step procedures, especially my MELIORA DIET & FITNESS Program. This is based on WHAT to eat, or the Decipher Analysis Code (DAC at or below 3.25), and WHEN to eat (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.). The DAC number is based on 9- Data points on the Standard Nutrition Label, show below:


Your body metabolism your food base on Circadian Rhythms where at 2 p.m. it reaches it highest rate of metabolizing your food for energy instead of storing it as a fat. The later you eat past 6 p.m. the more likely your body will store your food as a fat, and especially the higher the DAC number is above 3.25. The other issue of eating past 6 p.m. is that it interferes with your body’s ability to repair and rejuvenate itself at night while your sleeping, especially repairing and rejuvenating your skin.

This was taken on August 12th, 2023, in our hangar where we did a photoshoot for our SPORTY’S WRIGHT Bros. Safari Cockpit Collection of Leather Bomber Jackets, tailored-type fitted Button-down Oxford shirts, and classic Chino Khakis Pants. The MELIORA Diet & MACS Fitness Program has allowed me to model and produce training videos even at age 66, in this photograph.

The MELIORA DIET & FITNESS Program allowed me to Drop 52- pounds and 30- years off the age of my skin where I could model now even at the age of 66 our SPORTY’S WRIGHT Bros. Safari Cockpit Collection and make the following fitness and golf training films, Below:

MY E-Books in my Online Book Store, Shop using the Link below below:

THE QATSPY® Online Bookstore to improve your AGE-DEFYING Health, Fitness, Sports Performance.

Coach’s FITNESS FILM ROOM SECTION Free-to View Videos:

The following are my Free-to-View Videos to help YOU to drop weight, inches, and even those years off the age of your skin, NOT IN YEARS but in DECADES, in order for you to get into better shape. Dropping weight and getting into better shape are the two (2) most popular New Year’s Resolutions that people make just after Christmas Holiday celebrations. The MELIORA DIET combine with the MACS Fitness videos will help you achieve your health and fitness objectives in WEEKS, instead of waiting for Months to see results, if you follow the program as described.

One reason that people give up and abandon their New Year’s Resolutions by the middle of February is pretty simple, the lack of seeing results. Below, I have posted my actual Waistline Chart that I started on November 28th, 2014. I was able to post immediate results even through the month of December of 2014, this is with all those celebrations occurring. I dropped 4.74- inches, that is equivalent to 35- pounds of weight dropped; and I still enjoyed the Holidays. But, the biggest gift of all was dropping decades off the age of my skin to look and feel 30- years younger!

My Actual Waistline Chart that I still use to check my waistline once a week on Mondays.

The MELIORA Diet & MACS Fitness Program was so successful that in August 12th, 2023, I was able to do an AB Challenge, shown below at age 66 in our hangar. This was after we completed a photoshoot for our winter collection of our SPORTY’S WRIGHT Bros. Safari Cockpit Gear:

My AB Challenge at age 66 taken in our hangar after a photoshoot. If you diet and fitness routine provides you with this type of results, than I advise you to stick with that diet and fitness program. But here’s the QUESTION- How many diets and fitness workouts allows you to drop weight, inches, and years off your skin?


Coach’s Film No. 1The 20-40 minute MACS (Metabolic Aerobic-Cardio Strength) Training Program summary video:

THE QATSPY® MACS (Metabolic Aerobic-Cardio Strength) Training 20-40 minute Workout Review.

Coach’s Golf Training FILM ROOM SECTION:

This allows golfers to take their golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box in order to hit more fairways & Greens.

My NEW Golf Training Book to lower your handicap.

The Orange Bucket Challenge to hit 4 out of 5 golf shots to within 15- feet of a Home Depot Orange Bucket:

Coach’s Film No. 2The 295- Yard Orange Bucket Challenge that was filmed by the WJTV-12 film crew here in Jackson, Mississippi, for a lead up to their three (3) Part golf Series they had on their Sport Zone Show before the 2015 US Open. Also, below, is the raw footage where I’m narrating my PALMER-PRO Golf Swing Technique:

WJTV-12 PROMOTIONAL OF THE Orange Bucket Challenge Promotional Video aired on WJTV-12 in Jackson, Mississippi

We did the following raw videos in one shot that the crew thought would take 5-7 takes.

The next three (3) videos were the raw footage that the WJTV-12 Film Crew shot at Germantown High School on Saturday, June 06th, 2015 on their practice field. I used ALMOSTGOLF BALLS® that travel one-third (33%) the distance of an actual golf ball where the film crew didn’t have to use two setups. The film crew’s concern was being able to capture the tee-shot, flight path, and the impact area around the Orange Bucket 295- feet away, or what would had been 295- yard tee shot. I used the 100- yard practice field that would represent a 300- yard tee shot on the golf course.

Coach’s Film No. 3RAW Orange Bucket Challenge Introduction Video

THE QATSPY® Orange Bucket Challenge Introduction Video

Coach’s Film No. 4RAW Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through Video

THE QATSPY® Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through Video

Coach’s Film No. 5RAW Orange Bucket Challenge Demonstration Video

THE QATSPY® Orange Bucket Challenge Demonstration Video

Extra Golf Training Videos for those Special Golf Shots around the Green and on the Green to par the hole:

Coach’s Film No. 6The Bunt-Type Chip Shot

THE QATSPY® The Bunt-Type Chip Shot

Coach’s Film No. 7The Rap-Type Pitch Shot

THE QATSPY® The Rap-Type Pitch Shot

Coach’s Film No. 7TICK-N-TOCK Putting Technique

THE QATSPY® TICK-N-TOCK Putting Technique

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