About Charles Boatright

Charles Wendell Boatright is an author who was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. Charles received his degree in Civil Engineering from ICS of Pennsylvania and worked as a project engineer in the Florida Keys replacing the Flagler bridges, shown in the movie Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies. Charles later worked as a transmission line grid engineer for 33 years with a utility company in Arkansas, Louisiana, and later Mississippi where he retired.

One of his responsibilities as grid engineer was also developing design standards, writing procedures for transmission line work, and developing health and fitness programs for lineman to avoid injuries and maintain personal health to avoid disability. One procedure called “Short Haul” allowed linemen to be suspended in a special harness on a vertical lifeline from a helicopter to perform specialized transmission line work. This has been featured on The Discovery Channel.

Charles used his technical writing skills as a springboard for writing short stories and his recent book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, Delta Technique Geared for Distance and Control. This book is written especially for the weekend golfer, whether a beginner or low handicapper.

Charles became an avid golfer in his mid-thirties producing training and fitness videos, and in 2014 after hip replacement surgery, concentrated his efforts on discovering how to apply engineering, ergonomics, and kinesiology to the golf swing.  He figured out how to take greater advantage of the body’s natural mechanics in golf. Charles looked at other sports to better understand how to incorporate and synch the forearms, elbows, and shoulders into a natural golf swing called Apperception. Charles, like most golfers, could not break through the low 70’s until develop a means to preset the wrists called Palmer Flex.

Over a period of seven years, Charles documented and developed the mechanics, techniques, and elements that became the basis for The ESPY Golf Swing Coach and THE Palmer Usher Golf Tech Health & Fitness. He collected raw data and techniques into three boxes; two boxes were labeled “THIS DOESN’T WORK” and another box was labeled “THIS WORKS.” These two books took advantages of the classic mechanics in the baseball swing and the gears on a ten-speed bicycle.

Most golfers grew up enjoying playing baseball in vacant lots and neighborhood parks. The question is, why not take these well-developed techniques from the baseball swing and mechanics that are permanent muscle memory skills to take advantage of the body’s natural mechanics. Using these techniques of the baseball swing and baseball mechanics allow the golfer to create more power, acceleration, control, and speed, without having to rely on brute force. Brute force in golf only leads to loss of power, speed, and decrease in control. The ESPY Golf Swing Coach and THE Palmer Usher Golf Tech Health & Fitness allow golfers to use the mental image baseball and of boxing gloves to incorporate the mind, body, and soul to create muscle memory required to reduce their handicap and frustration level in golf.

Golf still remains a humbling sport that allows golfers to consistently learn and improve their game as well as their life as a long term sport activity. The ESPY Golf Swing Coach and THE Palmer Usher Golf Tech Health & Fitness provides golfers with an avenue to continue to improve their golf game and health, fitness, and enjoy a sport that can be played from age eight to ninety-eight. And the boxing gloves, which I would encourage the golfer to purchase, can also be used in the Twenty-minute MAC Workout to build stamina and core strength, which is essential for making golf shots and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.


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Charles health and fitness allowed him to model and produced fitness and training videos. Charles used his background in kinesiology to develop The Macron-nutrition Diet and fitness to help others to get into shape. Charles results allowed him to model his sportswear apparel and be able to make fitness and training videos after age 57 that he continues, now at age 66. The age-defying results that Charles gained within 6-weeks after December of 2014 helped him to drop over 52- pounds, 9- inches. and tree-decades of his age, see Charles AB Challenge below at age 66. Charles documented his MAC Diet & Fitness to help his readers improve the lives of others on and off the field and course regardless of their age, both in fitness videos and Ebook.

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