Importance to Avoid Muscle Loss in Dieting

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By: Charles W. Boatright, President of THE QATSPY®

Importance to Avoid Muscle Loss in Dieting– How to Drop Fat Instead of Muscle to Improve Your Health, Fitness & Avoid the Effects of Aging  

Losing fat is important to our health, especially if we are approaching our 40’s. Maintaining a healthy weight, waistline, and conditioning impacts how we look, feel, and perform. The means to achieve this is to maintain muscle mass in our health and fitness while dropping our fat content. Maintaining muscle not only impacts our general health, especially the health of our skin. Muscles releases Natural Growth Hormones that provides collagen to our skin.

A healthy diet will allow you to lose the FAT while building up your MUSCLES to improve our overall health, fitness, and improve your longevity. We all want to have a full life, but we want to look good doing it. On some diets you can actually lose up to 25 percent muscle that you can’t afford to lose along with fat that you’re trying to lose. Your muscles are one of the main source of maintaining healthy skin that is the most prominent component of our health that people notices along with our weight and waistline.


Preventing muscle loss improves our lifestyle

Preventing muscle loss improves our lifestyle and can prevent the effects of aging and even reverse the effects of aging process. If you are in your mid-30’s or older, reducing the effects of aging is a major health concern that is actually goes deeper than the depth of our skin. Healthy skin is just one of the key indicators to your health along with maintaining healthy blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol readings, and cognitive function, especially for those over the age 50.

Building and/or maintaining your muscle is the best way to hedge against the ravages of aging that includes the appearance of our skin, your dexterity, balance, and cognitive function, just to name a few of the benefits of retaining and building muscle. Strength training is a great way to maintain your muscles and motor neuron pathways. This is just like any skill, the more you perform a particular skill, the higher level of performance you can reach.


The Benefits of a Healthy Diet High in Protein, Fiber, and Omega-3 fats

Our bodies doesn’t not produce protein, we have to get protein through our diets. If we don’t have a healthy diet (high in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fats) and include fitness (i.e., cardio-aerobic and strength training program), we can lose as much as 25- percent of our body weight in muscle. Your muscle strength will be what you will be relying on for your longevity, preventing cognitive decline, and other age related issues.

Stresses that you encounter during your exercise routine (min. 30 minutes per day 4 x per week) can protect you against the ravages of aging. Your strength training doesn’t have to be strenuous to be effective, even light weights are beneficial. If you want to lose weight, then you will need to start lifting weights to build and maintain muscles density especially after the age of 30. We can lose 5 to 6 percent muscle mass every 10- years after our 30’s based on natural aging process.

But the good news is that cardio-aerobic and strength training (CAST) can prevent this and even reverse the declining process of muscle loss. You began to see the correlation between having a strength program and a healthy diet to prevent the effects of aging after our 30’s. This is why if you are approaching your 30’s or older, you’ll need to have a healthy diet (high in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fats) and fitness program that includes strength and conditioning. This can be done at home with simple exercise equipment.

In an article entitled- Weight Lose, Lose the Fat Not Muscle– by Silver Sneakers there was a sub article entitled- 5 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat. I know what some of you reading this that are in their early 30’s are thinking, that’s for older people, but don’t so. One of these exercises are a part of my CAST FITNESS Program where I perform a Russian Twist. I would highly recommend that you add the Russian Twist to your normal work out session using a Medicine Ball (15 lbs. or less). A Medicine Ball can be incorporated into your workout as an effective strength training.


A Diet and Fitness Program to Avoid the Effects that’s more than skin deep    

Fitness and muscle retention improves brain function by improving motor neuron pathways with repetitive strength and conditioning training. This improves your cognitive function, especially for us that are over the age of 60, like I am at 65. Improving cardiovascular function while reducing blood pressure, maintaining healthy glucose levels, and cholesterol numbers improves our blood flow, oxygen levels, and our heart function.

Improving blood circulation and oxygen levels improves our cellular health enabling our cells to replicate themselves at a normal rate even as we age that will help prevent or slow the aging process. When our cells don’t replicate themselves at a normal rate, this causes aging in the skin and other tissue to occur.

Raising your metabolism aids in better digestion and reduces fat retention

Raising your metabolism aids in better digestion and reduces fat retention. Adding muscles can increase our calories burn per day up to 50- calories per day per pound of muscle added. For Example, If you were to add just five (5) pounds of muscle, you will be burning an additional 250- calories per day extra. NOT BAD, and you will look and feel better doing it.

Strengthening our muscles improves our mobility and especially maintaining your balance. Falls are the number one cause of losing independence in people over the age of 55. Yoga is a great means to improve one’s balance, along with boxing bag workout. You may think you have balance, until you do the Warrior Pose No. 3, below. That is a great test to see what degree of balance control you actually do have. Start out stabilizing yourself using a door, handlebars of a bike, or in my case the boxing bag at first before doing the stand alone Warrior Pose 3.

My Mojave Home Gym Workout

This is my Mojave Home Gym where I’m performing bench presses using (2) 45- lb dumbbells with a overhead rack that I made for safety. I do 3- sets of 10- reps each to main my core strength. The chipping mat, shown here, is what I use to work on my short game when I’m take breaks from writing sports performance articles, like this one.

This is my bench press setup where I constructed a rack to place by dumbbells on where I don’t have to reach over my head and pickup (2) 45- lb. dumbbells like in a French Press. I play golf and a French Press can cause shoulder injuries, a golfer can ill afford to rehab a shoulder.

In my Mojave Home Gym, I just have basic exercise equipment, (i.e., dumbbells, elastic tubing, Ab Roller, exercise bike, boxing bag, and grab bars, shown above). You can start out with dumbbells and/or elastic tubing before adding the other equipment to your workout that is a little more challenging.

I have an exercise bike in my gym, but power walking or jogging can be a great substitute for an exercise bike. The reason for the bike, I’m limited to the exercise bike due to four (4) knee surgeries and a hip replacement that I had after being Medically Discarded from the U.S. ARMY from an injuries I had.

Above, on the bag, and below, doing curls, in my Mojave Home Gym, I’m 65 years old and still maintain an active lifestyle as I did in my mid-30’s. I include these exercise photographs, to illustrate how just basic rigging can offer you a gym-type workout at home for your health, fitness, and conditioning. Safety and ergonomics are a major emphasis during my workouts. I certainly don’t want to have to stand-down due to a injury to rehab.

If you have sciatic nerve issues, the hanging leg lift , that I do, is a great exercise to use to relieve the numbness and discomfort in my legs and feet. I use to do a lot of flying before I retired after 33-years, about 450- flight hours per year. sitting in the cockpit places a lot of pressure on the lumbar disk and your gluts where the sciatic nerve exist the spinal column and runs down the back of your legs into the feet. I still fly, but only a fraction of what I did.

I like elastic resistant tubing, because during my workout that I do on my own, I can turn loose of my resistance without causing injuries or damage.

Working out with a boxing bag is a full body workout where I perform 3 rounds that consist of 3- minutes rounds. This also improves your stamina and conditioning, especially since my gym isn’t air-conditioned during the summer time, temperatures can reach 118 deg. F. My Mojave GYM in in the attic space over my photography studios and next to my office.

What would a Diet and Fitness Program Worth if you don’t see Results?

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My AB Challenge taken on January 07th, 2023 at age 65. This is the results that I have experienced following the CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System.

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