At the end of this article I have a FREE program called OPERATION DOG-TAG for Veterans to allow them to use golf and CASPER Fitness Program to help them transition back from active serving back into civilian life in country. We appreciate your service and THE QATSPY® GOLF would like to help our Veterans with this program.

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Football Coaches and Players alike prepare for game-day by going to the film room and watching their opponent’s and their team’s game film. Some coaches spend the offseason looking at game film of their team and their opponent’s in order to structure plays to exploit weaknesses in the other team’s defense or offense.

THE QATSPY® Golf Film Room isn’t just geared toward the golfer’s practice sessions, but performance on the golf course. We might very well practice the golf swing with our conscious mind, but I can guarantee the golfer that once they step one foot onto the golf course, they will be relying totally on their subconscious mind. The golfer doesn’t play golf with their conscious mind, but their subconscious mind.

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Welcome to the YouTube Video Film Room

I have a training facility and a gym over this training facility setup where I produce YouTube Videos to go along with my QATSPY GOLF Locker Room Downloads. Both the Locker Room Downloads, that are in my Online Store, and these YouTube Videos, are in the Coach’s Film Room. These are an essential part of each other in my coaching process. Both allow the golfer to understand how to maximize their mind’s and body’s natural capabilities to produce and have a consistent golf game with distance and control.

Most of the YouTube Videos in the Coach’s Film Room focuses on syncing and presetting the golfer’s wrists and elbows with the rest of their body. I use both the sport of baseball and boxing to not only help the golfer understand golf swing techniques, but also to tap into their permanent motor skills that were developed at a young age, usually before the age of 8. The photograph below shows a pair of kickboxing gloves that I use to teach, allows the golfer understand how to Sync and Preset their wrists into the Cock Position.

This process is called Apperception where a person can use highly developed skills from playing either baseball or softball and carry these same skills from the batter’s box to the tee box. I proved that the two swings are similar in a Kinesiology project I did reviewing time-lapsed photography in the photograph below of the golf and baseball swings. Matter of fact I believe in Apperception that I included the abbreviation (app) in both my email address ( and my website address (

Also Apperception is a great technique to help people, especially Veterans, deal with Post Traumatic Stress Condition (PTSC). I use golf as a Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to help people re-establish equilibrium with their mind. Golf also offers a great social support network for these people dealing with PTSC. I developed a FREE program called OPERATION DOG TAG to help individuals form organized groups that uses golf and yoga to deal with PTSC. If you ever swung a baseball bat, believe me, you got this.

The Main thing is to not to deal with PTSC alone, but to reach out to your Veteran’s group, church, or buddies that you served with. But getting involved in a sporting activity like golf or yoga does help out, especially if there are Veterans in the group. This is why Operation DOG TAG is important, and better yet it is FREE.

At the end of this Coach’s Film Room is links to OPERATION DOG-TAG!

The Golfer’s Dominant Baseball Swing Twin Superimposing the two Swings

Below are some of my YouTube Videos that I have made to help the golfer understand the ergonomics of the golf swing. Ergonomics is just as important to your golf game as your daily workday. Ergonomics allows the golfer to maximize the body’s natural potentials without causing injuries, especially to the lower back. Below each of my YouTube Video, I list corresponding Downloads that provide more techniques the golfer could use to improve their golf game:

The Pyramid Golf Coaching Technique

How to improve your golf game by improving your muscle memory to create a virtual golf practice session throughout a typical day at work or at home. How Colonel George Robert Hall maintained a single-digit handicap after 7 years at the Hanoi Hilton as a POW.


Colonel Hall Hero Vet From Hattiesburg, MS (FREE Download)

QATR-102- Never the Case of the Golf vs. Baseball Swing Coach

QATR-501- QATSPY 10-Mental Rules of the Subconscious Mind in Golf

QATR-504– How to Apply 3 Mental RULES of Golf

QATR-505- The Golfer’s FIT² Factor, Applied Sports Psychology

The Bunt-Type Chip & Pitch Shot in Golf

Use the Bunt-Type Chip & Pitch Golf Shot to practice your golf swing in the same area you practice your putting. Develop the Sync & Preset Technique for an instinctive golf swing that is natural. Just have a backstop in place.

Bunt-Rap-Rip Golf Swing Video

A complete demonstration of the Bunt-Rap-Rip video that provides the golf swing mechanics & techniques from Tee-to-Green using the same basic golf swing. These shots can be practiced where you putt sponsor by US WINGS:


QATR-104- The Specific Key Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

QATR-105- Over-Under Baseball Technique for A Classic Golf Swing

QATR-107- QATSPY Golf: The-Palmer-Osborne Retrofit MP Golf Coaching Procedure

QATR-201- ESP Golf Self-Coaching Technique to Play In The Zone

QATR-202- IN THE ZONE Baseball Swing-Type Golf Swing

QATR-203- ASPEN Self-Coaching Forum for Peak Performance in Golf

QATR-301- The QATSPY EVERLAST Boxing Glove Golf Technique

QATR-303- The Indiana Elbow Golf Technique for More Distance/Control

QATR-401- The Color Codes Golf Tips 4 Tee-to-Green

QATR-403– The Scrimmage-Type Training Drill for Golfers

QATR-404- Developing the Classic Golf Swing Skills

QATR-405-How to Use Your Thumb Drive in Your Golf Swing

QATR-406- The Palmer-Dorsiflex Sync & Preset Technique

QATR-408- The CHAMPS Technique (the Wrist Action in the Golf Swing)

QATR-409- ESPY Golf Swing for the Short Game Techniques STP

QATR-410- Golfer’s Q-GRIP APP, Making Practice Permanent & Instinctive

QATR-411- The Palmer Golf PRIX TECH

A great putting technique to hole more putts. Pendulum lead hand low step-off Technique. Pendulum lead hand low provides the golfer the most accurate/consistent putting stroke. Stroke gauged by your step-off distance:

Verifying THE QATSPY Golf Swing Medicus Club

Using a Medicus Golf Club to verify (THE QATSPY) golf swing performing the Sync, Preset, and Yaw golf swing sequence. THE QATSPY mechanics and techniques develops your confidence and consistency on and off the golf course. Sponsored by US WINGS.


QATR-301- The QATSPY EVERLAST Boxing Glove Golf Technique

QATR-401- The Color Codes Golf Tips 4 Tee-to-Green

QATR-506- ESPY Coaching Technique to TWEAK Your Golfer Game

TICK-N-TOCK Putting Technique

The consistency and confidence on the Green to hole more putts inside 10 feet. Improving your putting inside 10-foot by synchronizing your elbows with your shoulder blades (Scapulars) with a TICK-N-TOCK putting technique.

CASPER Fitness Program & 925-MET Diet Program

FREE FITNESS DOWNLOAD to start your own investment plan to have an active retirement plan; you need to start today investing in what I call your Fitness 401(k) Plan. Below is CASPER Video Workout for Golf Fitness that I perform 4 or 5/wk

CASPER Fitness PART No. 1

CASPER Fitness PART No. 2

CASPER Fitness PART No. 3

Brief Discussion of the 925-MET DIET Program Benefits:

Proof is in the Photograph supporting THE 925-MET DIET PLAN and CASPER FITNESS PROGRAM:

This photograph was taken on a dare in October of 2020, when I was called back to work from retirement to help out with Hurricane restoration work from Laura and Delta. The linemen that I used to work with couldn’t believe at age 63 that I was in this good of a shape. I owe my health and fitness to both my 925-MET DIET PLAN and my CASPER FITNESS PROGRAM. There is no doubt both my 925-MET Diet PLAN and my CASPER FITNESS Program work.


Little background to this YOUTUBE Video, this was produced in September of 2014 before I lost 52- pounds starting in November of 2014 of the same year. The main emphasis of this QATSPY® CLUBHOUSE Training video is the effectiveness of The QATR 411- Palmer Golf PRIX TECH where I hit the equivalent to 295- Yard tee shots to within a 15- foot radius of the HOME DEPOT ORANGE BUCKET:


QATR-703- The Complete FREE CASPER Video Workout for Golf Fitness

QATR-704- 925-MET Diet- How I Achieved My Health/Fitness Objective of Losing 52 Lbs.

QATR-705- 925-MET Diet Weight Factor- How to Enjoy Food & Lose Weight

The Indiana Jones Leather Jacket that we Carry

This Indiana Jones Leather Jacket that we carry at THE QATSPY CLUBHOUSE Store was the same leather jacket used in the Indiana Jones Temple of Doom and used in the Walt Disney World’s daily production of The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular seen by thousands each week.

LINKS to OPERATION DOG TAG and Scheduling Training Sessions for Group and Corporate Meetings:

Introduction- Forum for Coaching Golf and Life Skills Operation Dog Tag

Operation DOG-TAG-Sports Psychology for PTSC

Section 1- Operation DOG TAG | GOLF CBT Intervention for PTSC

Section 2- Operation DOG TAG | Objectives and Scope


This is a FREE Program for Veterans!

VETERANS GROUPS INSIDE MISSISSIPPI ONLY– I can also travel to locations inside Mississippi FREE of charge to make presentations and to provided Instructional Training and Demonstrations on OPERATION DOG TAG and the CHAMPS Golf Swing Technique.

VETERANS GROUPS OUTSIDE MISSISSIPPI ONLY: For traveling outside Mississippi to make presentations and to provided Instructional Training and Demonstrations on the CHAMPS Golf Swing Technique. To Veterans Groups, I can do it if organizations make and cover the cost of the travel and make the arrangements to and from the venue, for Veterans Groups Only.

CORPORATE MEETING & OUTINGS For all other groups and/or organizations like corporate meetings, outings, and/or speaking engagements there will be a $400.00 FEE plus covering the cost and make the travel arrangements to and from your venue. Travel expenses are waved for designations inside Mississippi. For contact information please call 1-888-514-1228.

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