Sixth-Sense of ESPY Golf Swing Fundamentals

Golfer’s Instinctive Golf Swing Fundamentals

Golf swing fundamentals are essentially primary core principles that allow the golfer to optimize his/her swing mechanics and techniques on a consistent basis. The ability for the golfer to understand, practice, and execute these fundamentals to provide the golfer an instinctive golf swing. The more natural and instinctive these elements are in the execution of a golf swing, the better the expected results. Nothing can build a golfer’s confidence more than a golf swing that is instinctive, automatic, and can be performed repetitively.

Golf swing instruction

Learning particular golf swing techniques under actual, or simulated, conditions allows the golfer to commit their swing to muscle memory. A great avenue to make the golf swing instinctive it to understand what makes the golf swing instinctive.

Instincts are a part of our DNA. The more instinctive a golf swing is, the more confidence the golfer can develop. Nothing replaces confidence on the golf course. The term Espy is an old French term meaning to discover, detect, reveal, or discern. The first three letters E.S.P. has a dual meaning besides ErgonomicSyncPreset. E.S.P. The second meaning stands for (ExtraSensory Performance) indicate a sixth-sense that the golfer is trying to processes, that needs to be discovered by the golfer.

To make the golf swing more instinctive the golfer can use a technique that Arnold Palmer gave to President Eisenhower before they played in a Pro-AM. This was such a significant technique that I created a stand-alone Procedure. I entitled this procedure The Palmer-Technique (The wrists action in the golf swing) below:

QATR-408- The Palmer Technique (the Wrist Action in the Golf Swing)

Along with this procedure I produced a FREE YouTube Video covering the Bunt/Rap-Type Golf Swing:

Great Advice in Golf, Be the Ball

The six fundamentals contained in The ESPY Golf Swing Coach allow the golfer to utilize their ‘Force.‘ The Force was the advice that Ty Webb in the movie Caddyshack gave Danny Noonan. The advice was–” Danny, Let me give you a little advice. There is a force in the universe that makes things happen. The only thing you have to do is get in touch with IT. Stop thinking and let things happen, and be the ball. Even though this was a great quote in a comedy movie, this was great golf advice the golfer can actually use on the golf course.

The breakdown of this advice that professional, scratch, high handicap, or beginner golfers can apply is this:

  • Force- is the golfer’s subconscious mind.
  • Get in touch with IT- Fundamental instincts.
  • Stop Thinking- Thinking derails the golfer’s instincts.
  • Be the ball- Project the conscious mind outward to an objective.

The conscious mind is focused on WHAT to DO.

The subconscious mind is focused on HOW to Do IT.

For a more in-depth look of the influence of the subconscious mind, look at my article HOW TO BE THE BALL, A COMEDY QUOTE, TO IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SWING!

Developing the Golfer’s ZONE

Golf swing fundamentals

The sixth-sense of ExtraSensory Performance on the golf course has enormous power that is developed by the subconscious mind. Here are some techniques the golfer can help themselves to hard wire their subconscious mind during their golf game. The subconscious mind engages based on visualization by using:

  • Baseball-Type Swing muscle memory
  • Sprocket Mechanics
  • Presetting the Wrists
  • The Delta Technique
  • Rule of Thumbs
  • Synchronizing the Golf Swing

Sprocket Mechanics is knowing what develops POWER and CLUB HEAD SPEED in the golf swing. The golfer understanding this will allow them to let things happen. In golf sprocket, mechanics involves syncing the elbows with the shoulders. The elbows turning the shoulders (where the smaller sprockets turns the large sprocket) to develop POWER during the takeaway swing. Then the shoulders transition where the shoulders turns the elbows to develop CLUB HEAD SPEED during the downswing.  (This is where the large sprocket turns the two smaller sprockets). This is exactly how a ten speed bicycle sprockets function.

One of the key fundamentals in the golfer’s swing is synchronization. The golfer can take full advantage of their subconscious mind and bio-mechanics just by following a well-established sequence and routine that they have developed under actual, or simulated, conditions. The golfer that can develop a reliable sequence and routine can develop their ZONE-like performance. There are Three conditions that must occur for the golfer to develop their ZONE-Like Performance:

  1. Normal and routine tasks and conditions must exist.
  2. Rely on a high degree of relaxation, confidence, and muscle memory.
  3. The conscious and subconscious minds are focused on two different situations, or the SUB-Zone.

These are the same conditions that occur for a driver called Driving Hypnosis. While this is unsafe for driving a vehicle down the highway, it works great for driving a golf ball down the fairway, however.

To develop a simulated practice that reflects the conditions on the golf course use a finesse Chip/Pitch-type routing. Anywhere that you practice your putting, you can practice this finesse Chip/Pitch Bunt Drill. Just have a backstop like the one shown below.

Select the image above and it will take you to my YouTube Video of me performing the Finesse Chip/Pitch Bunt Drill where I practice my putting. REMEMBER just use a backstop when you perform the Finesse Chip/Pitch Bunt Drill.

The finesse Chip/Pitch Bunt Drill takes the same exact SYNC-PRESET-YAW maneuvers of a full golf shot but is a more feel golf shot that hard wires the subconscious mind. Especially if you develop a contest with yourself by giving 4 out of 5 Chip/Pitch shots to come withing 18-inches of the hole.

Your subconscious mind will treat your 405- CHIP/PITCH Training Drill like your are on the golf course. This is how the golfer can avoid the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Syndrome, of practicing one way on the range and playing totally different on the golf course.

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