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The Hackers Quick Guide to Golf with Power, Clubhead Speed, and Consistency using the Sync-Preset Golf Swing Wrist Action

By: Charles W. Boatright

SPORTS PAGE: HACKERS FIELD GUIDE TO GOLF– The Essential Cock-Lock Golf Swing Wrist Action of Sync and Preset for High Performance in Golf

The difference between high performance and average, inconsistent performance is tactics and techniques that are instinctive in your golf game. Some of the big hitters in golf are power, clubhead speed, and consistency. These might seem to be the mysteries of the Universe to some golfers. But, they are attainable by just understanding the simple tactics and techniques of the golf swing wrist action.

In baseball, football, and basketball, the high-performance athletes reference to the phrase– That it’s all in the wrist action. Actually, golf is no different than these sports. If the golfer knew the tactics and techniques of the golf swing wrist action, then the weekend golfer could elevate their golf game. From average performance to a single-digit handicap that can be reached using the Cock and Lock Golf Swing Wrist Action based on two very simple maneuvers.

The Cock and Lock Golf Swing Wrist Action

David Duval demonstrated his golf swing wrist action to Charlie Rymer, of Golf Channel a few years back. This was one of the best instructional shows that Golf Channel had in addition to Ken Duke’s interview illustration done with Lise Cronwell. Charlie Rymer was so impressed with David Duval’s golf swing wrist action that Charlie dubbed it That Wrist Thing. Both David Duval and Charlie Rymer both attended Georgia TECH, and played the college golf team.

Baseball batters uses a similar wrist action in their baseball swing while standing in the batter’s box. Batters seemed to be more comfortable, relaxed, and confident, while standing in the batter’s box, than a golfer that’s standing on the tee box. So what makes the baseball swing simpler than the golf swing? It comes down to three conditions. The baseball batter:

  1. Has normal and routine under actual conditions that must exist.
  2. Relies on a high degree of relaxation, confidence, and muscle memory.
  3. Develops high level of conscious focus to allow their subconscious mind to perform instinctively. In other words, the batter doesn’t get in their own way.  

There are 10 Subconscious Rules to performance at a high level. No. 9 states- The greater the conscious effort reduces the subconscious intuitive response. So the golf swing has to become instinctive, because we don’t play golf with our conscious mind. Instead, we play with our subconscious mind.

The Secret Behind The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique

I hate to tell you how easy instinctive, and simple the actual golf swing wrist action is to develop and to execute, not only during one’s practice sessions, but also during one’s performance under actual course conditions. That is the issue that most weekend golfers have, isn’t it? They can’t take their practice to performance on the golf course. The golf swing has to be instinctive, sequential and simple.

YouTube Video of the Orange Bucket Challenge

I demonstrated the golf swing wrist action during my Orange Bucket Challenge, above, where I’m using my driver to hit 290-yard drives to within 15- feet of my orange bucket. There are just two points the golfer has to focus on, and these are two nodules called Styloid Process at the base of your wrist that allow the golfer to hit those effortless golf shots with power, clubhead speed, and consistency. The Holy Grail of Golf. The guy that can up with the names of these two nodules must have been genesis– STYLE PROCESS.

This golf swing wrist action can even be done in your garage after work, at night, and/or during the winter season; see my YouTube Bunt-Type Pitch Shot, below:

The Bunt-Type Chip Shot

The two moves in the golf swing wrist action is in reference to the right-handed golfer that I demonstrate in the raw videos that we shot shown below. The following is brief description of the golf swing wrist action:

Sync– Like preparing to throw a baseball with the right wrist action to the left toward the target, called the Dorsiflex, like hinging.

Preset– Like swinging a bat or tennis racket with the left wrist action, called Pronation-Radial Deviation. This is the move that is a little difficult to explain to my students at first, but is essential for consistent golf shots.

When the golfer looks down at their wrists in the Cock and Lock Position, the image below is what they should be seeing:

The Cock and Lock Golfer’s Wrist Action in the Golf Swing. If you read Ben Hogan’s book The FIVE LESSONS OF GOLF you will see a illustration showing his wrists in this Lock Position.

One of the best mental images the golfer can perform for the Preset maneuver is picturing a musical note, called the Bass Clef Note, shown below. This is kind of like a comma in punctuation:

If you do these two maneuvers, it will place your wrists into the Cock-Lock Position, shown above. If you perform the Sync and Preset maneuvers, you will obtain the performance that you have been working on for years, if not decades. I have two Downloads will explain the complete Golfer’s BRACHS-PALMER Technique:

Below are the three raw videos that were filmed of me performing the Orange Bucket Challenge that was aired on WJTV-12 Station, here in Jackson, Mississippi during their Sports Zone Telecast in June of 2021.

THE Orange Bucket Challenge Link INTRO

The Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through

The Orange Bucket Challenge Demo





Charles W. Boatright

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