QATR-601- Coach’s Bible Guide for the Golfer


In this Coach’s Bible Guide for the Golfer, I will cover the procedure on setting up the Sync/Preset maneuver, but more importantly, the WHY and HOW. We don’t perform based on WHAT we know; we perform based on HOW, based on proven instincts.

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Inside-the-leather Classic Golf Swing Mechanics and simple golf swing tips for self-coaching techniques.

By: Charles W. Boatright, Author of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, Delta Technique Geared for Distance and Control


Introduction to Coach’s Bible Guide for the Golfer


In my book entitled The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, I used science that included kinesiology and Sports Psychology, along with verses from the Bible, to develop a practical coaching guide for golfers of any level. Since most sports are predominately a mental game, played out between the ears, The Bible provides an excellent roadmap to navigate the tremendous potential of the human mind on the golf course and in life.


While knowing the WHAT is important, it is just the starting point for the golfer. Understanding the WHY and HOW are essential to the golfer to make the transition from practice on the range to performance on the course.


Most golf lessons are presented based on WHAT to perform in the golf swing, instead of WHY and HOW. In the Bible, knowledge is just the first step, as the golfer needs to immerse him/herself to understand both the WHY and HOW in order to be more effective on the golf course. Proverbs 4:5- Acquire knowledge! Acquire understanding!


When a golfer understands critical mechanics, techniques, and sequences in the golf swing, these components become instinctive, because understanding is a subconscious function. We, as golfers, don’t play golf based on what we think; we play golf based on instincts. Brooks Koepka was asked during the 2019 Masters press conference on Friday what was he going to be thinking about during the third round, and Koepka responded- Nothing!


Sports, and specifically golf, can be used to show kids and adults WHY and HOW the same principles in both the Bible and Science can actually unlock the mystery and power in the golf swing and the human mind. Even though we live in a physical world, the biggest avenue for success isn’t physical, but mental.


By-product of Failure isn’t Defeat, it’s Experience


One of the most important lessons that sports teaches us is that failure isn’t failure, if we learn from our failures. The best lessons we learn in golf aren’t from golf lessons, but they are from performing on the golf course.


Golfers can learn more from a failure than they can ever learn from a successful round of golf. We gain experience from a failure; and develop confidence from successful rounds. But success can just be just as detrimental as a loss, if we just focus on wins and losses only. Success breeds complacency, or what Sports Psychologists call Cognitive Bias, or being overconfident, losing focus of the process and details.


When an athlete or team becomes overconfident, they start neglecting the details and lose touch with their process. Details aren’t the only thing; they’re everything to the golfer. Golf is about millimeters and not meters.


Giorgio Armani has it right on details in his quote- To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest details. Perry Paxton- Excellence is in the details. Focus and immerse yourself in the details, especially on the preset technique, and excellence will be the outcome.


One of the best YouTube Videos on the details of the preset technique was done by Sir Nick Faldo entitled: The “Faldo” Pre-Set Drill – Perfect Top of Backswing Position.



The only thing that Nick Faldo didn’t cover in this YouTube Video was the HOW. Nick Faldo did an excellent job on the WHAT, the elements that were in the preset maneuver.


In my YouTube Video I cover the WHAT, WHY, and the HOW!



In this Coach’s Bible Guide for the Golfer, I will cover the procedure on setting up the Sync/Preset maneuver, but more importantly, the WHY and HOW. We don’t perform based on WHAT we know; we perform based on HOW, based on proven instincts. That’s the reason why we must Sync/Preset our wrists over and over the same way, not until we get the Sync/Preset technique right, but until we can’t get it wrong.


Included in this Self-Coaching Training Procedure are the detail procedure for setting up the Sync/Preset/Yaw elements including the drop element. This is also a procedure for figuring your own correct swing plane.


I have developed 12 Coaching Techniques that the golfer can use to develop an instinctive and a consistent golf swing, not based on thinking, or swing thoughts, but focusing on the details. You’ve heard of the term Mindfulness? This is the mental process of focusing on being aware of the present moment, or IN THE ZONE.


If the golfer is going to have issues in their golf game, it will be the lack of mindfulness, of focusing on the present moment, the one shot at a time approach. Instead, the golfer is thinking of the outcome of the round. This is a great place to start the Coach’s Bible Guide for the Golfer with Coaching Technique No. 10, Wins and Losses are Past Tense.


This Self-Coaching download contains 24 pages of simple step-by-step procedures, tips, and illustrations to help the golfer apply and retain the material presented on and off the golf course.


To develop your ESP Self-Coaching Technique Forum in Your Golf Game, please select to download your E-Copy of this Online Golf Self-Coaching Training Procedure (STP). The advantage of the online Golf STP is it a training procedure that you will have in your electronic files for future reference and NOT a one-time lesson where the presented material will be forgotten later or once on the golf course.