QATR-102: Never the Case – The Baseball vs. the Golf Swing Coach


My grandfather, Homer Q. Boatright, also my swing coach, taught me the basic swing techniques and mechanics in baseball first, before introducing me to the game of golf. And to his credit, he was correct to do so. The two swings are more similar then they are different both in mechanics and techniques.

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Stage One- Using the Baseball swing to Coach the Golf Swing


My golf coach, my grandfather, for the first week, he would have me practice with a baseball bat while hitting the tennis ball, then he slowly taught me how to Sync/Preset my wrists into the Lock Position. Then my swing coach had me to take the bat back and up, to the top of the swing. My swing coach had me do this before placing a golf club in my hands and a golf ball on a long tee into the ground. My grandfather was trying to get me to sync/preset my wrists.


The next coaching stage was to have me take a stance of a shortstop with my hands together, like I was getting ready to field a ground ball up the middle. Then my golf coach handed me a 7- Iron and introduced me to two important muscles in the golfer’s wrists, the Thenars.


The Thenars (Thenar and Hypothenar) are the only two muscles in the human body that have direct contact with the handle of the golf club. That should pique the interest of any golfer.


The handle of the golf club, because it’s not horizontally-orientated like a baseball bat would be in your hand, has to be gripped where the handle is diagonal, in relation to these two muscles, as shown below. In other words, at the top of each Hypothenar and the base of each Thenar.


I produced a YouTube Video that not only demonstrated the Sync/Preset Maneuver, but also demonstrated how I use a throw-down Home Plate in baseball in golf. The Home Plate is a great method to develop a IN-THE-ZONE performance. I demonstrated this by just doing this video. If you want to create a on the golf course situation just video tape yourself. It will create all the pressures you will experience on the golf course. If that was pressure enough, try this 12-Foot Bunt-Type Chip/Pitch that I did in this YouTube Video that is one of the hardest shots in golf to make.



If you can perform this shot with camera running and under the lights, you can perform this on the golf course.

Good aspect about the Bunt-Type Chip/Pitch Shot is that anywhere you practice your putting you can practice this Bunt-Type Chip/Pitch Shot. You just need a backstop, like the one I use to catch those wayward golf shots. Also the same type mechanics and techniques used in the Bunt-Type Chip/Pitch shot are the very same mechanics and techniques used in the full-type golf shot.


This Bunt-Type Pitch/Chip Shot also makes the Sync/Preset Techniques instinctive that you don’t even think about your golf swing, you just perform it like it is second nature.


Please select to download your E-Copy of this Online Golf Session Training Procedure (STP). The advantage of the online Golf STP is it a training procedure that you will have in your electronic files for future reference and NOT a one time lesson where the presented material will be forgotten later or once on the golf course.