Golf Swing Coach for Health & Fitness

This photograph was taken in October of 2020 in my GYM that I built over my golf training facility. I’m 63 years old with a fitness of a 30- year old man. I credit my Nutrition and Fitness workout for my fitness, health, and appearance. I have a 29- inch waistband at my age. I have attached both my Diet and Fitness routine below.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Golf Swing Coach – for an Age-Defying Golf Swing

I would like to first refer to the term golf swing instructor as a golfer/life coach. One reason I make this distinction is because what Sir Nick Faldo stated and what I believe. I even included the term Coach in the title of my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach. Nick Faldo stated last year during the 2015 Quicken Loans Tournament, “That the golfer must become their own golf swing coach on the course.”

Golf Swing Coach

Homer E. Q. Boatright, A grandfather, gifted golfer, and golf swing coach.

As the golf swing coach, the golfer should include physical training and an exercise component to condition and strengthen their body, to prevent injuries and provide health. One of my key factors that I use to gauge my health and fitness is my blood pressure. At age 63 without prescribe blood pressure medication, my blood pressure runs typically 116/66 with a pulse of 69. 

Why wouldn’t a golf swing coach and golfer not include an exercise program into their weekly training routine? The answer is, the golfer should include an exercise program for power and distance, but also protect against typical aging issues. Also, ergonomics plays an important role to provide the basis of an age-defying golf swing. Ergonomics is represented by the letter ‘E‘ in the acronym ESPY.

Above is my grandfather and golf swing coach, Homer E. Q. Boatright, at 81 still playing golf at North Hills Country Club in North Little Rock, AR. What is special about North Hills Golf Course is that it is the only golf course in Arkansas designed by Robert Trent Jones in 1938.


 Nick Faldo- “That the golfer must become their own golf swing coach on the course.”


The CASPER Workout Program for Golfers

Age defying golf swing

A boxing bag workout one of the 12 components in the CASPER Workout Program.

The CASPER (Cardiovascular, Aerobic, Strength and Plyometrics Exercise Regimen) Workout Program provides benefits, even as the golfer ages. I’m living proof of this; I’m 63, and retired, and still maintain my CASPER Workout Program, without changes in my physical activities.

I still play golf, walk eighteen holes, four times per week, work on my farm, and promote my book while working from my home office, starting at 5:30 a.m. each morning until noon. Then I go to the golf course.

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I contribute my health and physical ability to God’s blessings and my 925-MET Diet and exercise routine that I have included as attachments and YouTube Videos. I worked with several physical trainers in developing the CASPER Workout Program. While in the U.S. Army, I tore my ACL that required surgery. I was determined to stay in shape and maintain my health and fitness even after surgery and as I graduated high school and college. I continued this now after I have retired.

QATR-704- 925-MET Diet- How I Achieved My Health/Fitness Objective of Losing 52 Lbs.

NOTE: My 925-MET Diet will be FREE of charge until November 30, 2020 when it will be $28.25 the size of my waist in inches.

But an exercise routine is just only one-third of the equation, as noted in the road map. There is also diet and lifestyle changes that account for the other two-thirds of your total fitness.


Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Total Health

But an exercise routine is just only one-third to 20% of the equation, as noted in the road map. There is also diet and lifestyle changes that account for the other two-thirds of your total fitness. In actuality, exercise is only 20 percent of your health/fitness.  Lifestyle changes and diet is the other 80 percent and should be your starting point. For your free use, you can follow my 925-MET Diet Plan, where I lost six (6) inches in my waistline within six months; and a total of 8.60 inches total. I went from a waistline of 37.5 inches down to a waistline of 28.9 inches going on five years.

Now for the lifestyle part of the equation to deal with the familiar issues, such as: not smoking, limiting your alcohol consumption, using sunscreen, wearing seat belts, using a bicycle helmet while riding your bicycle for exercise, brushing and flossing, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate sleep, getting your physical checkup, and developing the habit of reading and meditating for relaxation. You can add eye protection from the sun rays. In my online store I have the classic aviators sunglasses.


Ergonomics is just as important to your golf swing as to your exercise routine and swing techniques.


The Impact Ergonomics has on the Golfer’s Swing

age defying golf swing techniqueNow an important issue not covered, in most lifestyle and training routines, is ergonomics. Ergonomics is just as important to your golf swing as to your exercise routine and swing techniques. This deals with maintaining proper body alignment and movement while playing golf, during the day and especially during your workout program. One big issue for golfers is maintaining their back health. To maintain a healthy back, the golfer wants to bend at the hips and turn at the waist, the way the body is designed to function.

A great way to ensure that the golfer does this of bending at the hips is a procedure that I call one-step forward, pick up procedure. You’ve heard people state, I just went out to pick up the newspaper and all of a sudden, my lower back went out. This didn’t just happen all of a sudden, but was a cumulative effect.

You’ve heard people state, I just went out to pick up the newspaper and all of a sudden, my lower back went out. This didn’t just happen all of a sudden, but was a cumulative effect.

To ensure that you bend at the hips instead of the waist, the golfer should get in the habit of taking one-step forward, as illustrated above, then bending down. The other option for lighter loads, is to use a golfer’s leg extension pickup method, with one leg extended backwards, as illustrated. Either method will make sure you bend at the hips and not at the waist. Not many doctors with instruct their patience of this procedure that will help you maintain a healthy back.

McKenzie back procedure

Leg lifts and McKenzie back procedure to improve abdominal muscles and relieve Sciatic nerve issues.

Bending at the waist instead of the hips will cause the disc, especially the disc in the Lumbar area, to bulge out backwards. This can cause either a herniated disc or worse, a ruptured disc. The reason you want to bend at the hips is that it keeps the pressure in the disc forward. Keeping the pressure in the disc forward is important. This is because the disc is three times thicker in the front of the disc as in the rear of the disc.

And this is where the sciatic nerve is located, as noted in the illustration below. Bulging from the disc places pressure on the nerve, causing pain to shoot down into the legs and calf muscles. This is an indicator of disc issues.

An exercise you can include in your weekly workout program is leg lifts. This will strengthen the abdominal muscles and help rehabilitate your disc. To link to my article please click on this link: Leg Lifts to Improve Your Golf Swing/Back. This will reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve. I have to remind myself to do it the days that aren’t my workout days; especially working around my farm or construction.

This illustration above shows two procedures to maintain back health, first with leg lifts to strengthen your abdominal muscles. And second, how to reduce the effects of sciatic nerve pain with the McKenzie back procedure. Some Yoga poses include this type of back relief exercise, e.g., as in the Warrior Poses I and II. I would suggest that yoga become part of your workout routine. This can be done in the morning or evening and during the course of the day.


Presetting the Wrists to take Stress off the Lumbar Area

One of the benefits of Syncing and Presetting your wrists, as shown above, is threefold. First– it makes establishing the golf swing easier, ONE Maneuver to make called Dorsiflexion, like preparing to throw a baseball underhanded with your dominate hand. Second– you can become your own golf swing coach on the course because of the set checkpoints. Third, the golfer can take a tremendous amount of pressure off their mind and lower back. Presetting your wrists allows the shoulders to turn 50 percent more than the the back turns at the waist, how a golf swing should function.

For more information on how to SYNC/PRESET your wrists in the golf swing, please read my Golf Training Download: THE PALMER SYNC-IT GOLF COACH APP. The term APP stands for Apperception where the golfer can use their baseball swing and develop a consistent golf swing.  This is a very important golf coaching technique because all the fine motor skills article we have to work with to develop a golf swing were formed before the age of 10. If the golfer uses THE PALMER SYNC-IT GOLF COACH APP for any golfer of any level can take their golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box. By doing so you will add more POWER and CLUB HEAD SPEED to your golf swing. I don’t know of too many golfers who wouldn’t want more distance and control. The SYNC/PRESET Technique is the ticket.

This photograph was taken on a dare, because I was called back into work off retirement to help out after the storm damage from Hurricanes Laura and Delta.

The Photograph above was taken in October of 2020 when I was called back in from retirement to assist with storm restoration efforts after Hurricanes Laura and Delta. The linemen that I worked with couldn’t believe that I looked better at age 63 than the day I retired at age 57.

My YouTube Training Videos to go along with MY PALMER SYNC-IT GOLF COACH APP DOWNLOAD

The following are my three Golf Training Videos:

The Bunt-Type Chip/Pitch Shot

RAP-Type Pitch Shot:

TICK-N-TOCK Putting Technique

The Home Depot Orange Bucket Golf Challenge 

Something about this Home Depot Orange Bucket Golf Challenge- This was filmed a month after I retired, at age 57 in September of 2014. This video convinced that I needed to lose weight:

The 3-Part CASPER Fitness Program YouTube Video:

CASPER Fitness PART No. 1

CASPER Fitness PART No. 2

CASPER Fitness PART No. 3

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