Icing Down- Fitness/Toning, to Burn Away Your AB Fat:

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At 64- years old I was able to lose 45- LBS in 6-weeks and dropped 5.75- inches in my waistline. I lost a total of 52- LBS. and 8.75- inches within 9- months on The DELPHI DIET & FITNESS SYSTEM. But what really help firm up my abdominal area was ICING DOWN after I worked out each afternoon in my Home GYM. Icing does something unique it turns your white fat into brown tissue that the body can burn.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Icing Down treatments for Your Inflammation and Soreness– But Icing can also be used to burn off Stubborn Belly Fat that Dieting Can’t to Tone

For inflammation/soreness, cold is a better option than heat for joint/muscle relief therapy. After straining my right Obliques muscles, I applied a cold pack for 4-weeks. I discovered that in addition to relieving soreness, I was toning my abs.

I developed a slight muscle strain to my lower right Oblique muscles after working on my farm in 2016. For one week, I placed a large ice-pack to this area that actually covered my entire entire abdominal area.

With the number of knee surgeries I had and before my hip surgery in 2007, I learned to keep an ice-pack in the freezer and on the ready. I currently also use the large ice-pack for another use after my workout sessions for soreness.

At the end of the week the oblique strain had subsided, I discovered something quite unexpected. I lost about a half-inch of fat around my lower abdominal area that I had wanted to lose. I had been working intensely trying to tone up my ab area, without seeing any significant results. I found that placing an ice-pack on my abdominal area just for one week toned and firmed up my abs. I have been following my CASE Workout for months and could not completely accomplish what Icing had done. One week of icing treatments, or ice sculpturing as what the medical field calls it had dramatically tightened, firmed up, and toned my lower abs up significantly, to where I’m at now at age 64 and 7-years after I dropped 52- LBS and 8.75- inches off my waistline.

Icing treatments
Ice used to treat soreness in my abdominal muscles, discovered a side benefit of what is called ice sculpturing.

Clinical Research to Backup Icing Treatments for Toning

I’m not one to accept assumptions without scientific evidence. So I started doing my own research and came across a paper written by Dr Philip Kern, an Endocrinologist from the University of Kentucky School of Medicine in Lexington, Kentucky.

I discovered from Dr. Kern’s research that icing treatments contributed to my re-sculpturing and toning of my abdominal area. The icing treatments, or ice sculpturing, changes fat in my abdominal area from what is called ‘white fat’ into what he referred to as ‘brown fat’ or ‘beige fat.’ The body can convert or burn brown fat at a higher rate than it can white fat.

He found that subjects in his study that simply placed or strapped on an ice-pack for 30-minutes had less fat and were better toned than those that just followed an exercise and diet program. This was exactly what I found with my experience over just one week.

A WIN-WIN Icing Treatments for Toning and Better Night Sleep

I refer to this icing treatments, or ice sculpturing, as my Cryogenics Therapy that I have incorporated after my CASE Workout Program. Cryogenics Therapy also helps me to cool down, either after exercising or at night before I go to bed. The ice-pack cools down my body temperature that, in turn, helps me get a better night’s sleep.

You’ve heard sleep specialists advising people to keep their bedroom temperature between 62 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the ice-pack, this sets the stage for a great night’s sleep, I can re-sculpture and tone my body, while improving my sleeping conditions and fitness at the same time, a double bonus.

You might have clinics in your area that offer cold-sculpturing advertising to get your body in shape and toned for summer or for the holidays. I credit Cryogenics Therapy for helping me get rid of those few centimeters around my abdominal area for toning, but in my case cost me nothing except for 30-minutes.

Athletes also use ice baths after working out and competing to relieve pain and soreness, much like a Major League Baseball pitcher does in icing, or ice down their pitching arm and/or shoulder.

I would estimate that my Cryogenics Therapy is responsible for toning the remaining 10 percent of my abs that my CASPER Workout and my SR-925 Diet Program could not completely accomplish without months of hard work. I would like to add that Cryogenics alone can’t obtain the fitness and health you want, but it can help boost these programs for toning.

PRECAUTIONS to Take with Icing Treatments

If you want to boost your fitness program and tone, use Cryogenics Therapy, icing treatments or ice sculpturing. But use CAUTION with icing treatments, or ice sculpturing! I wrap my 10-inch square ice-pack with a pillowcase and place a towel between the pillowcase and my T-shirt to prevent burning the skin. DO NOT use ice directly to the skin without clothing or cover over the area for long period of time. I also use elastic bands to firmly hold the ice-pack into place for the recommended 30-minutes period.

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Charles W. Boatright

Author of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach

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Charles W. Boatright

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