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The Baseball Swing Vs. Golf Swing How to improve your golf game instinctively

By: Charles W. Boatright

THE QATSPY® APP: Baseball Swing Vs. Golf Swing If Your Baseball Swing with a Bat is more fluid/Consistent than Your Golf Swing with a Club

For those of us that spent long summer days playing baseball, you developed dexterity in both fielding and batting to a point that you didn’t even think about fielding or hitting, you just reacted instinctively. You developed natural instincts that allowed you to enjoy the game of baseball especially getting on base and scoring runs. Even with two outs and two strikes in the last inning you were able to swing the bat without nerves of uncertainty. This is exactly what you want to create in your golf swing.


Our capability to perform without nerves in the batter’s box was based on Rule No. 9 of the Subconscious Mind that states- The greater the conscious effort reduces the subconscious intuitive response. In other words WE SUBCONSCIOUSLY PERFORM, WE DON’T THINK in performance!


A major factor that our baseball swing was so unimpeded in the batter’s box was when we developed these fine intuitive motor skills, we developed these before the age of ten (10). You heard that you have to go to war with the army you have, not what you wish you had. The same applies to our golf swing. The subconscious mind controls 90% of our golf swing same as our baseball swing. The only motor skills that golfers can rely on are our skills we developed before the age of ten (10). Let me let you in on a secret, you don’t have to be a child prodigy to have natural, confident, and consistent golf swing, even now as an adult.

You have all the motor skills you need to develop a consistent and confident golf swing already, which is a good thing, because we aren’t going to develop new ones. Good news you have the one key fine intuitive motor skills needed if you ever threw a baseball. I throw a tennis ball all the time to my dog, who is a Golden Cocker Retriever. So I exercise the key muscles in my golf swing.

The key muscle that is my target muscle to start my golf swing is called the Palmaris Longus Muscle/tendon. This muscle/tendon is valuable in most people, as illustrated below in my Palmaris Longus tendon. The reason this is important is that it hinges the wrists back and forth, called the Palmar Flexion and Dorsiflex.

The other function this muscle/tendon does is that it grips the handle of the golf club. That should grab, no pun intended, every golfer’s attention. The hinge action in the motion of throwing a baseball or tennis ball achieves a fundamental element of a classic golf swing, it keeps the clubface pointing toward the ball the longest before the wrists cock and lock into position, shown below. The reason I use kickboxing gloves is what amazingly occurs in the Lock Position of the wrists, see below:

The Kinesiology Project

For my final Kinesiology research project, I opted to compare the baseball swing vs. the golf swing using time-lapse photography. In the feature photograph above, I took two frames from the film, one of the batter and another of the golfer at the same point in their swings, right before entered the impact zone. From these two frames, I was able to detect similarities of their swing mechanics that I used to compare the baseball swing vs. golf swing.

These two time-lapse photography frames confirm the important hinge element (Palmar Flexion- Dorsiflex, or for short Palmer-Dorsiflex) was established. These two professional athletes performed the Palmer-Dorsiflex to lock their wrists in their setup maneuver. What helped me to compare the baseball swing vs. golf swing was the batter was hitting a low sinker pitch that placed his forearms, wrists, and bat in the same orientation of the golfer’s forearms, wrists, and golf club. This helped considerably.

I even circle the Lock Position of the wrist lag action in both swings, because these were so similar and important between the baseball swing and golf swing. The Palmer-Dorsiflex maneuver not only takes the clubhead back along the target line, the Palmer-Dorsiflex naturally Syncs the wrists into the Preset Lock Position, this is shown in both time-lapse photographs. The Lock Position naturally sets another important muscle, the Brachio-Radialis Muscle. This muscle attaches at the nodular ( Radial Styloid Process) just above each thumb. These two muscles are important in establishing the Kinetic Chain of both swings.

This muscle is unique in that it opens and closes the clubface for power and clubhead speed and raises the handle of the club at the elbow to the top of the swing. The reason that I broke down the sequence in this manner is the more you understand what a maneuver does, the more likely your subconscious mind will perform those motor skills.

I demonstrated the Palmer-Dorsiflex, Sync, and the Preset Lock Position in my video below in performing the Bunt-Type Pitch Shot, or what I call The Palmer Golf SPIKE Technique. This The Palmer Golf SPIKE Technique is used from the tee box to around the green that is exactly the same golf swing sequence that you can practice with to develop your tee-to-green golf swing.

The Palmer D-PRO Golf Technique Great for the Average Golfer

What is great about The Palmer D-PRO Golf Technique for the average golfer is that it can be performed in the same area where you practice your putting as I have in the training video below. This is key especially during the offseason or when you can’t get to play golf. You don’t lose your muscle memory for your golf swing.


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