QATR-104- The Specific Key Wrist Action in the Golf Swing (STP)

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By: Charles W. Boatright Author of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, Delta Technique Geared for Distance and Control

The Specific Preset Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

The major issue that some golfers have in using their wrists is that the wrists behave like a universal joint that has several maneuvers. To be specific, the wrists have six (6) maneuvers, three (3) of which are critical for the golfer to establish correctly in the takeaway swing to the Lock Position.

If there is one component that the golfer has to get right to produce a consistent golf shot with power, clubhead speed, and control, it is synchronization. This was a technique that Arnold Palmer gave President Eisenhower before an American Heart Association Pro-Am.

Arnold Palmer noticed that the President’s right elbow was separating from his right side during the initial part of his takeaway and again just before impact. This is also the main theme of the ESPY Golf Swing procedure.

This separation of the elbows in addition to causing errant golf shots, can also lead to lower back issues. The wrists and forearm muscles should always lead the upper and lower body core muscles.

Charlie Rymer’s Interview with David Duval on That Wrist Thing

That Wrist Thing was used by Charlie Rymer in an interview with David Duval in January of 2016 to describe how David Duval preset his wrists. In my opinion, next to Sir Nick Faldo’s YouTube Video on the preset technique, David Duval’s interview is the best on illustrating the proper wrist action in the golf swing.

In both Nick Faldo’s and David Duval’s videos, they describe the WHAT, but were short on the more important component of HOW. The HOW engages the most important part of the golfer’s mental game, the subconscious mind. The WHAT is the first stage of the learning process, but HOW is the main stage of the learning process. Don’t expect to play your best golf on the golf course with the WHAT; the golfer has to understand and perform based on the HOW.

The HOW involves a key muscle in the wrist. This muscle is one of the two muscles in the wrist that has direct contact with the handle of the club and often goes unnoticed by many golf coaches. These two muscles have direct contact with the handle of the golf club. If this muscle has direct contact with the handle of the club, it would defiantly be a muscle that I would want to take full advantage of in my golf swing sequence.

Just to explain how critical this key muscle is to the golfer, in the 30-for-30 ESPN Film Series The Walk-Off Home Run, Warren Morris (left-handed batter) for LSU, hit the game-winning home run in the 1996 College World Series. But up to this game, Warren Morris only managed to hit bunts, due to a broken bone in his right wrist that this key muscle is connected to. I had the privilege to interview Warren Morris, concerning this story of how a walk-on player hit the walk-off home run for LSU.

Photograph provided by Wikipedia

This muscle performs the maneuver or hinge element that was described by PGA player Ken Duke. The hinge element not only allows the golfer to properly preset their wrists, but to synchronize their elbows with their shoulders. establishing two of the other functions that the wrists NATURALLY have! Pronate for control and supinate for clubhead speed.

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QATR-104- The Specific Key Wrist Action in the Golf Swing