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THE MACS Health & Fitness SPA to DROP weight/inches/the effects of age on your skin, and get into shape in weeks, NOT months even over the age of 60.

By: Charles W. Boatright

EFFECTIVE MACS Health & Fitness SPA– Full-body 15- minute Sports Performance Workout

When I started flying aerial patrols 37- years ago, it didn’t take me long to discover the demands that aerial patrol places on my body being confined in a cockpit for hours between fuel stops. To counter the effects of these long hours sitting in a cockpit, I started taking 10- minute walks along the tarmacs while the ground crew were fueling our aircraft. This improved blood flow in my legs, relieved stress, and allowed me to stretch my muscles and hydrate.

This was taken on the tarmac of our airport after refueling during a typical aerial patrol that was done in May of 2015 in a 206 (D) BELL Jet Range. I dropped 6.75- inches in my waist since December of 2014 following THE F-15 SPA WORKOUT & CASIMIR DIET.

Then, I started to take advantage of our 30- minute fuel stops by adding 5- minutes Aerobic-cardio to my 10- minute walks. Just by incorporating four (4) simple Resistance Elastic Cord (REC) elements gave me a full-body workout in just 10- minutes along with the 5- minute walk. So I started carrying an 80- Lb. Resistance Elastic Cord with a door anchor in my flight bag with my flight plan, aviation charts, and system map.

Resistance Elastic Cords (REC) tubing can easily substitute for weights for strength training for those that travel and/or those that don’t want to work out with weights. I found that I could have a portable gym workout wherever I flew to for maintaining my health and fitness numbers. These numbers are critical as we approach our 40’s or older.

Even the FAA recognizes the impact of 40 has on the human body. It is never too late to start The F-15 SPA WORKOUT & CASIMIR DIET that has huge health and fitness benefits.

Just remember this one key fact in trying to reach those health numbers (e.g., waistline, blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol numbers). Your diet accounts for 80 percent of obtaining your health numbers while only 20 percent is based on your workout and lifestyle.

This is the reason that THE MACS Health & Fitness SPA is so effective; It stresses more of a person’s diet than it does workout. But, don’t neglect your workout sessions for muscle strength, toning, and flexibility, these are critical as we age. You start losing muscle strength, mass, and flexibility about 10 percent each decade after you reach your 30’s.


You will soon discover in weeks, and NOT months how effective and beneficial THE MACS Health & Fitness SPA is to your health/fitness. At age 65, I am on the cover of my Ebook with a 28.50- inch waistline and skin condition that I had in my mid-30’s. My main objective was to lose about 45- Lbs. that I gained after a hip injury in October of 2012 that led to a hip replacement in October of 2014. I lost 45- Lbs. in just 8- weeks, that was about 5.6 Lbs. per week, see my Waistline Chart below:

This is the actual copy of my Waistline Chart that I kept starting on November 28th, 2014 that shows that I dropped 9.25- inches in my waistline in a period of nine months with the major part of my weight and inches being dropped with in 3- months along with the effects of aging on my skin. I have skin that I had in my mid-30’s now in my mid-60’s.

Enlarged Copy of my Waistline Chart

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