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The Body is a Temple of God keep it as strong and fit as your Faith is!

Eating Southern Comfort food and remaining healthy doesn’t has to be difficult just by knowing WHAT to eat with a System Index Gauge (SIG) at or below 3.25 based on the Nutrition Labels and WHEN to eat between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. You do this with an active Lifestyle and you can turn your body into a Turbocharged-Calorie-Burning-Juggernaut. Shown above from 10 O’clock to 6 O’clock are: Sweet Potatoes, Pinto Beans, Whole Wheat Roll (That I baked), Kansas City Strip, and corn-a-cob with ice tea. I never drink soft drinks of any kind.

By: Charles W. Boatright, President of THE QATSPY®

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Southern Comfort Food & Enjoy Healthy DIET– Using Nutrition Labels to Enjoy Southern Comfort Foods to Remain Healthy by WHAT & WHEN to Eat. Just because you enjoy Southern Comfort & Soul Food doesn’t mean you have to give up eating healthy.

If you know how to use your numbers on the Nutrition Label you can eat healthy and lower your other numbers that your Doctor points to on your annual physical.

Below is a list you don’t want your city to be know for:

The Top 10 Cities in the United States that are rated as Obese:

No. 1 McAllen-Edinburgh-Mission, Texas

No. 2 Memphis Tennessee

No. 3 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

No. 4 Little Rock, Arkansas

No. 5 Shreveport, Louisiana

No. 6 Birmingham, Alabama

No. 7 Jackson, Mississippi

No. 8 Mobile, Alabama

No. 9 Lafayette, Louisiana

No. 10 Knoxville. Tennessee

Now before you just focus on these 10 cities in the United States as being the highest obese cities, just consider this one fact, that 42- percent of the entire nation, that even includes children, are OBESE. That isn’t over weight, but that is being obese!

We just came through a pandemic that claimed 1,113,229 Americans between Jan2020 through Mar2023. One of the factors for the death toll was a compromised immune system of people. Our immune system is heavily dependent on our health status by avoiding obesity that is a major factor that can compromise the health of our immune system with high blood pressure, high glucose levels, and high cholesterol, just to name a few.

We in the south enjoy our comfort food and Soul Food, but we need to refocus our efforts on having food that has a healthy System Index Gauge (SIG). Our DIET accounts for 80- percent of our healthy and fitness to keep us off the obese list and to keep those numbers that our doctors keep harping at us to keep low like our- Waistline, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and our Cholesterol levels.

Just at first glance, the TOP 10 list of cities in the United States that are rated as highest Obese Cities are in the south. Except for one City in Texas, all are in the SEC (South East Conference) footprint. SEC is where we like our sports, or at least we like to watch our sports. There one sport we need to actually to become a participant in, and that is the sport of our Fitness.

Sport of Fitness

What is difficult to understand is the weather in these southern areas for nine-to-ten (9-10) months out of the year have warm and nice weather conditions that allow us to get out and have an active lifestyle. Weather that allows us the ability to get out and enjoy the SPORT of FITNESS that is essential for improving our health. First thing we need to do is reconsider our FITNESS as a SPORT and not just exercises we have to do, but what we should enjoy doing for the most important game of all, our health of our life.

FIRST Reconsider Fitness as Your SPORT

This means we need to rethink walking, bicycling or spinning, jogging, calisthenics, swimming, hiking, shooting baskets with a friend, golf, boxing bag workouts, now pickle, and etc as a sports and not just exercises we have to do. Calisthenics is something we all can do and don’t need any exercise equipment for except for a good pair of tennis shoes to walk. If walking isn’t your sport than consider my favorite SPORT of FITNESS- Bicycling or spinning.

Calisthenics is where we are using our own body’s weight for our fitness workout. This is easy and accessible for all of us, regardless of our medical condition. We need to at least get 2- hour and 30- minutes (or 150- minutes) of moderate physical fitness (SPORT FITNESS) activity per week. My advice is to start slow and build on what you can do NOW! And NOT to focus on what you can’t do right NOW.

You are just talking about 150- minutes per week, that is 30- minutes of moderate physical activity five (5) days a week to enjoy some of the best time decompressing. If you want to relieve stress in your life, exercise is the best way to achieve reducing stress. That could include power walking where later on you can use 2 or 3- Lbs Dumbbell weights in each hand to walk 30- minutes, 5- days per week, for instance. Fitness doesn’t have to be strenuous to be beneficial and see results IF paired with a healthy DIET. Consult your physician before starting an exercise routine.


Now let’s turn our attention to our DIETS that has an 80 percent direct impact on our health and fitness as a whole. This should be good news to all of us, in that we enjoy eating and we don’t have to spend hours per day on physical fitness, but eat based two (2) criteria of WHAT & WHEN we should eat.

The Biggest Impact We can have on Our Health & Fitness is How to Use Nutrition Labels to Determine WHAT We can Eat to Improve Our Health & Fitness NOW

SECOND We need to focus on WHAT the real culprit of obesity is, in our diets, what we eat on a daily basis impacts our health and fitness more than any one other single component. I will be the first to admit that it is difficult to make heads or tails of the Nutrition Label, shown below, on food items at your local grocery store. You can use the Nutrition Label to figure out WHAT is healthy to buy, eat, and to get into better shape. Your DIET will account for 80 percent of your ability to drop weight. inches, and those NUMBERS, your doctor harps on you about, based on WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat. Both are important to your overall health, fitness, and wellness.

How to use 9 data points from a standard Nutrition Label to turn your body into a Turbocharged-Calorie-Burning-Juggernaut to eat foods at or below a System Index Gauge (SIG) of 3.25.

Here’s why it is difficult to make heads or tails of the Nutrition Labels: Just compare the label from a Sweet Potato to that of an Idaho Potato, below:

Just comparing the label of a Sweet Potato to that of an Idaho Potato you would think that the Idaho Potato would be a healthier choice due to the lower sugar content to that of the Sweet Potato being higher at 7 grams to i gram of sugar of the Idaho Potato. But you would be wrong.

At first glance, you would think that the Idaho Potato would be the better choice due to the lower sugar content of just 1 gram compared to that of 7 grams of sugar for Sweet Potato, but you would be wrong. This is due to the hidden sugars (starches) content of Idaho Potato that has a higher System Index Gauge (SIG) of 3.438. Perfect food that you need to consider eating for your health and fitness are foods that are at or below a SIG of 3.25.

Being able to analyze Nutrition Labels will play a huge part in you being able to improve your health, fitness, and wellness while dropping those unwanted Lbs., Inches, and those NUMBERS.

You want to choose foods that has a SIG at or below 3.25. This indicated food selections that are high in Protein, high in Fiber, Omega-3 Fats, Probiotic and healthy Complex Carbohydrates that you want to eat for your heart health. A lot of foods that come in at or below a SI of 3.25 are those great Southern Comfort and Soul Foods we enjoy eating. Just watch what you add during the preparation (cooking or baking) of these foods.

Here’s why the Idaho Potato that consist of Simple Carbohydrates, those hidden sugars, are foods that you want to avoid. Not all carbohydrates are the same. The Sweet Potato contains Complex Carbohydrates, the health sugars and starches you want to eat. This is where some diets are actually UNHEALTHY and are even HARMFUL to your health that can actually jeopardize your heart health.

THE WHEN FACTOREat Your Meals Based on Your Circadian Rhythms

THIRD We need to consider WHEN is the most healthiest time for us to eat our meals. Just like our ability to get healthy sleep is based on our Circadian Rhythms, so is WHEN we need to eat is also based on Circadian Rhythms. Our body metabolism functions at the most efficient level between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Two O’clock (2 p.m.) is when our metabolism kicks into high gear.

If you ever wonder why around 2 O’clock p.m. you feel a need for a snack to boost your energy levels, this is the reason, you are at your maximum metabolic rate at 2 p.m. Just make it a healthy snack like peanut butter is always a great choice to make with a SIG of 1.968. This is the reason why Dr. George Washington Carver, that started the Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama, focused on health benefits of peanuts. And I love peanut butter.

Every time that I fly, I take peanut Butter along for the ride for a very healthy snake that has a SIG of 1.968. There is one give away to a food with a healthy SIG and that is to focus on Total Fat, Protein, Fiber contains and serving size. That is how I roughly check the status of a food item that I’m about to have.

John Tesh Radio Show- Intelligence for Your Life

While working on my farm, I always listen to John Tesh radio show Intelligence for Your Life that is very informative. On May 11, 2022, John Tesh read from a Cleveland Clinic Research paper that stated that eating past 6 p.m. jeopardizes your health in a number of ways. Eating past 6 p.m. heightens your blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol, negatively impacts your sleep patterns, and what will grab most people’s attention, ages your skin. Eating past 6 p.m. interrupts your body’s natural ability to repair and rejuvenate your skin to have younger and healthier looking skin.

Just that report that John Tesh referenced should get everyone’s attention. This was a significant factor why I have skin at age 65 that I had in my mid-30’s. Ever since November 28th, 2014, I been eating between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. It appears that it has paid off in my health, fitness, and wellness.

We should eat our meals between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eating past 6 p.m. negatively impacts our health by weight gain and especially jeopardizes the health of our heart and even our skin. How many people would want to look years or even decades younger and healthier? Then eat your meals between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. and stay at or below a System Index Gauge (SIG) of 3.25.

Nine (9) Data Points that I Use to Determine WHAT I Eat Between 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

I use nine (9) data points, as noted on the Nutrition Label on the Pinto beans for example, shown above, that come in at a SIG of 2.80. The SIG determines WHAT you can eat between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. that is at or below a SIG of 3.25.

What you’re doing by using the SIG of WHAT to eat (at or below 3.25) and WHEN to eat (between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.) is what gives you the ability to turn your body into a Turbocharged-Calorie-Burning-Juggernaut. I lost 52- Lbs. and 8.75- inches within 6- months just by giving my body the ability to function as God intended it to function.

My Waistline Chart is posted below, I prefer measuring my waistline as opposed to weighing in, because I added muscle mass during my strength training and the cloth tape (shown in the feature image, above, is what I use to measure my waistline results). The cloth tape is accurate and that is inexpensive to purchase. I also use the cloth tape in my sewing.

What’s a Minimum Healthy Waistline

A healthy waistline is based on taking your height in inches and divide by 2. For example I’m 66- inches tall so my healthy waistline should be 66 / 2 = 33- inches. But since I’m modeling, I used a 2.2 factor, or 66 / 2.2 = 30- inches. I exceeded the minimum healthy waistline by dropping down to 29.0- inches where I’m at now, 9- years later, on March 18th, 2023.

As you can gather from my height, of 66- inches, that I wasn’t recruited highly out of high school for college basketball teams.

My Waistline Chart. Now nine years later, I still have a 29- inch waistline.

My Results at Age 65 of Following The CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System

At age 65, I’m able to model my sportswear collection, in front of a camera lens that will be your most critical critique for the status of your health and fitness. Photographs can be used as a great incentive for you to get into better shape, so be brave enough for a series of photos taken for an incentive to get into better health and shape.

Nothing is more critical than the lens of the camera is in regard to your health and fitness. My exercise and diet program that I started following in November of 2014 has provided the results to me to able to do an AB Challenge below, nine (9) years later after achieving my results from THE CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System, this was taken on January 07th, 2023 in our hangar, below, at AGE 65:

This was taken on January 07th, 2023 after we did a photoshoot for my HEMI-QUINN BUSH PILOT COLLECTION of sportswear for business or casual wear that has that charisma look and feel of confidence. I’m 65 years old in this photoshoot. I’m on my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 Motorcycle that I ride to and from our hangar. In the background is the P-51 Mustang like the one Tom Cruise owns and flew in the TOP GUN:Maverick Movie.

What I did in developing the CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System was to use my chemical engineering background and Kinesiology training to provide me with the health and fitness that I had in my mid-30’s, but NOW at age 65. I even have age-defying skin that I had in my mid-30’s, as well. I accomplished this by NOT eating past 6 p.m. and having a diet that is high in Protein, high in Fiber, Omega-3 Fats, Probiotic and Complex Carbohydrates, that has a SIG at or below 3.25, all of which are great for providing age-defying skin that looks years, if not decades younger. I enter into evidence the following photographs, below.

Just another benefit that I have on the CASIMIR DIET & FITNESS System is at age 65, I’m not on any prescribed medication of any type or kind. That is a huge benefit for me.

Below are photoshoots that we did for our HEMI-QUINN Sportswear Collection that includes our khaki Chino pants, Button-down Oxford Shirt and our Personalized Leather Flight Jackets that makes great sports jackets. In all these photoshoots, I’m 65 years old:

Photoshoot taken on January 07th, 2023 of our HEMI-QUINN (Hemingway Quinn) Collection on the tarmac of our airport with a AVIAT AIRCRAFT HUSKY A-1A in the background. We used this aircraft for our aerial patrol that we did before I retired after 33- years at age 57 in June of 2015.

We are waiting for weather to clear out and do our preflight before taking off for Knoxville, Tennessee. This is our office in our flight center. I got to wear sunglass, or aviators, due to a flash burn that I had years ago. This prevents the flash on the camera from leaving spots in my vision for a period of a couple of hours.

Photograph taken back in September of 2022 showing our QATSPY Logo Button-down Shirts that can be ordered with specific neck sizes (14.50 – 18.0- inches) and sleeve lengths between (32 – 37- inches). The aircraft is a SOCATA Model TBM-700.

This was taken at David Wade Mississippi State Football Stadium on November 12, 2022 when Mississippi State Bulldogs where hosting the Georgia Bulldogs when they were honoring the Veterans.

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