An Age-Defying Golf Swing- Assisted Chin-Ups

An Age Defying Golf Swing Starts with Fitness

Age-defying golf swing

An Age-Defying golf swing at age 58 while playing golf at Dancing Rabbit in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

An age-defying golf swing starts with your fitness routine. A great element to include in your fitness routine is an assisted chin-up element. First, we will have to clarify the difference between a chin-up (with palms facing you) and a pull-up (with palms facing away from you). Essentially, both work the same muscles, but the subtle difference is the range of motion that the joints and muscles experience.





The muscles that are worked in performing a Chin-up are:

  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Biceps brachii
  • Infraspinatus
  • Lower trapezius
  • Pectoralis major
  • Erector spinae
  • External oblique
  • Brachio-Radialis Muscle
Age-defying golf swing

The Assisted Chin-up/Pull-up in the CASPER Workout Program.

In my book, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, in Section 20, I include as part of my age-defying golf swing the CASPER Workout Program what I refer to as an Assisted Chin-Up. The assisted Chin-Up is great for beginners like those just picking up golf for the first time and want an exercise program to improve their performance. An age-defying golf swing is critical for power and speed on the golf course for young and old alike.

The assisted chin-up, illustrated here with me using a milk crate in my home gym, allows me to work my arms and shoulder muscles over a longer duration. The assisted chin-up has less load placed on the shoulder joints and arms. This can be real beneficial for the golfer who wants to perform chin-ups, but doesn’t want to overstress their shoulder joints. Also the assisted chin-up is great for golfers trying to include upper body workout and can’t perform the reps they want.

The Chin-up Exercise to Improve Your Golf Swing

The chin-up exercise is an age-defying golf swing that is key in developing what I refer to as the ten-speed bicycle technique. This is where the golfer is syncing and locking the golfer’s elbows with their shoulders to develop a sprocket mechanical advantage in their golf swing.

Ten-Speed Sprockets

Ten-Speed Bicycle Sprocket Mechanics

The golfer is essentially using their elbows as the small sprocket and the shoulders as the large sprocket. This allows the golfer to use the:

  • Takeaway swing- to create Power with the small sprocket (the elbows) turning the large sprocket (the shoulders).
  • Downswing- to create Speed with the large sprocket (the shoulders) turning the small sprocket (the elbows).

If you’ve ridden a single-speed bicycle before and compared that single-speed bicycle with a ten-speed bicycle, you soon find there is no comparison. The ten-speed bicycle has a tremendous advantage over the single-speed bicycle. The golfer who doesn’t use the ten-speed bicycle advantage is performing their golf shots with a single-speed approach. This is where the age-defying golf swing approach using sprocket mechanics provides an advantage to the golfer of any age.

Ten-speed Bicycle Technique

Sync and Presetting your wrists and elbows to improve Power and Speed in your golf game.

Additional Benefits of Chin-Ups

To gain additional advantages from your chin-up element, the golfer can perform two other elements to benefit their abdominal and quad muscles. These two elements while at your chin-up station can include what I call Plyometric chin-ups and leg lift chin-ups.

Both of these are great for developing your abdominal and quad muscles. These set of muscles are important in creating speed through impact in your golf swing. Speed is the Holy Grail in golf. This is what creates the golfer’s smash-factor.

If you want to see the benefits of building these muscles, look at the 40 time performance that Bo Jackson turned in at the NFL Combine. Bo Jackson turned in a 4.12/40.

Below are the Plyometric chin-ups and leg lift chin-ups sequence for your reference:

Plyometric Exercise

Plyometric and Leg Lifts Chin-up/Pull-up Element.

The benefit the golfer is realizing from Plyometric chin-ups is the thrust component, using the quad muscles, and the shoulder, and arm muscles. The golfer is also reducing the negative effects from the impact of their landing. Anytime you can reduce the negative effects of impact on your joints, you’re improving your health and fitness.

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