QATR-702- The Extenuating Circumstances of Obesity Epidemic

Litigating the Health of Our Children

In litigation, attorneys use algorithms to calculate awards given in personal injuries and wrongful death cases. These are based on a person’s age, their professional status, and other extenuating circumstances. These awards could range from a couple of hundred thousand to several million dollars.

In cases of obesity, there are no extenuating circumstances awards issued to compensate for personal injury or for early death. Data from American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) reports that the obesity rate among children is between 18.9 to 19.9 percent, and that’s almost two-out-of-ten kids who are not just overweight, but obese.

Can you imagine children under the age of 18 being treated for the following conditions, not to mention middle-age adults:

  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Type-2 Diabetes
  • Certain Cancers
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gallbladder diseases
  • Respiratory issues
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Mental illness (depression)
  • Reduce quality of life
  • Back pain and joint issues
  • Reduce life expectancy and quality of life

Extenuating Circumstances- Obesity Epidemic

Based on the AAFP statistics concerning obesity rates in America, we are losing the battle. We, without a doubt, will start seeing life expediencies start to decline. Parents will have to take care of their children as they age into adulthood if not teenage years, instead of the other way around.

While exercise is a significant factor in your health/fitness, exercise is only 20 percent of the health/fitness equation. The other 80 percent of your health/fitness is based on your diet and lifestyle. You can’t exercise yourself to your health/fitness goal.

Even if you do manage to lose the weight, you’re just solving for the fitness part of the equation, and you still have the health part of the equation to solve for. And that can only be achieved through diet and lifestyle changes.

When I reached my mid 30’s, I had a hip issue called Perthes that severely limited my ability to exercise, even on my trail bicycle. I gained 45 pounds over the next ten years until I had my hip replacement surgery.

NOTE: Perthes is a childhood disease that usually occurs between the age 3 to 8 years old, but the damage doesn’t manifest itself until the person reaches their mid thirties. Then the pain and limited motion in the hip (either right or left) occurs. By your mid forties, the pain level can reach on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being excruciating pain, a 9.5. I found it even hard to sleep with the pain.

I went back to exercising, as I did before my issue with Perthes got debilitating, and only saw 10 to 15 pounds of weight loss. Nowhere near the weight I needed to lose. I tried all the diets on the market, with only minimum results, losing about five to eight pounds that I gained right back. My ideal weight is 145 to 150 pounds. I was 192 pounds, with a waistline of 37.5 inches at age 56.

Circadian Rhythms- Taking Matters into My Own Hands

I tried more diets than I would like to remember or mentioned, and I had minimum results with each and every one of them, by losing 5 pounds at most. Then I did a few golf training videos and saw the 50 pounds that I had to lose. I know the camera isn’t kind to you by adding a few pounds on, but what I was looking at was more than a few pounds.

So I knew our body functions at its maximum, based on Circadian Rhythms. Circadian Rhythm affects more than just our sleeping patterns. It also affects our digestion and metabolic process. So I started researching, and found our body starts processing food at 9 am and tapers off at 5 pm, with the maximum burning of calories at 2 pm.

I lost about 5 to 10 pounds, about an inch, the first week when I started the 925 Diet at the end of November 2014. I was happy with the results, but I wanted to see a little better results. So with my engineering background, I started trying various algorithms that could take data from the Nutrition Labels on foods and provide me a weight factor that would allow me to accurately analyze my food.

The Weight Factor Algorithm:

The algorithm that I developed divided the Total Calories by the sum of Carbohydrates + Dietary Fiber + Sugar + Protein. Pretty easy formula to use.  The Algorithm, coupled with the 925 Diet, supercharged my weight loss. I call the algorithm the MET Weight Factor.  MET Weight Factor is the Metabolic Weight Factor, or the rate at which the body processes food directly into energy without converting the food to stored fat.

You want to keep your MET Weight Factor number at or below 3.25 for 80 percent of your meals. For 20 percent of your meals you can have one incentive item below 5.75 per week. This way you won’t be depriving yourself a few of what I call your comforts food items.

Below is a list of MET Weight Factor menu items I like:

What great about the MET Weight Factor calculator is that you can establish a list of your favorite menu items and be familiar with what you can eat. The other advantage of the MET Weight Factor calculator is that it’s portable, meaning that you can use your I-phone to look up menu items at your favorite restaurant on their website.

The results of what I call the 925-MET Diet were staggering, even right in the middle of the Holidays. I lost 6-inches in my waist within just four weeks. By the first of January 2015, I went from a 37.5 inch waist at the end of November 2014 down to 31.5-inches by the first week of January 2015. I lost an additional 3-inches in my waist by the middle of September 2015, down to a waist of 28.5-inches.

My goal was to just reach a 31- inch waist, but instead I have now a smaller waist than I had in high school when I wore khakis with a 30-inch waist.

The 925-MET Diet is a Turbocharger, calorie-burning juggernaut. If that wasn’t enough, The 925-MET Diet is also FREENO Dues to pay, NO prepackaged food to buy, and NO wasted time following failed diets.

The Ponce de León Factor of the 925-MET Diet, The Fountain of Youth

I was doing some research on the impact of dietary fiber and protein on one’s diet and weight loss. Came across some very interesting facts about both and their effects on anti-aging. Besides the weight loss, cutting cholesterol, protecting against diabetes, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and protecting joints, fiber and protein are also sources for the fountain of youth.

My nickname was Pinto, because of the amount of pinto beans I had for lunch and dinner since I was a kid. Pinto beans are an excellent source of both fiber and protein. Pinto beans are considered the perfect food, along with sweet potatoes.

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