QATR-502- The QATSPY 3- Muscle-Tiers Golf Swing Technique


We all have Lost that Loving Feeling that we as golfers hold so dear in our golf game. The golfer using the 3- Muscle-Tiers Golf Swing Technique can not only find that loving feeling for their golf swing, but more importantly maintain that loving feeling.

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Inside-the-leather Classic Golf Swing Mechanics and simple golf swing tips for self-coaching techniques.

By: Charles W. Boatright, Author of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, Delta Technique Geared for Distance and Control


The Muscles that Make Up the 3- Muscle-Tiers


The Three Musketeers motto is One for all, all for one. The golfer can take this same phrase and use it as an improvement technique in their mental golf game. I changed up the Three Musketeers motto a little to the term 3- Muscle-Tiers in Golf Swing.


The human body is comprised of 640 muscles, and the golf swing uses the majority of these muscles in executing the golf swing. The only problem with the golf swing is that the golfer can’t consciously manage to engage even half of the muscles needed to make a consistent golf swing. I realize that some golfer’s pre-shot routine seems like that they are trying to synchronize a quarter of the 640 muscles in their golf swing.


This might be an exaggeration in some golfer’s pre-shot routine, but in actuality, the golf swing might seem that enormous of a task to some golfers who are just picking up the game. We all can experience slumps and lose our golf swing, like how Bagger Vance described his golf swing.


You couple the golf swing’s technique and mechanics with establishing muscle memory, and the golf swing appears like trying to find a needle in the haystack. But this is where the 3-Muscle-Tiers Golf Swing Technique can greatly simplify the golfer’s training process, whether you are a beginner golfer or a low-handicapper. One reason the golfer is just focused on three muscles that we use each and every day.


Lost That Loving Feeling in Your Golf Swing?


We all have Lost that Loving Feeling that we as golfers hold so dear in our golf game. The golfer using the 3- Muscle-Tiers Golf Swing Technique can not only find that loving feeling for their golf swing, but more importantly maintain that loving feeling.


Regardless of your status in golf, you can use the 3- Muscle-Tiers Golf Swing Technique to develop that feel because of the trigger muscles used. It is like learning to ride a bicycle in that once you learn, you won’t forget. The 3-Muscle-Tiers Golf Swing Technique can become as instinctive as riding a bicycle or walking. You don’t even think about it, which is key.


This Self-Coaching Training Procedure not only includes the three trigger muscles, but also how to set them up in your golf swing. The 3- Muscle-Tiers Golf Swing Technique will explain the Location, Action, and Function in the golf swing, the golf swing Component, and the Mechanical Advantage that each trigger muscle provides. The better the mental image, the better muscle memory that will be developed. Muscle memory is everything to the golfer’s subconscious mind, which controls 90 percent of the golfer’s performance on the golf course.


If the golfer can identify and develop their golf swing sequence properly, they can have a consistent golf swing, day-in and day out. Muscle memory is about developing the ergonomics (The E in ESPY), which not only makes the golf swing more efficient, but eliminates the wear and tear on the muscles and joints, and especially on the golfer’s lower back.


An actual story: In March of this year (2019)- A GoDaddy Technical Advisor called me on a Friday about my account that I have with them, just to check in with me. During the conversation, he mentioned that he just picked the game of golf, like I have been encouraging him to do. I asked him what he recently shot? He replied between 105, which I told him was typical for a beginner golfer.


After I explained the 3- Muscle-Tiers Golf Swing Technique to him over the phone, he felt confident to use it that weekend. I sent him the same illustrations in this procedure of the three moves, along with giving him the three major checkpoints to observe. Then I asked him to call me back Monday to let me know how he did.



The GoDaddy Technical Advisor called me back the following Monday afternoon and reported that he just shot his best score ever– he shot a 92. That is a 23 point improvement in his golf game, in just three days. His friend asked him what on earth did he do, since the last time they played. He replied to his friend, I found the three secret moves in the golf swing.


The same techniques that I provided the GoDaddy Technical on the 3-Muscle-Tiers Golf Swing Technique are included in this 502- 3-Muscle-Tiers Golf Swing Self-Coaching Technique Procedure.



I produced a YouTube Video that not only demonstrated the Sync/Preset Maneuver, but also demonstrated how baseball is a great crossover sport to use in your routine training sessions. I used a throw-down Home Plate to demonstrate the 12-Foot Bunt-Type Chip/Pitch shot that is one of the hardest shots in golf to make. If you can perform this shot with camera and under the lights, you can perform this on the golf course.

Below is my YouTube Video that I produced to help the golfer better understand the Sync/Preset Maneuver:




You may very well practice your golf swing and take golf lessons using your conscious mind concerning the WHAT, but I can guarantee the golfer that once they step foot onto the golf course, they will be relying on their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind runs the show when it comes to HOW on the golf course. The 405- Training Drill will allow the golfer to bridge the gap in the golf game.


This Self-Coaching download contains 17 pages of simple step-by-step procedures, tips, and illustrations to help the golfer apply and retain the material presented on and off the golf course.


To develop your ESP Self-Coaching Technique Forum in Your Golf Game, please select to download your E-Copy of this Online Golf Self-Coaching Training Procedure (STP). The advantage of the online Golf STP is it a training procedure that you will have in your electronic files for future reference and NOT a one-time lesson where the presented material will be forgotten later or once on the golf course.