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The last part of this YouTube Training Videos includes my CASPER Health & Fitness Training Videos that has allowed me to lose 52-Lbs within a 9-month period and have kept off the weight going on five (5) years! This includes my 925-MET Diet Program!

By: Charles W. Boatright

THE QATSPY® as Part of our Mission is Providing a Series of YouTube Golf Training Videos to Allow the Golfer to Improve Their Golf Game & Health

THE QATSPY®, as part of our mission, is providing a series of YouTube Golf Training Videos to allow the golfer the means to improve their golf game and fitness. This is based on self-coaching METS- Mechanics, Elements, Techniques, and Sequence Golf self-improvement Format.  

The golfer’s main objective is to make their METS instinctive, instead of using swing thoughts. Swing thoughts are totally useless on the golf course. If your golf swing isn’t instinctive, in other words, the golfer has to think through and about their golf swing sequence, they won’t have their golf swing available to use on the golf course.

There is ONE THING THAT I CAN GUARANTEE THE GOLFER– You may very well use your conscious mind to practice with, going through a series of swing thoughts, but once you step foot onto the golf course, you’re relying totally on your subconscious mind, your instincts. This is the very reason the golfer is confused on how they can have one golf swing during their practice and a totally different golf swing on the golf course.

Here’s another nuance about your golf game that you might not be aware of, but is an important coaching technique to develop. mechanics, muscle memory, when these were formed. Concentrating on these previously formed mechanics can allow the golfer to actually see improvement on the golf course, where it counts. Mechanics are the golfer’s instincts, or muscle memory. What is important to remember about instincts, or muscle memory, are that these are formed before the age of 10. This is the very reason why you have golfer’s like Bobby Jones, Sr., Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods.  Then you have the rest of us.

What separates these golfers from the rest of us is the age that they started forming their mechanics that they were able to develop before the age of 10.

But All is not Lost for the Rest of Us

But all is not lost for the rest of us. In our toolbox of mechanics, we have certain mechanics that we can cross-train and develop in our golf swing, and this coaching process is called Apperception. Apperception is where an athlete can take instinctive skills developed in one sport and can transfer them into another sport, like taking your golf swing from the pitcher’s mound or batter’s box to the tee box. Look at the time-lapse photography below where I compared the golf swing to the baseball swing.

If you’ve ever swung a bat or thrown a baseball before, then you’ve got 80 percent of the instinctive mechanics that you will need to perform what I call The Palmer Preset IQ-Golf Technique APP.


Below is my complete library of YouTube Videos that you can use, in conjunction with my Download of The Palmer Preset IQ-Golf Technique APP, above. These are less than 12-minutes of YouTube Videos with just the basic METS- Mechanics, Elements, Techniques, and Sequence. In a few of these YouTube Videos, I discuss the Golfer’s Missing Link in their golf swing, which is a muscle and tendon in the golfer’s medial side of their forearm.

The missing link is called the Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon. This muscle/tendon is responsible for presetting and syncing your golf swing and gripping the golf club handle. So the function of the Palmaris Longus Tendon should capture the golfer’s attention. The mechanics of Preset/Sync, that is 80 percent of the total golf swing, is called Palmar FlexionDorsiflex. If you’ve thrown a baseball before,  as shown below, you’ve performed this Preset/Sync function.

I refer to the Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon as simply the Palmer Tendon for short and the function of Palmer- Dorsiflex as the Preset/Sync maneuver. What’s nice about the Palmer Tendon is that it is visible in most people, as shown below on my wrist. This is the ridge in the middle of my forearm going down between two of the only muscle that have direct contact with the handle of the golf club, the Thenars (the Thenar and Hypothenar).

Since I noted the missing link in the golfer’s game, (Palmer Tendon), Now let’s look at a series of YouTube Videos on how to preset and use this missing link that takes the golfer from the tee box to the green and putting on the green:

Again, these YouTube Videos are less than 12-minutes in length.

The Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge for the Driver:

I’m in the process of doing this Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge over, since I lost 52-Lbs. The following 8-Iron and other YouTube Videos below are current, after I lost weight.

The RODE Wireless 8-Irom Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge:

The Bunt-Type Pitch Shot

What is nice about this Bunt-Type Chip Shot is that it is the same mechanics used in the driver, fairway metals, and Iron shots as used in this chip-type shot. But you can practice this wherever you practice your putting, but just have a backstop in place:

The reason I focus 90 percent of my focus on this type of training is that it is the hardest golf shot in golf to make, because of the finesse-type shot it requires. This trains your subconscious mind, your instincts. And if you want to create more pressure, just video tape yourself like I have in these YouTube Videos.

The Rap-Type Pitch Shot

All of my YouTube Videos are first takes, and in this YouTube Rap-Type golf shot I had one short pitch shot that got away from me.

The Short Golf Game with the Intermediate and Short Irons

Verifying THE QATSPY Golf Swing Medicus Club

Using a Medicus Golf Club to verify (THE QATSPY) the golf swing performing the Sync, Preset, and Yaw golf swing sequence. THE QATSPY mechanics and techniques develop your confidence and consistency, on and off the golf course. Sponsored by US WINGS.

TICK-N-TOCK Putting Technique

The consistency and confidence on the Green to hole more putts inside 10 feet. Improving your putting inside 10-foot by synchronizing your elbows with your shoulder blades (Scapula) with a TICK-N-TOCK putting technique.

I made the above YouTube Videos while I was losing the weight and inches in my waistline, blow is are YouTube Fitness Videos after I lost 52-Lbs and over 8-inches in my waistline.

THE QATSPY® Golf Swing Coaching: Medicine Ball Exercise For the Golfer

This is a great warm-up exercise for your mind and body before practice or a round of golf. I’m using a simple 6-Lb Medicine Ball to perform diagonal woodchopper (or Stocking the Shelves) exercise to develop the Preset/Sync Palmer Technique.

The entire premise of The Palmer Preset IQ-Golf Technique APP is to preset the wrists, but just as important to sync the elbows into the Lock Position before the golfer loads up by taking the handle of the golf club to the top and dropping the handle of the club back down.

The elbows are just as essential as the wrists. The trail elbow is synced and locked against the side for clubhead speed, while the lead elbow is the guidance system for power and defines the golfer’s swing plane.


If you think fitness doesn’t have any dramatic impact on your health, I would like to draw your attention to the photograph above. This was taken in July of 2020 in my home gym with all the exercise equipment that I use, very simple. I’m 63 years old in this photograph.

CASPER stands for Cardiovascular – Aerobic – Strength – Pilayoga- Exercise- Regimen

The 925-MET DIET PROGRAM stands for eating your meals between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MET= Metabolic Diet Program

CASPER Fitness Program Part No. 1

CASPER Fitness Program Part No. 2

My QATSPY® 925-MET Diet Program

CASPER Sciatic Tubing Relief Therapeutic Exercise

Exercises for Your Back and Sciatic Nerve

CASPER Fitness Proper Sit-Ups

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