QATR-204- Palmer-Flex TECH| Golfer’s Secret Technique (STP)

Palmer-Flex TECH- The Classic Golf Swing

There are two schools of thought concerning the golf swing, ONE that focuses on developing the golfer’s feel (or muscle memory) for the golf swing; and the SECOND school of thought focuses on developing the techniques and mechanics. The distinction and sequence between these two philosophies can’t be more important for the golfer to understand to help develop a consistent golf swing. The golfer can’t have one before the other.

The term Muscle Memory is the ability to reproduce a particular movement, without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement that becomes instinctive.

As the golfer gains confidences and consistency from a well-defined routine, the golfer will gradually rely more and more on their feel as their techniques and mechanics become instinctive. But, if the golfer loses their feel or gets into a slump, they well have to go back to their fundamentals of mechanics and techniques to re-establish their routine.


This goes to what Judy Rankin, at the 2018 Avian Championship mentioned about developing one’s feel and confidence. The golfer has to develop their golf swing techniques and mechanics in order to develop and maintain their feel (or muscle memory).

Judy Rankin and Sir Nick Faldo are some of the best broadcasters and tacticians of the game of golf, in my opinion. They both talk about the importance of golf swing mechanics and technique in order to develop and maintain the golfer’s feel. Feel is the result of the golfer developing and maintaining their golf swing techniques and mechanics as a routine.

I underlined MAINTAIN, because the golfer has to keep their golf swing mechanics and techniques fresh. One reason for this is how the subconscious mind works. The subconscious mind isn’t the golfer’s permanent memory bank; this is the function of the permanent mind, or what sports psychologists call the unconscious mind. The subconscious mind can only maintain sharp skills in the short-term, which is about 2-weeks. This is why golfers, after a long lay-off, describe their game as rusty.

The QATAR-204- Palmer-Flex TECH| Golfer’s Secret Technique allows the golfer to Sync/Preset their wrists that they can perform both on/off the golf course to make the Palmer-Flex TECH instinctive where the golfer doesn’t consciously has to think about their mechanics or techniques. This is a very simple and effective golf technique to produce more consistent golf shots with power and clubhead speed.

Also included in this download are putting tips that will allow the golfer to have a better gauge of their putting stroke to avoid either under/over shooting the cup. The forward press syncs the golfers hands and wrists up with their shoulder to make more consistent putts as described in this download.

For more information on the QATR-204- Palmer-Flex TECH| Golfer’s Secret and Putting Techniques, please download the following Self-Coaching Training Procedure below. This Download allows you to have on an ongoing basis a training procedure that you can refer to build a consistent golf game along with all the other STP Locker Room Training Sessions.