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THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program


Sauerkraut for Your Health and an Anti-Aging Skincare Main Basis of CHAMPS Diet to Eliminate Belly Fat



Using Health, Fitness, Athletics and Sports to Help Addressing PTSD in our Military and First Responders

Operation DOG TAGS- Defender’s Oasis Gym Tactical Athletic Geared Sports is to help address Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Condition)

1ST Peter 5:9 Resist him, stand firm in the faith, knowing that the same kind of sufferings are being experienced by your fellow believers throughout the world. Just know that you aren’t alone in dealing with PTSD!

Use image below to Order Your OPERATION DOG TAGS E-Book Download for $45.00 (Available starting May 28th, 2023, Memorial Day) This is for Athletes dealing with slumps; and especially our Veterans dealing with PTSD’s. This is a three book special.



Established June 2015

A large component of my business is in aviation, health & fitness training, and sportswear  to improve people’s lives where they can enjoy an active lifestyle with confidence even as they age. Your best fashion statement that anyone can make is with their health & fitness. Here’s WHY- You want to be able to replicate how those great clothes LOOK and FEEL that you purchased in stores or online will look and feel at home on you for your business and Leisure wear as they did on models. Like any athlete knows, all too well, there is no substitute for one’s confidence on the field or court, that is directly linked to their health and fitness that impacts one’s performance.


Individuals, Businesses, & Corporations

One of the biggest benefits and assets that we all have is our confidence, self-esteem, relationships, health, fitness, and wellbeing in our professional and personal lives. There is no difference in the way a sports team functions and how a business, or individual functions. Any coach will tell you that a healthier and stronger athlete is a better performing athlete. The same can be said of your team members, family, and yourself, a healthier and stronger person is a higher performing team and individual. An individual’s health and fitness improves their performance, problem solving, confidence, and their satisfaction in their life.

THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program will improve the lives of your team, family, and yourself just by using a simple but very effective diet, health, and fitness that is on- Cardio, Hypertrophy, Aerobic, Metcon (Metabolic), Performance System. The fitness component is based on a simple 25-minute MACS (Metabolic Aerobic-Cardio Strength) Program including basic calisthenics, exercise equipment that includes elastic resistance tubing and Medicine Ball.

THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program is how consuming certain foods with a MPI (Metabolic Pyruvate Index) at or below 3.25 indicates foods that are high in Protein (amino acid), Fiber (soluble), Omega-3 Fats, Probiotic, and Complex Carbohydrates with Aerobic-Cardio with Strength exercises. The CHAMPS Health & Fitness improves muscle mass while burning fat for energy. One thing you don’t want to do with any diet is to achieve your weight goal at the expense of reducing your muscle mass at the same time. These type diets are called calorie deficit diets. It is essential that you include an exercise routine that includes strength training. Strength Training is the best age-defying therapy that anyone can use to look and feel healthier.


THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program turns your body into a Turbocharged-Calorie-Burning-Juggernaut that allows you to drop excess fat and increase your muscle mass with a Full Body Exercise. While the diet improves your over-all health, It also improves the health and appearance of your skin and your vital numbers. Fitness provides you with a great age-defying toned effect, combine that with a diet that is high in Protein, Fiber, and Probiotic to slow and even reverse the effects of aging. In the photograph below taken in our hangar, I’m 66 years old. This photograph was taken on July 14th, 2023 after a photoshoot we did for our Sporty’s Wright Bros. Cockpit Collection.

THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program since November of 2014.      

Both the health and fitness components of THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program can be done anywhere and anytime to fit your teams’, family, and your schedule to allow them and you to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I did my during fuel stops in hangars to relieve the issues of sitting for long periods of time in the cockpit that causes sciatic issues.

As any athlete will state, nothing replaces their self-esteem, health, fitness, wellbeing, and confidence as person. Once there is an emphasis placed on the health, fitness, and wellbeing of others, your team’s, family, and your own health and wellbeing others and yours out look on life will be one of confidence and self-esteem. This allows businesses to retain and recruit and have a positive impact on individuals’ wellbeing and self-satisfying performance.

Remember the Components of Success in any adventure of life has to be based on (1) Understanding the process, (2) What are the benefits of efforts, (3) A Process being replicated over-and-over, (4) Convenient for those in the process to use, and most important (5) Realizing Results and what success will look like once you have achieved your objective.

After I Retired in June of 2015:

After I retired at age 57 from Entergy Corp. after 33- years, I started a sportswear and performance training business for individuals and corporations to use to improve the health and fitness of their people at work or in their personal lives during their leisure time. Part of my activities in my business is modeling our Sporty’s Wright Bros. Cockpit Collection and doing training videos, so health fitness are essential to me in my line of work. The only way this is possible over the age 65 is following THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program that has allowed me to model my sportswear even over the age 65. So how effective is THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program? Just refer to the AB Challenge below shot on July 14th, 2023!

Here is how effective THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program is- I was able to do an AB Challenge after a photoshoot that we did for our Sporty’s Wright Bros. COCKPIT Collection in our hangar on July 14th, 2023, below. Again, I’m over the age of 65!

If your diet & fitness provides you with this type of age-defying results, like I have achieved over the age of 65, you need to stick with that diet & fitness program. If NOT, YOU NEED TO consider THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program System. SELECT the AB CHALLENGE, below, TO PURCHASE THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program , BELOW. AGAIN I’M over 65 Years Old! I’m available to attend training sessions for groups of 10 or more, just use the CONTACT in the toolbar to contact me.

An article that provides a summary to the benefits of THE CASIMIR DIET Health & FITNESS System:

How to Avoid the Consequences of Aging

A key component of THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program is that it has allowed me to drop 52- Lbs. and 8.75- inches off my waistline within 6-months to have a waistline NOW of 28.50- inches. This THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program will allow you to make heads & tails out of the standard nutrition labels to achieve your health & fitness by using just nine (9) data points. This allowed me the ability to determine and select foods that I could eat between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. that turned my body into a Turbocharged-Calorie-Burning-Juggernaut. AS SHOWN ABOVE!

With this THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program, you can burn calories while you’re sleeping. The objective is to use THE MPI to determine menu items that are at or below a Metabolic Pyruvate Index (MPI) of 3.25. Foods with a MPI at or below 3.25 all considered perfect foods like Pinto Beans, Sweet Potatoes, and Strawberries are.

I let you be the judge if you think THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program works according to my AB Challenge photograph, above, in our hangar nine (9) years after I started this DIET &  FITNESS Program. Below is the nine (9) data points that I use when purchasing food at the grocery store or from off menus at my favorite restaurants. YES, you can take this on the road and still maintain your health & fitness. NO FOOD TO MAIL ORDER HERE! AND ENJOY DINNER WITH FRIENDS!

You can still shop at your favorite grocery store and enjoy meals with your friends at those great restaurants and still maintain your health and fitness just by knowing WHAT and WHEN you can eat. That is what you call POWER & FREEDOM OF CHOICE that we all want in our lives. THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program allows you to eat foods high in Protein, Fiber, Omega-3 Fats, Probiotic, and that also contain Complex Carbs and Pyruvate. The right type of carbohydrates are essential to heart health. Any diet that focuses on treating all carbs the same reduces your intake of healthy complex carbs that are essential for your HEART HEALTH. Reducing your intake of Complex Carbs puts your heart health at risk.


After we did our photoshoot for our SPORTY’S WRIGHT BROS. COCKPIT GEAR COLLECTION on July 14th, 2023, the ground crew challenged me to an AB Challenge where I’m shown, above, on my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 in our hangar over the age 65. THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program that is based on DIET of (WHAT & WHEN I ate) and Full Body EXERCISE (Aerobic-Cardio Strength Training) and LIFESTYLE PERFORMANCE even  under the scrutiny of the camera lens. Nothing provides you more scrutiny than being in front of a camera lens. DO NOT OVERLOOK STRENGTH TRAINING THAT IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR HEALTH and an AGE-DEFYING Component! You need to treat your EXERCISE & STRENGTH TRAINING as a SPORT, like the sport of golf turning in low numbers.

On August 30th, 2023, I just had my Annual Physical where my weight was 149 Lbs., Blood Pressure 115/61, Blood Glucose was 92, Total Cholesterol was 158. My doctor told me that I was in great shape for a guy in his mid-30’s.

I realize that Aerobic-Cardio training gets the lion shear of attention, BUT we need to include strength or weight training program that is essential for overall health and fitness, as well! If you are like me, I train alone in my home OASIS-MOJAVE Gym, for safety purposes I use various strength rated elastic resistance tubing in my strength training. If for some reason I have a strain or cramp, I’m not holding 50- Lb. Plus dumbbells that I might have to drop. I still use dumbbells, but I’m selective on how I use them, I DO NOT use them above my shoulders or behind my head.


After we did our photoshoot for our SPORTY’S WRIGHT BROS. COCKPIT COLLECTION on July 14th, 2023, the ground crew challenged me to an AB Challenge where I’m shown, above, on my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 in our hangar over the age of 65. THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program that is based on DIET of (WHAT & WHEN I ate) and Full Body EXERCISE (Aerobic-Cardio Strength Training) and LIFESTYLE PERFORMANCE even  under the scrutiny of the camera lens. Nothing provides you more scrutiny than being in front of a camera lens. DO NOT OVERLOOK STRENGTH TRAINING THAT IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR HEALTH! You need to treat your EXERCISE & STRENGTH TRAINING as a SPORT, like any other sport.




THE QATSPY® stands for  Quapaw (Quapaw was my Boy Scout Council in Little Rock, Arkansas) Athletic Training Sportswear & Performance, Yukan Outfitter Company is a company that I established in June of 2015. Sporty’s Wright Bros. is a company that I represent.

My grandfather, Hemingway Quinn Boatright, was always impeccable dressed usually with khakis chinos and button-down Oxfords shirts (see photograph below at Yellowstone National Park in 1927), below. My main focus was to provide that classic conservative look that included sportswear for both business and leisure wear. I also included performance component, after I got into shape, allowed me to come from in from behind the camera to posing in front of the camera at age 65.

I wanted to show the advantage, charisma, and persona of our classic look that includes a fitted look of my L.L. Beans® logo button-down Oxford shirt that a person could specify a variety of neck sizes and sleeve lengths with THE QATSPY logo. Our khaki chinos pants even have inseams of 28- inches.


I accomplished something extraordinary that I had to document in a book for others to improve their health and fitness in the convenience of their own home and on their own schedule. I started this diet & fitness on November 28th, 2014, At age 57. I dropped 52- lbs., 8.75 inches off my waistline, and dropped 30- years off the appearance of the age of my skin in just six (6) months. This is a simple diet and fitness program based on WHAT and WHEN I ate. Eighty percent (80%) of your ability to drop weight, inches, and years off your skin will be due to your diet. I proved that the best fashion statement that you can make is with your health & fitness regardless of your age.

The biggest adjustment that you will have to make will be NOT eating past 6 p.m. Eating past 6 p.m. interferes with your body’s natural ability to repair and rejuvenate itself and more important to repair and rejuvenate your skin at night along with fitness exercises. THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program will be your best SPA treatment that you ever had experienced with lasting effects and results at home or office that is also inexpensive to that of what SPA charges.  




This diet and fitness program that I developed has allowed me, over the age 65, to actually model with young ladies that work with our sports company, shown below, in their early 20’s. The photograph on the left, below, was taken on August 13, 2022 for the 82nd Anniversary of the first U.S. Army Airborne Jump on August 16, 1940 at Fort Benning Georgia, where I trained. The photograph on the right was taken at Davis Wade Football Stadium when the Mississippi State Baseball Team received their NCAA College Baseball World Series Rings that we were covering.


Getting into shape with this type of  confidence has allowed me to be able to step from behind the camera of taking the photos to posing in front of the camera lens. The camera lens, as many of you might be aware of, provides one of the most critical critiques of your health and fitness regardless of your age.



I was able to get into shape even at age 57 that I had in my mid-30’s, that also included the condition of my skin that I had in my mid-30’s. With CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program, I exceeded my expectations that I’m still able to model my sportswear even 9- years later at age 65.

The two photographs below on the left were taken in May of 2015, after completing my last aerial patrol before retiring in June of 2015. The photograph on the right was taken on May 12, 2022 just before the release of the TOP GUN: Maverick Movie on May 27, 2022.

Due to the love and appreciation I have for sports, I wrote three (3) books that are also on KINDLE under my name, Charles W. Boatright, and in my online store covering our health, fitness, and coaching fitness techniques I use in coaching the sport of golf. These e-books include my training videos on golf and fitness. These books below are in my online store:

THE CHAMPS Health & Fitness Program

This captures the Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle and Health Metabolic Index Rate that I used to lose 52 LBS and 9.50 inches in my waistline in less than 9 months. I lost 4.0- inches in just one month from November 28, 2014 to December 31, 2014, right during the holiday season.


THE PALMER-USHER GOLF TECH & FITNESS COACH Lower golf/Health scores defying the aging process-E Book

Learn how to take your golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box to hit more Fairways & Greens in regulation and to enjoy the sport of golf the way it should be played. You might very well practice golf using your conscious mind on the range or in the backyard; but once you step one foot onto the golf course your subconscious mind will take over, GUARANTEE! Your golf swing has to be instinctive to take it to the golf course!


The Sports Bible The Yellowstone Papers Coach’s Guide to Sports Performance

My grandfather while vacationing in Yellowstone National Park in 1927 finished the sportsmen guide to Sports Psychology to allow the athlete to perform in the ZONE!

Below is my actual Waistline Chart showing the inches that I dropped and the Nutrition Label that I use nine (9) data points to find the Metabolic Index Rate (MIR) for food items I can purchase from my local grocery store or restaurants. As important as WHEN to eat, knowing WHAT items you can eat at or below a 3.25 factor is key. THE CODE allowed me to now maintain a 29.0- inch waistline.  

OPERATION DOG TAG for our Military:


The other reason that I stress Health, Fitness, and being active in sports is that sports provides ways and methods to deal with both declining cognitive ability for those approaching their 50’s and especially those dealing with the effects of PTSD, especially for our military and first responders. I created OPERATION DOG TAGS for these groups to use golf and fitness as a means to get individuals together to understand that they aren’t alone and to discuss their issues with others that are dealing with the same issues. Even the AARP realizes the benefit of diet, fitness, and keeping active.


1st Peter 5:9 firm in your Faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world.


Below is my article that I wrote detailing the story behind INDIANA JONES and MAVERICK apparel to how the classic and conservative khaki chinos pants got their name and how the iconic leather jacket was chosen as the trademark both INDIANA JONES’ and TOP GUN Movie series.

One piece of trivia information you might not have known about INDIANA JONES Character- Harrison Ford wasn’t the first choice by George Lucas and Philip Kaufman, that would had been Tom Selleck, but CBS would not let Tom go to do the movie due to Magnum P.I. role. Another actor considered for Indiana Jones was Sam Elliot

The Story of Indiana Jones is captured in the Sporty’s Wright Bros. Cockpit Collection 



Of Go Anywhere- Do Anything- At Anytime Apparel

Check out our other apparel items that THE QATSPY® has for that tailored fit and look for business or casual wear. Select the image below for a full inventory of THE QATSPY® ONLINE items


We also can take your company or organization logo and make patches, provide military insignia, and what has become real popular Motorcycle back panel Rocker Patches (Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle Patches). I have a INDIAN HEAD Rocker Patch on my A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that attracts a tremendous of attention




My grandfather was an proficient athlete that stayed in shape and enjoy sports as a spectator and as a participant. He was my first baseball and golf coach. Learn to take your golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box, fairway, and green with a similar wrist action that you developed playing baseball or softball with the same confidence you had standing the batter’s box.

Below, I made a Video for a local Television Station demonstrating the Orange Bucket Challenge where I hit 295-yard tee shots with my driver using my Palmer Cam-Over Golf Technique where I placed 4 golf balls within 15- foot of the orange bucket on the first take. Select the video below to view my video.

I would like to introduce myself and my golf swing, I’m Charles W. Boatright- I developed the golf swing of the future from OUR past- Preset the wrist action in your golf swing developed from the batter’s box. Hit more fairways and greens with confidence from a swing that was as natural as swinging a baseball bat. PLEASE SELECT TO DOWNLOAD THE KASPER GOLF & FITNESS COACH.



THE QATSPY® stands for Quapaw Athletic Tiger & Sportswear Performance Yukan Outfitter. Yukan is a Japanese word for Strong. Vigorous. Spirited. Decisive and Exuberant. These are the advantages following a healthy Diet & age-defying Lifestyle can provide. The term Quapaw was my Boy Scout Council and name of the Quapaw Indians located in original people of Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Quapaw also means Akansa or Arkansas where I grew up and attended high school.

Learn how to take your Baseball Swing from the batter's Box to the Tee Box!

The same motor skills that are instinctive and were developed playing baseball can be used to build a consistent golf swing without the confusing thought process that some golfer’s experience in their golf game. This is like putting your golf game on AUTOPILOT and just enjoying  this wonderful game we call GOLF!

The KASPER GOLF & FITNESS CoachYouTube Video Orange Bucket Challenge

YOUR BETTER GOLF SWING IS YOUR BASEBALL SWING: One of the best means to improve your golf swing is to analyze the golf swing from an objective point of view. H. James Harrington made an important quote to this fact:

Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.

One of the best means to perform a golf swing analysis is to capture the golf swing in slow motion, with either time-lapse photography or video. With the availability of I-phones and golf apps, this can be readily performed, with the assistance of a friend on the course.

I was able to analyze hours of golf swing videos of myself and professional golfers to develop a very simple golf swing. I used my background in procedure writing for energized transmission hi-line work to develop the perfect golf swing fundamentals in The ESPY Golf Swing Coach.

I even found that energized transmission hi-line work can be simplified with proper mechanics, according to a sequence. The same approach can be applied to the golf swing as well. The golf swing mechanics and proper sequence can be applied to your golf swing to maximize distance and control.

One of the most historical golf swing analysis performed was when Mr. Arnold Palmer and President Eisenhower teamed up to play in the 1964 benefit for the American Heart Association in Merion, Pennsylvania. Mr. Palmer noticed on the practice range that the President’s right elbow was flaring outward in the backswing. After Mr. Palmer brought this to the President’s attention, President Eisenhower did such a great job of keeping his elbow next to his right side that he wore a blister on his elbow.

What Mr. Palmer was trying to get President Eisenhower to do was to Synch his right elbow with his shoulders. Synching the elbow with the shoulders was the main priority that I focused on while working on The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, in Madison, MS.

About the Book

This book, The ESPY GOLF Swing Coach, was written to allow golfers to use mental images to develop muscle memory, instead of swing thoughts. Muscle memory produces a confident golf shot, even under competition. This book is ideal for the beginner golfer as well as the lower handicap golfer. Most golfers seek to get better by making their golf swing consistent and as simple as possible to produce distance and control.

The ESPY technique is like riding a bicycle: once you learn, you don’t forget.

The ESPY Golf Swing Coach

The ESPY golf swing is based on fundamental sprocket mechanics, set up by the Synch, Protract, and Yaw elements. With the ESPY, the golfer uses the elbows and shoulders as gears to produce power and speed according to sprocket mechanics 101. By learning what these mechanics are and how they create power, speed, and control, you’ll be able to:

  • Control backspin, loft, and trajectory;
  • Eliminate the negative effects of downtime and nerves;
  • Overcome common obstacles to develop a consistent golf swing.

Most golfers have played baseball during their youth, The ESPY Golf Swing Coach allows the golfer to take the baseball swing from the batter’s box and apply it to the tee box. Why not take advantage of a swing that you are comfortable with and apply it to your golf swing. I HAVE, and you CAN. Gear up your golf game with The ESPY Golf Swing Coach.