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Reducing Lower Back Issues In Ordinary Activities



Most back injuries and pain are usually thought to be tied to bending and lifting heavy objects or torque placed on the back. While this can occur, most lower back issues are connected to ordinary activities that are not strenuous. Most lower back issues can be traced back to ordinary and routine activities that we perform each day, out of habit. Most lower back issues are due to an accumulative effect, like going out to pick up the newspaper without bending properly at the hips and knees.



The way to bend properly is to perform a One-Step-Forward Technique before bending at the hips and knee. By using the One-Step-Forward Technique, the person bends at the hips, instead of the waist. The other method is the golfer technique where the person extends one leg backwards, while retrieving an object. They are essentially pivoting at the hip. Both of these bending techniques are shown below:


These are two bending techniques that can be used to remove stress off the lower back. One step forward is generally used with lifting weight, while leg backward extension is used for picking up light objects.

These are two bending techniques that can be used to remove stress off the lower back. One step forward is generally used with lifting weight, while leg backward extension is used for picking up light objects.



Every golfer understand the benefits of a healthy back and maintaining disc health to reduce lower back issues. Bending at the waist causes pressure to build up in the disc that can cause the disc to bulge and/or herniate, as noted below. The disc is thinnest in the back than the front of the disc.


Disc and lower back issues that can cause pain and debilitating issues


Bending from a Seated Position to Reduce Lower Back Issues



Bending from a standing position is only one condition that can cause lower back issues. Another lower back issue where we are at a disadvantage is in the morning while getting ready for the day; the muscles are generally tight and stiff and this can cause additional pressure in the disc. Most of us don’t perform a yoga exercise before we get dressed for the day. Bending over in a seated position to put on socks and tie shoes is just as strenuous on the lower back as weight- lifting.


Source of image is Pixabay

Source of image is Pixabay


Chairs that are used just for putting on socks and tying shoes should be checked for the proper height. The proper height should be a height between 3 to 4 fingers width below the break line on the back of your knee, noted below. The chair should be adjusted to this height range. If it is a wooden chair, the legs could be cut off to the desired height. Usually this is between one-half inch to one-inch.



You will find that adjusting the chair seat’s height will reduce lower back issues, along with proper bending techniques, noted above. I adjusted the height of my seat and found a significant improvement in my back health. The last thing you want to experience, especially being a golfer, is lower back issues.


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