QATR-407- Find Your Golf Swing/Fall in Love Again (STP)

Inside-the-leather Classic Golf Swing Mechanics and simple golf swing tips for Self-coaching Techniques and Procedures (STP).

You Can Actually Find Your Golf Swing Sequence and Fall in Love with Golf Again

You don’t have to be estranged from your golf swing any longer, but you can actually fall back in love with golf again. You don’t have to lose that loving feeling that you once had for your golf game. You can use three simple golf swing fundamentals to not only have more power and clubhead speed, but more control in order to fall back in love with golf to make it fun again on a more consistent basis.

What is power or clubhead speed without control? It is easier than you might think to develop control. You just have to use a simple APP. APP is for Apperception, where a golfer can use a prior skill from one sport, like baseball or softball, and carry these same skills from the batter’s box to the tee box with the same degree of confidence.

I attended a Kinesiology course at Tulane University, where for my final project I compared the golf swing fundamentals to that of a baseball-type swing. A time-lapse photo, shown below in Figure No. 1, shows the similarities that I found in what I called my Xerox Box Project:

Your golf swing doesn’t have to be a mystery wrapped in an enigma for you, on and off the golf course. It’s all about Sync/Presetting your wrists. Some of the best PGA golfers, like Sir Nick Faldo, David Duval, Ken Duke, and Marco Dawson use the Preset Technique. My grandfather, Qatspy Boatright, taught me the same Sync/Preset Technique at age 12. All four of these golfers that I mentioned have either been interviewed on Golf Channel, such is the case with David Duval, Ken Duke, and Marco Dawson; or have produced a YouTube video, like in the case of Nick Faldo, below in Figure No. 2.

Please select on Sir Nick Faldo picture below to view his YouTube Video:

What was unique about David Duval’s interview on Golf Channel in January of 2015, was that Charlie Rymer, a fellow Georgia TECH Grad, interviewed David. Charlie Rymer was so impressed with David’s Preset Technique that Charlie referred to it as That Wrist Thing.

The YouTube video by Nick Faldo above illustrates perfectly WHAT to do, but not the more important HOW. Here are three simple elements in The ESPY Golf Swing that have checkpoints that will help you fall back in love with your golf swing:

The Following Download includes the 3- Simple Ergonomic elements are the Sync, Preset, and Yaw.

As an illustration of The ESPY Golf Swing, I have included my YouTube Video of me demonstrating the Bunt-Type Chip/Pitch Shot in my training facility.

Also as an additional YouTube Video, I have included my CASPER Fitness Video demonstrating 10 of my 12 specialized golf exercises that will help with flexibility, strengthen, and stamina not for golf, but to improve your health/fitness in life.

Where’s the main question: Why work for 25 odd years doing the things you have to do; then retire and not be able to do the things you want to do, like play golf and enjoy your friends and family.

To purchase your 20 page Download of QATR-407- Find Your Golf Swing/Fall in Love Again that includes the above YouTube Videos and a detail procedure of The ESPY Golf Swing Self-Training Procedure with detail illustrations, diagrams, and step-by-step techniques, please select on the Download image below: