925-MET Diet Weight Factor- How to Enjoy Food & Lose Weight

How to Use both the 925-MET Diet Weight Factor to Enjoy Food and Lose the Weight

There are certain seasonal and especially holiday foods that I enjoy eating, and one of my seasonal foods during the summer months that I enjoy is Potato Salad. The particular Potato Salad that I enjoy with my steak and Pinto Beans has a Weight Factor of 4.667. This is above the 3.20 Weight Factor that I use for 90 percent of my meals.

The Weight Factor (WF) Threshold associated with The 925-MET Diet Program is 3.20. I originally used the Weight Factor only to determine foods that I could either eat or not eat. But recently, I did an experiment to see if I could use the Weight Factor Threshold for foods that I could eat over the WF, like potato salad, that I enjoy and still maintain my weight at 145 lbs.

What I found out was another means to use the Weight Factor Threshold that is a major component of my 925-MET Diet. The 925-MET Diet that turned my body into a calorie-burning juggernaut, just by keeping 90 percent of my food items at or below the 3.20 number and eating my meals between 9am to 5pm.

In the photograph above, I’m 61 years old.

What I achieved on the 925-MET Diet Program was extraordinary results by losing 9.0 inches in my waist and 40 pounds overall, within a period of 9-months. I started the 925-MET Diet in November of 2014, right in the middle of the holidays. I didn’t stop at losing 40 pounds, I lost an additional 1- inch my waist and another 12 pounds over the next 3-years. I have managed to keep this weight off for 5- years.

The Experiment Using the Weight Factor Threshold

The experiment that I conducted with the Weight Factor Threshold (WF) was to use the WF, not just to determine what I could and could not eat, but to adjust the serving sizes of foods that I could eat and still maintain my healthy weight.

This is how the experiment worked that I did last month- I used the Nutrition Label, shown below, for the potato salad that I purchased from SAM’S Wholesale Club (Walmart) and calculated my WF of 4.667.

Take my word for it- This is some of the best Potato Salad that compares with what you can make at home. It’s worth calculating the Weight Factor for.

I did a proration of the difference between the WF of 4.667 for the Potato Salad and the Threshold WF of 3.20 for my 925-MET Diet Program, which is 0.686. This number represents the amount I need to adjust the Serving Size posted on the Nutrition Label of 2/3rd cup (5.33 oz.) of Potato Salad.

The correction serving size factor is 3.20/4.667 = 0.686 or 68.60 (%) percent that I needed to reduce the Serving size to, or 5.33 x 0.686 = 3.66 oz., or just below a half of a cup.

You see two factors that are culprits in the Potato Salad listed above that are contributing factors to weight gain in people 1) the amount of Calories, and 2) 11 grams of sugar, which 9 grams are added sugar. Starch and sugars are the main drivers to weight gain.

Sugar contributes to certain cancers, obesity, and Diabetes.

The 925-MET Diet is not about what you can’t eat, but more about how much of certain foods you can eat. The main emphases of the 925-MET Diet Program are:

  • Eating your meals based on your Circadian Rhythms (9am – 5pm).
  • Eating 90 % of your meals below a WF Threshold of 3.20.
  • Eating 10% of your meals with one item above the 3.20, but below the 5.75 WF Threshold.
  • Of the foods that are above 3.20 WF Threshold that will consist of 90% of your meals, use the WF Threshold to adjust the serving size listed on the Nutrition Label.

If you follow the 925-MET Diet Program, you will see weight loss and become healthier as the results of the 925-MET Diet Program. The PROOF– I take my Blood Pressure each night at the same time. Before I developed the 925-MET Diet Program, my Blood Pressure typically ran 140/95. Since I’ve been on the 925-MET Diet Program, my Blood Pressure typically runs 116 to 119 over 69, with pulse of 64, see blow:

The real success of a diet isn’t just losing the weight, but keeping the weight off. I’m well into my 5th year!

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