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Neurological Hardwired Performance– Importance of Hard wiring Your Muscle Memory to Improve Your Strength, Conditioning, and Performance

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By: Charles W. Boatright

When doing some research for my Joshua 1410 Fitness & Conditioning CASE Fitness article, I came across an article from the Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland Clinic is one of the foremost authorities on medical and for health and fitness subjects. I have used their research in many of my articles as supporting data to help improve my own fitness and fitness of my students and readers.

Concerning the topic of strength training, the Cleveland Clinic had an important and interesting article entitled- How can You Avoid Muscle Loss as You Age. We don’t have to tolerate or be subjected to the ravages of aging process concerning our muscle loss, health, or even the condition of our skin.

In the featured image above, I’m in our hangar doing a photo shoot promoting our line of leather flight jackets at the age of 64, soon to be 65. One of the biggest factors in having a strength and conditioning program is the age-defying health and condition component it provides for the healthy appearance of our skin working out on a regularly basis. I workout 5-to-6 times per week.

Important of Combining Diet with Exercises and Active Lifestyle

As the Cleveland Clinic article points out, along with our exercises that includes strength training, we must also have a diet rich in protein, fiber, and omega-3‘s with health Carbohydrates-type foods (The DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System). This provides nourishment not only to our muscles; but our skin, as well. The earlier you can start a Diet, Exercise, program and have an active Lifestyle, including sports, the earlier you can start to build muscles, this allows you to jump start and reverse the aging process of your skin and muscle loss.

The other issue people have, as they age, is maintaining a fitness program that includes strength training. People in their 40’s figure since they don’t participate in sports at a high level they don’t need strength training to maintain the strength that they have previously established. Unfortunately, maintaining your muscle strength and mass isn’t possible without a weight, or strength, training. As the Cleveland Clinic article alluded to, when we don’t maintain a strength program as we age, we start losing muscle due to how our brains are wired to our muscles, of if you don’t use IT or Lose IT.

Without strength training, our brains start sending signals to decrease the muscle fiber strength that is no longer needed for daily activity. If strength training isn’t continued, we naturally start losing muscle mass by our 30’s and continue losing up to 30 percent over our lifetime. This isn’t the course of action you want for your long-term health needs. Along with Cardio-Aerobic training, we need to include Strength training in our weekly workouts. And don’t think it is too late to start if you haven’t been doing weights.

NOTE: You don’t have to do heavy weights to maintain and build your muscle strength. I don’t even have a set of dumbbells that I workout with over 45 Lbs. And most of my weight training is with elastic tubing, what I call Tubing Training.

People that workout, especially at my age, usually focus more on their cardio health due to heart related diseases, but they neglect their strength training. But a strength program is important for our stamina and endurance that is just as much about your heart health as Cardio or Aerobic exercises are.

As the Title of this Article ‘Hardwired Performance’ suggest

Referring back to Cleveland Clinic article, strength training is about maintaining neurological signals sent from the brain to the muscles, athletes of all ages can use strength training to develop muscle memory and strength for their sport performance. Remember all aspects of our life should be considered a sport.

Consider hard wiring like developing muscle memory like learning to drive a vehicle. The more you drive a vehicle the more familiar you become with driving with less conscious effort and awareness that is needed. You essentially are on autopilot. This autopilot approach to performance has enormous benefits for golfers, as well. Look at the Orange Bucket Challenge Introduction and Walk-Through that I did for these training videos, below.

THE Orange Bucket Challenge Link INTRO

The Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through

The more strength and dexterity you build in your muscles under stress conditions, the more instinctive control you will have over your muscles under actual conditions in various sports. It is like an athlete that develops a skill set for one sport that they can use to pick up another sport in a relatively short period of time. Like a baseball player going from the batter’s box to the tee box. They call this Apperception, as I explained in my two videos above.

I want to maintain muscle memory with two critical muscles in my golf swing: Sync and Preset. Sync is where I use the Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon to hinge; and Preset is where I use the Brachio-Radialis Muscle/Tendon to Pronate my wrists into the Cock & Lock Position. I mention this, because baseball players can gain power and bat speed using this Brachs-Palmer Technique.


My Performance Sports Training and Photography Business

I started a performance sports training and photography business after I retired in June of 2015, at age 57. Fitness and training are essential not just for my performance sports training business; but working on my farm and in my photography business that I have. I find myself more in front of the camera more than I do behind the camera, as noted below with my Arkansas Baseball Jersey and my A-2 Leather Flight Jacket. Without a doubt being in front of the camera is more challenging than being behind the camera. But continued success is all about embracing challenges in life.

I did the photo shoot to show how our U.S. Military Issue A-2 Leather Flight Jackets are great for the weekend outing like at a college baseball or football game tailgate with friends. I even use my A-2 Leather Flight Jacket as my sports jacket for business wear.

The camera lens scrutinizes your health and fitness from every angle more than any other situation that you find yourself in. It is the most unsympathetic assessment of your health and fitness that you will ever have. But that is the key to your maintaining your health and fitness. The tone of your skin and muscles are essential even if you aren’t modeling, it is the best indicator of your health and fitness that people see first and foremost.

If you want to create an incentive to get into shape and lose weight, then have a friend take your photograph under some proper lighting if all possible. Also make sure you empty your pockets and stand erect, because it makes for a cleaner photograph; and take multiple photos of various poses and stances.

Your Maximum Incentive to get into Shape

Now, if you want the maximum incentive to get into shape, do an AB Challenge. On January 18th, 2022, we had a photo shoot schedule featuring our newest line of sportswear in our Quapaw Athletic & Tactical Sports Performance Yarak Outfitter Collection. The forecast called for an unusually warm day in January in the upper 60’s with intermediate cloud cover and low humidity. These are perfect conditions for a photo shoot, especially with the low humidity.

This is a P-40 Warhawk and Bell UH-1 (Huey) Helicopter where I was challenged to an AB Challenge at age 64 in our hangar. I’m on my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 Motorcycle that I enjoy riding in place of flying that I did for 33- years before I retired at age 57.

After our photo shoot of the Quapaw Athletic & Tactical Sports Performance Yarak Outfitter Collection in our hangar, the camera crew challenged me to an AB Challenge at age 64. They couldn’t believe that I made it through the holidays without gaining weight. So I took my Arkansas Baseball Jersey and T-shirt off for the AB Challenge, see the photograph above of before and after. I offer this as evidence backing up why strength training that is not only beneficial, but essential to an age-defying health and fitness lifestyle.

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