QATSPY Health & Sports Hangar

THE QATSPY Health, Fitness, & Athletic Sports Training Hangar has resources to maintain an individual’s overall wellness for an active lifestyle that is age-defying. THE QATSPY Hangar includes: The DELPHI Age-Defying DIET & FITNESS System, The CASPER Workout Program, and The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH.

This is especially for the student and professional that wants to achieve a healthy and productive lifestyle. You are your best asset in your success. Lifestyle includes keeping active; and golf is an ageless sport that can open more opportunities than any other professional skill.

If you obtain a single-digit handicap or scratch golfer, believe me everyone would want you on their team. The sport of Golf is better than having a prizefighter in your corner.

A STRONG immune system is ONE that is based on a STRONG Muscular System. A major part of our health and wellness is dependent on STRONG core muscles.

If DELPHI-Age-Defying DIET & FITNESS came in a pill form, the drug stores couldn’t even keep it in stock.

I’m available for Corporate meetings and outings to help incorporate health, fitness, and the Sportsmanship of golf into your workforce. Please visit our line of apparel for promoting your business’ or organization’s brand. We can place your logo onto our line of apparel.

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