07- Golf Swing Preset Wrist Action


Elevate Your Golf Game by Taking Your Golf Swing from the Batter’s Box to the Tee Box. The QAPS-201 Golf Swing Wrist Action Preset identifies the missing links in the golfer’s game to achieve consistency and to control distance with every club in the golfer’s bag. Learn how to preset 80% of your golf swing using your wrists for consistency you are lacking in your golf game.

Using two instinctive wrist maneuvers we have performed since childhood to establish the entire golf  swing for more power, cludhead speed, and consistency from tee-to-green.

Download TODAY a 25- page step-by-step Online course lesson with videos like shown below.

This also includes how to read greens and putting techniques to hole more putts.

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Elevate Your Golf Game by Taking Your Golf Swing from the Batter’s Box to the Tee Box with the same confidence and consistency that you felt in the batter’s box.

Have you, the golfer, ever felt that your baseball swing is more fluid and easier to perform consistently than making your golf shot? If YES, The QAPS-201 Golf Swing Preset Wrist Action in the golf swing.

The term APP stands for Apperception, where an athlete can take motor skills from one sport, like baseball/softball, and build a more consistent golf swing with power, clubhead speed, and control for distance with every club in the golfer’s bag.


I don’t know of too many baseball players standing in the batter’s box having the same issues, concerns, and difficulties that golfers do standing on the tee box. The batter taking batting practice is working mainly on their contact and timing, not on their baseball swing.

Procedure: QAPS-201 Golf Swing Preset Wrist Action

Benefits: There have been several interviews with professional golfers that referenced the preset wrist technique. One interview was with Ken Duke by Lisa Cornwell and the other was with David Duval by Charlie Rymer. These interviews were aired on Golf Channel. Charlie Rymer was so impressed with the David Dual wrist action preset that Charlie Rymer referred to it as That Wrist Thing. That Wrist Thing that Charlie Rymer referred to as the David Dual wrist action preset can allow the golfer to establish 80 percent of their entire golf swing with two simple instinctive maneuvers. This wrist action preset puts the golf swing on the correct swing plane.

Being on the correct swing plane also allows the golfer to produce power, clubhead speed, and develop control over their golf shots from tee-to-green. This wrist action preset also triggers the golfer’s natural instincts that are motor skills developed during early childhood development. These are situated in the golfer’s subconscious mind.

At the end of these procedure are the 10 Rules of the Subconscious Mind that allows the golfer, or athlete, to apply Sports Psychology to improve their performance in the zone.

Objective: One of the key advantages of using simple, repetitive, and natural instinctive wrist action techniques is that it allows the golfer to get into their routine quicker. A simple technique triggers a subconscious response where the golf swing becomes a natural response without having to think. A subconscious routine is critical for maintaining confidence on the golf course. This procedure will allow the golfer to use two intuitive wrist maneuvers to develop consistency to achieve distance and control from tee-to-green. Consistency allows the golfer to improve their score, lower their handicap, and frustration level.

Scope: The QAPS-201 Golf Swing Preset Wrist Action takes advantage of a key sports psychology technique called kinetic chain. Kinetic chain engages the smaller and quicker muscles in the wrists and forearms to naturally trigger the larger and stronger muscles for a seamless and effortless athletic performance.

In golf this is hitting the target area on a consistent basis. The target area is area in feet by taking 10 percent of the yardage. This goes to the theory of aim small, miss small. (e.g., The target area for a 150 yard golf shot will be 15- feet).

Purpose: The smaller and quicker (low threshold) muscle, are considered leaders. Presetting the wrists initiates Neural-messages from the subconscious mind that engages the larger and stronger (high threshold) muscles. Activating the smaller muscles improves the athletic performance. Activating the low threshold muscles allows the athlete to avoid possible injuries. For the golfer, this means avoiding back, shoulders, and other injuries that impedes the athlete’s mental and physical performance. But the biggest benefit of the wrist action preset is that it triggers the entire golf swing sequence (kinetic chain) with a natural golf swing that is consistent.


This Self-Coaching Procedure contains illustrations and four of my YouTube Training to help the golfer have online assistance. I have attached two (2) of my YouTube Videos below for demonstration purposes:


THE Orange Bucket Challenge performing the 405-Golf Drill. The drill objective is getting 4-out-of-5 golf shots within 15-foot or less radius of the Home Depot Orange Bucket, as demonstrated below:


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Personal NOTE: I have a friend who is a local sports broadcaster that went to Trustmark Park in Pearl, Mississippi, where the M-Braves, a farm team for the Atlanta Braves, has set up a chipping course on the outfield diamond. He made a broadcast from there with the voice of the M-Braves. He made a perfect chip shot that I never seen him make before. He wrote me back a confirm the Baseball-Type golf swing approach to golf was psychological effective by stating- ‘I love it Charles! That’s the most comfortable I’ve felt swinging a golf club!’