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The Mental Rules of the Subconscious Mind Responsible for 90 percent of the athlete’s performance.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Rule 4 Subconscious Mind- Every thought Causes a Physical Reaction, Athlete’s Mind Can’t Distinguish Between Do’s and Don’ts in Performance

The majority of the time it isn’t necessary your abilities and capabilities that dictates the results, as it is the input data you are feeding your mind, especially the subconscious mind.


The predominant and last pieces of data that the athlete focuses on will dictate their results more than their ability or capability. There is one thing that the subconscious mind IS NOT, and that is being rational and a logical process center that’s able to differentiate between what the athlete wants to do and what they don’t want to do.

In other words, the subconscious mind can’t differentiate between positive and negative incoming information and instructions.

An excellent example of this is a golfer standing on a Par-3 tee box and looking at the water down along the left side that continues around the left side of the green. If the golfer focusing on just the DON’TS, this is what they are telling their subconscious mind- I don’t want to hit my tee shot into the water on the left, and I don’t want to hit the green on the left side. The golfer just told themselves this , or at least their subconscious mind heard these instructions to perform. This is because the subconscious mind can’t differentiate between DO’S and DON’TS.

The golfer’s subconscious mind actually just heard these instructions given to it- I want to hit my tee shot into the water on the left; and hit the green on the left side. So you just programmed your subconscious mind, responsible for your 90 percent of your natural instincts to do exactly what you, the golfer, didn’t want to do.

Now you the athlete understand why your performance and results follow the don’ts, just like it does the do’s. Your subconscious mind acts on negative input, just like it does positive input.

Professional Athletes and Top Performers are Rembrandts

During post-game interviews, especially with professional golfer, the interviewer might ask the golfer what he was focusing on the number one handicap hole with water down along the left side. Professional athlete usually replies, “I just eliminated the left side and the water up along the left side. I just focused on hitting the fairway, or green, on the right side with a cut shot.”

This is what successful people do very effectively, as they only focus on what they want to do and just eliminate options that they don’t want. It’s kind of what we call a pitcher that is described as a Rembrandt, because they can paint the corners. They are just focused on the strike zone and nothing else.

Matter of fact, if the athlete want to create a great mind set for feeding their subconscious mind, here is a great one. One of Rembrandt’s famous paintings was called the Night Watch. When an artist like Rembrandt painted, he painted only what he wanted, and didn’t even consider what he didn’t wanted to paint on the canvas. Athletes can do the very same thing in their pre-routine.


That’s another point about the subconscious mind’s nature, as it processes information that is fed to it in pictorial color images. So learn from Rembrandt, paint what you want to do, just eliminate from consideration what you DON’T want. Why even waste the time and energy on what you don’t want to do? GOOD QUESTION!


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