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By: Charles W. Boatright

Rule No. 3 of The Subconscious Mind: The Earlier, quicker & Longer the subconscious mind believes/proves a task, the more Entrenched the Performance

First impressions are always the critical part of the learning process in order to have the most positive impact on a person’s performance, both on and off the field. It is critical that fundamental mechanics and techniques are established early on as a subconscious function in order to build a normal, sequential routine, which is a conscious function.

I like to use the sport of golf as a great example of this importance of the 3rd Rule of the Subconscious Mind. I can’t think of a better example to prove the basis of the 3rd Rule of the Subconscious Mind than golf. One reason is the small tolerance for error and following a well-established, sequential routine, which is paramount in golf. Most professional athletes in other sports often state that golf is the most challenging sport to learn to play at any level.

One reason that makes golf so difficult of a sport to learn and play is the part of this rule that states, the longer the subconscious mind believes and proves a task, the more entrenched that task will be. Inconsistencies in the golfer’s game make improvement difficult and permanent. If one element in the sequence is not performed, or if performed incorrectly, the inconsistency disrupts the subconscious mind’s continuity. The golfer is then faced with the main obstacle of developing consistency in their game. This is almost like a Catch-22 for the golfer.

In order for the golfer to develop proper fundamentals of mechanics and techniques, they have to develop a consistent, confident, and proven track record on the golf course. Now you understand why your golf game might be inconsistent, and you don’t see significant improvements in your golf game.

How to Overcome Your Catch-22 in Golf

Fortunately, the golfer, or athlete, has the potential to overcome their Catch-22 in their particular sport. I’m going to use the sport of golf to prove how you, the golfer, can establish your confidence and a consistent track record where you can  start to see incremental improvements in your golf game.

First of all, the golfer only has certain motor skills in the toolbox from which to work from for their golf game. These are skills that were developed before the age of 10. These are the only motor skills that you can count on and be able to perform consistently on the golf course.

Matter of fact, the first question that I ask a potential golf student is the question- Have you played baseball or softball before? The answer will tell me what finely- developed motor skills they have to work from.


Newton’s Third Law of Motion and Bible Sports Psychology

Let’s start with Newton’s 3rd law of motion that applies to every form of motion here on earth and in the universe- For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Then couple that with what Matthew 20:16 states- The last shall be first  and the first last. The Bible still remains one of the best sources for sports psychology that I like to use.

The last shall be first and the first last – is one reason I believe so strongly on the golfer presetting their wrists. This was how Charlie Rymer described David Duval’s preset technique as That Wrist Thing in an interview on Golf Channel. David Duval, like me, is a strong proponent of presetting the wrists. This takes a tremendous burden off the golfer incorporating a consistent and proven method to preset their wrists in the golf swing sequence. Believe me, you’ve preset your wrists before, and at the time might not have been aware of what you were doing at the time.

The Palmaris Longus and Dorsiflex golf preset Technique. I refer to this as simply the Palmer-Dorsifex Technique

If you have ever thrown a baseball, you have performed the Palmer- Dorsiflex Technique in the golf swing to develop consistency and a track record. This technique allows me to score in the low 70’s or upper 60’s. This simple Palmer-Dorsiflex Technique establishes 80 percent of your golf swing by presetting the wrists and syncing the elbows.

In testing my new RODE wireless microphone system, I demonstrated The Palmer Preset IQ-Golf Technique APP Procedure below in my Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge YouTube Video using an 8-Iron:

The Palmer Preset IQ-Golf Technique APP establishes the following:

  • Identifies early motor-skills developed as a kid.
  • Quickly established confidence in early motor skills.
  • Establishes a track record the subconscious mind can follow.
  • Confidence and consistency the golfer needs to improve their golf game.

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Referencing entrenching, I like to reference what  Malcolm Gladwell stated in his book, Outliers, about how it takes 10,000 man-hours to achieve professional status. Based on my data that I collected over the years it takes 6,500 man-hours to reach single handicap status.

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