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Consistency is key to any success in Sports

THE PALMER-PRO GOLF TECH and The MELIORA DIET & MACS FITNESS is designed to improve your golf game and health by lower your golf and health handicap scores. During your annual physicals your Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and Cholesterol are the three key indicators your doctor will focus on for your general health.

The MELIORA DIET and MACS FITNESS is so effective that it has allowed me to do photoshoots of our sportswear collection and fitness regimen at age 66. There is not a more demanding role to fill than stepping in front of the camera lens.

The MELIORA Diet is based on WHEN and WHAT to eat using the Decipher Analysis Code (DAC) of food purchased from grocery stores or at restaurants using the standard Nutrition Label. This diet as allowed me to lose 52-LBS. and 9.25- inches in the waistline and dropped about 30- years off the appearance of my age. I have the health, fitness, and condition of my skin that I had in my mis-30’s.



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My NEW E-Book for Improving Your GOLF GAME & Your Health & Fitness at any AGE

This book provides coaching fundamentals and techniques based on Apperception (were you take skills developed for one sport, like baseball, and apply those same skills to another sport, like golf) like taking baseball hitting skills and apply them to improve your golf game. This coaching technique overcomes the typical obstacles facing most golfer trying to either learn to play golf or trying to improve their golf game striving to have a lower handicap. Three (3) of the biggest factors facing those either learning the game of golf or improving their golf game is (1) developing the instinctive techniques of the mental game of golf, (2) Taking their practice from the range or backyard to perform on the golf course, and (3) Maintaining one’s health and fitness.


Apperception will be key component in the ability of the golfer to either learn to play golf or improve their golf game because we don’t play golf with our conscious mind, we play golf with our subconscious mind. These instinctive skills that are in our subconscious mind that provides us the ability to make golf shots. These basic skills for golf or any sport were developed before the age of 10.

If you have thrown or toss a baseball, softball before, or swung a baseball bat; you have performed the key components in the PALMER-PRO GOLF TECH from Tee-to-Green.


The PALMER-PRO Golf TECH will allow the golfer to take their golf swing from the batter’s box to the Tee box for a more instinctive-type golf swing for more confidence. On the golf course, nothing can replace the golfer’s confidence.   The instinctive techniques and skills needed to create clubhead speed, power, control, acceleration with consistency is based on 2 TAKEAWAY maneuvers (Palmerflex, or PALMER, and Pronation, or PRO,). The PALMER and PRO are part of the title this my book.


We talk about muscle memory in sports that elite athletes depend for their performance. The muscle memory in the PALMER-PRO depends on the golfer isolating just two (2) muscles in the forearm called the Palmaris Longus muscle/tendon and the Brachio-Radialis Muscle. The Palmaris Longus muscle performs the PALMER maneuver while the Brachio-Radialis performs PRO maneuver. These two (2) maneuvers will place the golfer’s wrists and handle of the golf club into the Cock & Lock Position like a baseball batter would be in standing in the batter’s box.



The baseball-type swing is really similar to the golf swing, especially if the batter is hitting a lower inside the strike ZONE sinker ball, as shown in the illustration above, left. For my Kinesiology final research, I took time-elapse film of both the baseball swing just before impact with the baseball and compared them side-by-side with the golfer performing the downswing right before impact, the two wrists were in the same Cock & Lock Position right before impact through the strike ZONE, see the time-lapse of the two swings, below. I drew and red circle around the golfer’s and baseball batter’s wrists positions.

Before the 2015 US OPEN, I made a three part video series of my PALMER-PRO Golf TECH for a local television station to be aired on their Sports ZONE Show. They asked me if they could video tape my PALMER-PRO Golf TECH in a three part series leading up to the US OPEN that I was happy to do. I decided to perform by Orange Bucket Challenge where I was hitting five (5) tee shots 295- yards to within 15- feet of a Home Depot Orange Bucket.



The three video series included an Introduction of the PALMER-PRO Fundamental, a Walk Through, and an actual demonstration for the last episode that aired on Sunday night at the conclusion of the 2015 US OPEN.You can watch these and my Fitness workout routine by visiting The Coach’s Film Room on my website by selecting the link below:


THE QATSPY® Coach’s Film Room


This is a 171 page E-Book, THE PALMER-PRO GOLF TECH, that also contains my MELIORA DIET & MACS Fitness Program where I dropped 35- Lbs. in 4- weeks during the month of December of 2014. I dropped a total of 52-Lbs. within 9- months to be able to model our SPORTY’S WRIGHT Bros. Safari Collection and produce fitness and training videos to help people trying to drop weight and improve their overall health. Below, is my actual Waistline Cart that I kept from November 28th, 2014 through to September 05th, 2015 that I still check in each Monday Morning to monitor my health and fitness by measuring my waistline:


To determine your healthy waistline just do this- Take your height in inches and divide by 2. In my case since I had plans on modeling I divided my height by 2.2. So in my case since I’m 66- inches talk, I divided by 2.2 to determine my healthy waistline that I wanted to be 66/2.2 = 30- inch waistline.


I didn’t just drop my weight, but I dropped about 30- years off the age of my skin and conditioning that I had in my mid-30’s. On the front cover of my book taken at the Madison, MS Airport, I’m 66 years old. I able to model and produce training videos due to the success of my MELIORA DIET & MACS FITNESS Program. After our photoshoot that we did on August 12th, 2023, I did an AB Challenge photograph at age 66, below, in our hangar:



The AB Challenge is probably the most demanding pose a model could do at any age, especially at the age of 66.



The reason that I included THE MELIORA DIET & MACS FITNESS Program in with my E-Book THE PALMER-PRO Golf TECH is that the better in shape you are as a golfer the better golfer you can become, especially using the PALMER-PRO Golf Technique. Strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance are critical to the golfer’s performance.



Golf like most sports isn’t just about developing a skill set only, but more about developing the correct mindset, specifically an instinctive-type mindset. Here’s the first mindset to develop- We DON’T Play Golf with Our Conscious Mind, with swing thoughts, instead we play Golf with our subconscious mind based purely on our instincts, or habits that we form since childhood.   

This book is based on four simple concepts to create an instinctive golf game based on:

  1. Develop a Natural and Repetitive Routine simple tasks.
  2. Practice and perform under actual conditions that must exist in both.
  3. Rely on a high degree of: relaxation, confidence, and muscle memory.
  4. Activate the Subconscious mind by focusing, and be able to project to redirect the conscious mind, or being IN THE ZONE.

The mindset of The PALMER-USHER GOLF TECH is how to develop a practice sessions based on a batter’s box and shot clock, that allows the golfer to develop a natural approach to their golf game. This allows the golfer to use three of their five senses to take over their golf game, (sight, feel, and sound). This allows the golfer to have a normal flow of adrenaline that hardwire their golf game directly into their subconscious mind, based on instincts and habits, military pilots refer to this as using Situational Awareness.   

If your golf swing isn’t instinctive, the long hours of practice that you put into your golf game on the range or in the backyard won’t make it to the golf course with you intact. I can guarantee it! Adrenaline will show up when the golfer steps foot onto the course. If you ever developed mind fog this is a lack of relaxed confidence with muscle memory allowing adrenaline to flood your nervous system. Possessing confidence and muscle memory controls the release of adrenaline into our system.

The following was the raw video that was produced off three demo videos that I did for WJTV-12, here in Jackson, Mississippi leading up to the 2021 US Open that I did for their Sports Zone Show:

4O5 Orange Bucket DRILL


THE 4O5 Orange Bucket Drill Link INTRO


The 4O5 Orange Bucket Drill Walk-Through


The 4O5 Orange Bucket Drill Demo



The Promotional Clip that WJTV-12 Used to Promote the Three Series on The PALMER-PRO Golf TECH



We taped my Orange Bucket Challenge at Germantown High School Practice Field on June 06th, 2015 in one take. The camera crew wanted to use one camera setup to show the total tee shot, but was concern that they couldn’t focus on where the tee shots were hitting in reference to the Home Depot Orange Bucket. To eliminate this concern, I used ALMOSTGolfBalls that travel one-third the distance of an actual golf ball where a 300- yard tee shot only travels 100- yards making the practice football field ideal for this taping.