The best gear and equipment are born out of necessity and are battlefield tested that has a military and Bush Pilot connection. Some of the best gear is military surplus that was manufactured to U.S. Mil-Spec (or Military specifications). Military service personnel and Bush Pilots depend on their gear for their survival, but also to represent their service that they provide, especially if you offer Charter Services.

Your staff wearing either our A-2 or G-1 Leather Flight Jacket with your logo and/or company name with our khaki chinos and button-down Oxford shirts offer you a professional image that comes equiped with its own spokesperson. We can even offer hand-painted nose art that can represent your company to your clients.

We carry the Mil-Spec A-2, G-1, and the Indiana Jones-Style Leather Jackets along with fitted Flight Suits, khaki chinos and shirts, flight gloves and aviators sunglasses for your daily wear for professional or leisure needs. Our leather jackets are a great option to your cloth sports jacket that needs dry-cleaning. Our leather jackets provide you that care-free option that only needs a wipe-down with a paper towel with soap and water to remove lint, pet hair, dust, dirt, grease and/or grim.

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