01-THE QATSPY® MELIORA Health & Fitness Program Turbocharged DIET w/ Age-Defying Results!



Get into Better (MELIOR) Shape in Weeks, not in Months, following a Simple but Effective Healthy Diet and Fitness Workout Program. Just by learning how to read Nutrition Labels and WHEN to EAT


Achieve your best Diet & Fitness Program that will allow you to Drop POUNDS, and INCHES in weeks not months; and also drop YEARS off your appearance of your age to look decades younger with a Healthier LIFESTYLE!



If a Photograph is Worth a Thousand WORDS, I would like to offer you my own gallery of my DIET and FITNESS that has taken DECADES off my appearance of my actual AGE of being over the age of 65! In these photos gallery to the left, I am over the age of 65; and still Model our Cockpit Aviator’s Sportswear Performance Collection!


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THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program is your Turbocharged DIET w/ Skincare Treatment– That has allowed me to drop Pounds, Inches, and drop Decades off your skin and have the conditioning that you had decades before.

MELIORA– is a Latin term for better pursuing something better like in this case a better nutrition Diet Program, this Diet allows you to burn your food and any fat retention you might have as energy to look and feel years, and even decades younger.


Here a great test of any healthy diet and fitness workout; by being able to take and share photos with family/friends when you get home with your great looking clothes you just purchased that you saw advertised and models wearing in publications. This is when you will know that you have achieved your health and fitness goals and objectives. A mirror CAT NOT OFFER you what a PHOTO CAN PROVIDE YOU, believe me I do modeling.



If you had made a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get into better shape before (that are the Top 2 Resolutions), but you can’t see any success after couple of weeks by dieting and working out, I know your level of frustration that you feel.


Trying to get into better shape, especially after the age of 40 and even 60 is difficult if you DON’T have the right diet or fitness program to work with to obtain your fitness goals. We all have been there before, especially me. But don’t give up or lose heart yet in losing your weight and getting into better shape, I have your SIX with THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program that works in weeks, INSTEAD of months, refer to my Waistline Chart above and below for my actual results.


QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program was a program that I developed in September of 2014, based on my chemical engineering background that allowed me to lose over 52- pounds and over 9- inches in my waist where I could model our cockpit sportswear apparel and produce golf and fitness training videos. THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program incorporates Macro-nutrition Diet and a anaerobic type exercises with strength training, endurance, balance, and flexibility elements with intervals of rest periods for Yoga to get into shape regardless of your age. 


I have been in the same condition as many of you have of trying to drop weight, inches off my waistline and get into better shape and couldn’t find a diet that worked with my body to turn it into a Turbocharged-Calorie-Burning-Juggernaut. Based on THREE (3) principles- WHEN to eat and WHAT to eat (by knowing how to read and decipher nutrition labels) and following a simple 20-45-minute WORKOUT regimen that can be done as little as 4-time per week.


The Circadian Rhythms of Our Bodies


FIRST– of all, your body works off Circadian Rhythms and SECOND– your body is designed to handle certain foods better than other foods that can be used as energy rather than storing your food as a retention fat, EXACTLY WHAT YOU DON’T WANT TO HAPPEN. If  you have made New Year’s Resolution before and weren’t successful at dropping weight and inches, then you need to focus on WHEN and WHAT you eat that has a lot to do with your ability to reaching your New Year’s Resolutions.


Just by using time schedule for WHEN to eat; and knowing WHAT Macor-nutrition to eat based on using the standard Nutrition Label on food items in the grocery store or off menus at your favorite restaurants. You can use MELIORA DIET & FITNESS to turn your body into a Turbocharged Juggernaut to drop weight and inches in a few weeks instead of taking months. The third component of THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program is following a simple 25-40 minute workout a minimum of four (4) times a week. With THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program, you can drop those unwanted pounds and inches in weeks instead of waiting for months to do. And something even more amazing, you can also drop years off the appearance of your skin with simple this QATSPY® MELIORA diet that provides a Skincare component. No skincare or SPA treatment can even come close to THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program can provide YOU!


SEE MY ACTUAL WAISTLINE CHART BELOW! You can also drop years off the appearance of your skin just by using THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program. Your muscles are a great source of a natural growth hormone that also provides needed collagen to your skin and joints. This Fitness/Diet allows your body to rejuvenate itself, and especially your skin, while you are sleeping at night. This means, GETTING YOUR 7-to-8 HOURS of SLEEP EACH NIGHT is very IMPORTANT!


The Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil and Sauerkraut as a Skincare Treatment that I use Daily


Another skincare treatment that I use is Hemp Seed Oil once in the morning and once at night before bedtime and eating one-quarter cup of sauerkraut at each of my two meals (lunch and dinner). Hemp Seed Oil is lighter than baby oil where it won’t clog skin pores. Hemp Seed Oil decreases inflammation and deeply moisturizes the skin; hemp seed Oil and sauerkraut provides ANTI-AGING properties as an antioxidant, with Vitamin A, B, C, E, and F with fatty acids with sauerkraut containing Vitamin K-2 for your blood pressure. These strengthen the outer layer of the skin where it can preserve water that reduces those fine lines and wrinkles. Hemp Seed Oil also repairs the skin to prevent premature aging while you sleep.


THE QATSPY® MELIOR Diet & Fitness Program



THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program turns your digestive system and body into a Turbocharged-calorie-burning juggernaut to lose weight in weeks, not months. In six (6) week period, I lost six-inches in my waistline just by knowing WHEN and WHAT to eat. I actually lost 4- inches in my waistline during the month of December of 2014. That was right during the Holidays Season.


Over the next nine (9) months, following December 2014, I saw tremendous success in losing inches in my waistline, for a total of 9.25 -inches in 10- months. I went from a 37.75- inch, on 28Nov2014, waistline down to 28.50-inch waistline, by 05Sep2015, this was a 10- month span of time. The real success is that I have maintained a 28.50- inch waistline going on NOW for 9- years, since September 05th, 2015, refer to my chart, below and my current photographs above. THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program has allowed me to model over the age of 65.


The Success of a diet isn’t just the weight/inches you drop; but the weight/inches that you managed to keep off over the Long Haul and Dropping decades off my skin!


THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program was so successful and effective that I started in June of 2015, and continued NOW over the age 65, modeling our line of cockpit sportswear and classic apparel that are in our online store, THE QATSPY®. Even more impressive, is that I stepped in front of the camera lens over the age 65, on 12Aug2023, and did an AB Challenge in our hangar, shown below.


My AB Challenge taken on July 14th, 2023 at age 65 in our hangar with a P-51(D) Mustang in the background.


Just recently, on Saturday, August 12th, 2023, I did a photograph in my OASIS-MOJAVE GYM showing what success I had from being on The QATSPY® Health & Fitness Program at age 66, shown below:

The Grand Slam of Healthy Numbers during Your Annual Checkups


You and your doctor will see healthier Physical Exam Numbers (PEN) at your next annual physical after 6- months time frame. The results will show up in- A healthy waistline, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and a healthy cholesterol level, what I call the GRAND SLAM! Your health/fitness are gauged by these 4 main checkpoints during your annual Checkup. If you are prescribed medication, your doctor might even take you off those medication(s) over time. This is what THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program has allowed me to do; NOT be on any prescribed medication over the age 65.


THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program will allow your body to function the way GOD intended it to function. I believe that you need to give your body every opportunity to function naturally without having to take medication until your doctor makes the call based on your readings. Because all medication has some form of side effects, some positive and some negative.


I Documented My Success in My Waistline Chart that I Kept


When I started THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program on November 28th, 2014, I started charting my waistline weekly, like any good engineer would do, engineers are all about statistics, analyses, and evidence in our career. My actual Waistline Chart and results are posted below:


My personal Waistline Chart


With the DIET a part of THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program, you can continue to shop at your local grocery store and enjoy your favorite restaurants just by knowing how to read and decipher the standard nutrition labels, using just 9 data points. Even most Restaurants post their nutrition information on their websites for you to access with your I-Phone. Save your hard earned money spent on ineffective diets and other fitness programs and instead use that spare money to purchase yourself a new wardrobe that you will be needing due to your weight loss that you will experience. Instead, stimulate the economy and donate those oversized clothes to your church, Salvation Army, or Goodwill.

The standard Nutrition Label that you can read to select food to drop weight, inches, and years.


Visit THE QATSPY® Online Store for our Sporty’s Wright Bros. & Cockpit Collection, with our QATSPY® Logo LL Beans Button-down Oxford shirts with tailored neck size and sleeve length, along with Chino Khaki pants with a tailored inseam and shirts. No hemming needed on the pants! Ready to wear right out of the package, with that quarter break at the ankles, THE PERFECT FIT!


The photograph below shows our Sporty’s Wrights Bros. & Cockpit Collection along with my blood pressure reading w/o any prescribed medication over the age of 65. I’m NOT ON ANY PRESCRIBED MEDICATION OF ANY TYPE or KIND! The Corvette in this photograph is a 1963 model. The aircraft in the background is a P-51(D) Mustang similar to the one Maverick (Tom Cruise) flew in the movie TOPGUN: MAVERICK and also appeared in Lady Gaga video soundtrack Hold My Hand.


I’m modeling our Cockpit Aviator’s Sportswear Performance Collection with a 1963 Corvette and a P-51(D) Mustang in the background.

Your Best Fashion Statement is Your Age-Defying Fitness!


What you will discover about THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program is how well you will look replicating all those great clothes you purchase from stores or online that will look good when you get home and take photographs or selfies with your I-Phone and share with family/friends. This is when you will know how well THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program has worked, when you try on those great looking clothes at home that you purchased and how fantastic they look on you for business and/or leisure wear as they looked on those professional models. Your best fashion statement is your Age-Defying Fitness!

WHY I’m a Strong Supporter of THE QATSPY® MELIOR Diet & Fitness Program and GOLF


I’m promoting THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program, along with the  PALMER-PRO GOLF SWING COACH TECH APP mainly because obesity is at epidemic levels in our society that causes diabetes, certain cancers, and hypertension, which are on a sharp rise. These health care concerns aren’t just among middle-age and older adults, but also among our teens and in some cases, children under the age of 12, along with higher health care costs at an earlier age.


What is GREAT about THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program besides losing the weight, but looking and feeling healthy. The DIET part is that it is EASY to follow and portable for you and your family to use anywhere you’ll travel, even on vacation just by knowing WHAT & WHEN to eat.


Sugar & Starches, the Hidden Sugars, are Your Main Culprits to Weight Gain


Sugar still remains the main culprit for weight gain in people, but even more dangerous in gaining weight are those hidden sugars, or those starches that ARE NOT listed on the nutrition labels. THE DIET part or THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program will allow you to read and decipher the nutrition labels and find those foods without loaded and added sugar (glucose), unhealthy starches, and unhealthy fats (Saturated and Trans Fats) to drop weight/inches, and even drop years off your appearance in weeks.


THE DIET part of THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program provides you with the ability to strengthen your T-Cells and boost your immune system, with foods that are high in Fiber, Protein, Complex- Carbs, Probiotic, Pyruvate, and healthy Omega-3 fats (those healthy fats Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats) that you can eat and turn your body into a Turbocharged-calorie-burning juggernautTHE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program is your access to the Fountain of Youth! You don’t have to spend your money on skincare products that ONLY work temporarily from the outside and are only skin deep.


Think of the DIET part of THE QATSPY® MELIORA Diet & Fitness Program as a HIGH OCTANE FUEL! I’ve been in aviation for over 37- years, and we were called KEROSINE COWBOYS, because of the Jet-A Fuel we used, which smells like kerosine. When you are flying, your life is dependent on the quality of your fuel you are putting into your aircraft, same with your body, your health/fitness is dependent on the proper food you are putting into your body!




I’m over 65- and have the health, fitness, and condition especially of my skin that I had in my mid-30’s.


Also Read my Article for more background information, below, on how I came about following THE QATSPY® METAFIT Program in November 28th, 2014 and have maintained even now: