The best gear and equipment are born out of necessity and are battlefield tested that has a military Pilot connection. Some of the best gear is military surplus that was manufactured to U.S. Mil-Spec (or Military specifications). Military service personnel, Bush Pilots, Charter Services that depends on their gear for their service that they provide.

Your staff wearing either our A-2 or G-1 Leather Flight Jacket with your logo and/or company name with our khaki chinos and button-down Oxford shirts offer you a professional image that comes equiped with its own spokesperson, your staff.

We carry the TAYLOR A-2 along with the navy G-1, along with fitted Flight Suits, khaki chinos and shirts, and aviators sunglasses for your daily wear for professional or leisure needs. Our leather jackets are a great option to your cloth sports jacket that needs dry-cleaning and constant carry. Our leather jackets provide you that care-free option that only needs a wipe-down with a paper towel with soap and water to remove lint, pet hair, dust, dirt, grease and/or grim.

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