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The Wrist Action in the Golf Swing to Sync the elbows with the shoulder to create a compact Mini swing about the Spinal Axis to produce maximum Power and Clubhead Speed

By: Charles W. Boatright

Wrist Action in the Golf Swing- Mini Golf Swing- What Charlie Rymer called ‘That Wrist Thing‘ that is performed in the Golfer’s Strike ZONE

David Duval did an interview with Charlie Rymer, with Golf Channel, David Duval demonstrated a series of golf shots involving preset his wrist action in the golf swing. Charlie Rymer was so impressed with David Duval’s wrist action in the golf swing that Charlie referred to this wrist action as That Wrist Thing. The golf swing sequence of presetting the wrist action in the golf swing sets up 90 percent of the golfer’s swing sequence within the Baseball Strike Zone.

This is the Mini Golf Swing that I’m referring to, or the golf swing inside of the golf swing. This Mini Golf Swing is established with ONLY two (2) natural and simple muscle maneuvers. This Mini Golf Swing was also what Ken Duke, an PGA member and fellow Arkansian, was demonstrating during an interview with Lisa Cronwell, another Arkansian that works with Golf Channel, that was very effective even for older golfers, like myself, over the age of 60. You can still maintain Power and Clubhead Speed even over the age 50 or 60. As you will see below, I’m still hitting 300- yards drives with this Mini Golf Swing Technique at age 64.

This Mini Golf Swing consist of the Sync/Preset maneuvers that is described and illustrated in detail in The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique. This also syncs the elbows with the shoulders, a technique that Arnold Palmer was instructing President Eisenhower to perform before a PRO-AM that they were about to play in for charity event (the American Heart Association) Arnold Palmer gave the president before a Pro-Am.

The Mini Golf Swing- Breaking Down the Sync/Preset Elem

The Sync Element

The main objective for a right-handed golfer is use their right wrist to Sync, or what is called Palmerflex maneuver, or CAMMING. Some would describe the CAMMING Maneuver as a hinge action, like a pitcher that is preparing to throw a baseball.

The Preset Element

The left wrist is Presets, what is called Pronation maneuver, or CAMMING-OVER. This action is like preparing to swing a tennis racket back through with your left wrist to hit a low serve on your right side. Both these maneuvers allow the golfer to sync the right elbow with the shoulders to gain a tremendous mechanical advantage, as shown below in Figure No. 1, and above in the featured image. This allows the wrists, forearms, and arms to synchronize with the shoulders, upper, and lower body. If there is one theme that a professional golfer emphasis the most, it is synchronization of the elbows and arms with the upper and lower body. The Mini Golf Swing in The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique accomplishes this synchronization.

Sync/Prset wrist action in the golf swing
Figure No. 1 This shows the That Wrist Thing by CAMMING and CAMMING-OVER the right and left wrists.

The Advantages of Using The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique

The Advantages of Using The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique is that it allows the Golfer to be just as confident and being as Proactive as a Baseball Batter standing in the batter’s box. How many times have you seen a baseball player standing in the batter’s box have as many issues as the golfer seems to have standing on the tee box, especially hitting a ball that isn’t moving? The answer is NEVER! So why not use that same confidence that a baseball batter exhibits standing in the batter’s box to use on the tee box? The answer is, that You Can and Should!

What the golfer wants to accomplish Syncing/Presetting the wrist action in the Mini Golf Swing is to go from being Passive where the only thing the golfer is doing is thinking to being Proactive by using the Mini Golf Swing using the small low threshold muscles. These are the golfer finesse muscles that are easy and natural to use. It is difficult to initiate the golf swing from a stationary position not knowing what muscles to start with. Even baseball batters get into their rhythm by swinging the bat back and forth out of the strike zone before taking the bat up to the top when the pitcher is in their delivering.

To get the golfer out of Passive thinking mode standing on the Tee box and into a Proactive mode baseball-type swing, where the golfer is using the Mini Golf Swing Technique, featured below. I’m shown here with my wrists in the Preset Lock Position after I Synced and Preset my wrist action in the Mini Golf Swing. I’m using a pair of kickboxing gloves to help me demonstrate the CAM and CAM-OVER Technique on how my wrists are actually synced up with each other. Look, in Figure No. 2 below, at how the top of the wristbands that are stacked at the Address Position; than are synced in the Lock Position.

Figure No. 2 How to use Boxing gloves to illustrate how the top of the wrist bands are stacked at address and are synced in the Lock Position.

My wrists in the Lock Position, in Figure No. 2 above, illustrate the Sync/Preset Maneuvers in the Mini Golf Swing Technique. This allows me to be Proactive, like a baseball batter standing in the batter’s box is. Ninety percent (90%) of my entire golf swing sequence has been completed with the Sync/Preset Lock maneuvers, shown above. The only thing that I have to do from the Sync/Preset Lock Position is just to take the handle of the golf club up to the top of my golf swing just like a baseball batter would do, shown in Figure No. 3 and Figure No. 4, below.

Figure No. 3 The Miniature Golf Swing Technique sets the Sync/Preset Lock Position to just take the handle of the golf club up to the Top Position. This allows the golfer to have more of a baseball batter’s mentality of being Proactive.

The advantage of the Mini Golf Swing Technique, the Sync/Preset maneuvers, is that it allows the golfer to set 90 percent (90%) of their entire golf swing with their finesse muscles. These are the golfer’s highly skilled muscles (consisting of the left Brachio-Radialis and right Palmaris Longus muscle/tendon) that have been a part of the golfer’s motor skills since childhood.

That means the Mini Golf Swing Technique is using muscle memory that has already been developed, established, and are instinctive to front load the golf swing inside the Strike Zone. There is nothing different from what a baseball batter would do standing in the Batter’s Box. In three (3) of my Training Videos below, you will see me actually using a throw-down home plate to complete the image of a baseball-type swing during my practice sessions that I actually do.

STOP, DROP, and ROLL Natural Golf Swing Sequence

When the golfer get to the top of their swing, like in Figure No. 4 below, they just have to STOP, DROP, and ROLL, like the FIRE DRILL we learned as kids. Just make sure to drop the forearms, and not wrists, down and through the Strike Zone. This was a technique that Tom Watson was describing in the March 2003 issue of Golf Digest, on page No. 48. The wrists and elbows are already in the proper position to just drop back down through the Strike Zone. The golfer doesn’t have to do anything more than to just drop their forearms as illustrated in Figure No. 4, below.

All of these overhead shots were done in my training facility where I work with students on improving their golf game. Above the training facility, I have a complete gym where I workout doing my Cardio, Aerobics. Strength, and Pilates Exercise routine, or the CASPER DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System.

Figure No. 4 Dropping the Forearms back down through the Strike Zone. Based on how the golfer uses their forearms to track toward the right front corner for a Draw; or track toward the left front corner for a Fade. This is why the Strike Zone is so important to the golfer.

IMPORTANT to AVOID– Make sure that you take the handle of the golf swing up to the TOP and DROP back down through the Strike Zone using your forearms NOT your wrists or hands. The reason for using your forearm to DROP down through the Strike Zone is it allows the wrists to react naturally without be hindered. If you use the Mini Golf Swing Technique properly, I can guarantee you that your wrists with provide the Power, acceleration, and Clubhead Speed you want in your golf swing sequence.

The Two Key Muscles of the Sync/Preset Mini Golf Swing

The key to the Mini Golf Singe Sync/Preset Technique is how two key muscles, in Figure No. 5, (Brachio-Radialis and the Palmaris Longus) are used to preset the wrists in the Strike Zone. Both of these muscles not only Sync/Preset your wrists into the Lock Position, the Sync/Preset Technique provides the turbocharger to the golfer’s swing mechanics, like the whip action in how Indiana Jones used his bullwhip.

Baseball Players, This is for You Just as much! You can have more power and bat speed hitting those RBI’s.

What is nice about these two muscles/tendons is that the golfer can see and feel both of them. The Palmaris Longus Tendon, or what I refer to as the Palmer’s Tendon can be seen below in Figure No. 5 in the right wrist. And the Brachio-Radialis Muscle/Tendon, what I call the BRACHS Muscle/Tendon, termination point can be detected at a nodule on the left wrist, located just above the golfer’s thumb. This nodule is called the Radial Styloid Process. This is used to Preset the golfer’s wrist, shown in Figure No. 6.

Figure No. 5 The left Brachio-Radialis Muscle/Tendon terminated at the Radial Styloid Process used to Preset the Left wrist. The Palmaris Longus Tendon Muscle/Tendon used to Sync the Right Wrist
Figure No. 6 The Preset Maneuver using the Brachio-Radialis Muscle/Tendon.

SYNC (CAM)– For the right-handed golfer, they wants to hinge (Palmar Flex) their wrist with the Palmer muscle back toward their right elbow. This hinge action in this particular orientation will naturally help establish the following element called Pronation of the left wrist. This is shown above in Figure No. 6.

PRESET (CAM-OVER)– As the golfer is hinging their right wrist back toward their right elbow, the golfer wants to Pronate, as shown in Figure No. 6 where the left thumb is in the horizontal position with the ground into the Lock Position. These two simple elements or maneuvers establishes 90 percent of the golfer’s swing. The only thing left to perform is to take the handle of the golf club to the top of the swing along the swing plane just like a baseball batter would perform.

The Objective of The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique, the Mini Golf Swing

The entire objective of The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique, the Mini Golf Swing, is to get the golfer to have more of a baseball batter’s mentally standing in the batter’s box with confidence, as apposed to the golfer standing on the Tee box with nerves and swing thoughts raging in their mind. In baseball, if a pitcher starts thinking about their mechanics, the next thing that will occur is the pitching coach or manager will be pulling them and putting in a reliever. The only problem in golf, there is NO reliever, your it.

I produce four training videos one in my training facility, hitting short pitch shots, and three videos on a football field hitting drives in what I call my Orange Bucket Challenge. Both take the exact same Mini Golf Swing Technique that I’m demonstrating in these training videos.

The Bunt-Type Chip Shot

THE Orange Bucket Challenge Link INTRO

The Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through

The Orange Bucket Challenge Demo

About The Orange Bucket Challenge Videos

I’m using special golf balls that travel in feet (up to 300- feet) instead of up to 300- yards, called AlmostGOLF Balls, where I could use a football field, but also where the camera crew were be able to video tape my Orange Bucket Challenge and capture where my golf shots were dropping in relation to the Orange Bucket and pin. If I used actual golf balls, I would be hitting drives over 295- yards where the camera crew couldn’t pickup clearly where the shots was landing.

While we were in our pre production meetings for the Orange Bucket Challenge, the camera crew expressed concerns that they would not be able to pickup the orange bucket; much less where my drives were landing in relation to the orange bucket. The AlmostGOLF Balls were perfect fit for this situation.

The AlmostGOLF Balls are also perfect for the golfer’s garage or backyard, because they don’t cause injury to people or pets or damage to property. The golfer can work on their golf game under game-like conditions in their backyard or in a football field that I’m using to train my subconscious mind.

HERE’S a NEWSFLASH– We don’t play golf with our conscious mind with swing thoughts; we play golf with our subconscious mind where our instincts and muscle memory take over our game. If you ever wonder why your golf training and practice sessions on the range doesn’t translate or make it to the golf course with you, this is the reason WHY!

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