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THE QATSPY® Palmer Preset IQ-Golf Technique APP- The Golfer’s Guidance System

By; Charles W. Boatright

THE QATSPY® Coach- Golfer’s Guidance System that Establishes the Golfer’s Correct Swing Plane for Better Power, Clubhead Speed, and Accuracy

If the golfer could work on two (2) components of their golf swing, I would recommend to them to work on these two, like how I do with my students, to work on presetting their wrists and syncing their elbows, shown below. In all of my YouTube Videos, even on chipping, pitching, and putting, I discuss and illustrate with YouTube Videos the importance of presetting the wrists and syncing the elbows, shown below:

My QATSPY® YouTube Video of the Palmer Preset and Sync Technique that sets up the golfer’s guidance system.

In the above demonstration of The Palmer Preset/Sync Technique, focus your attention of ONE- my wrists in the preset position; and TWO- Both my elbows (I’m right-handed) my right elbow is synced and locked to my right side while my left elbow, the golfer’s guidance system is synced and locked onto my swing plane. This is huge for the takeaway and downswing. You’ll hit more fairways and greens in regulation this way. If you click on the image above it will show you my RODE® Wireless Microphone 8-Iron YouTube Video.

NOTE: I’m using this YouTube Video to test my new RODE® Wireless Microphone system for future golf training videos.

For simplicity, I will refer to the right-handed golfer in the following short coaching training session.

If the right-handed golfer simply works on presetting the wrists, it will help synchronize the elbows by syncing the right elbow to the right side and locking the left elbow onto the correct swing plane. By locking the left elbow onto the swing plane, the left elbow can be used as a guidance system during the entire golf swing sequence. This was the same golf tip that Arnold Palmer gave to President Eisenhower before a Charity Pro-Am for the American Heart Association.

So What Are the Advantages of this Elbow Guidance System

There is a combination muscle/tendon that runs along the medial (inside) of the forearms called the Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon, as this is the golfer’s missing link. If the golfer sets this muscle/tendon correctly, it makes the entire golf swing natural and instinctive to perform, even on the golf course.

This Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon that I call simply the Palmer Tendon presets the golfer’s wrists with the Palmar Flexion and Dorsiflex of the wrists. If you’ve ever thrown a baseball or softball, you have performed the Palmar Flexion and Dorsiflex, see illustration below.

THE QATSPY® Palmer-Dorsiflex Presetting the wrists technique. If the golfer performs this correctly it will not only preset their wrists, but also sync their elbows.

The next series of images show the close up of the Address, Preset and Sync Position

FIG-1 The Wrists in the Address Position
FIG-2 The Wrists and Elbows in the Sync & Lock Position
FIG 3 The GYM Shot of the Address Position
FIG 4 The Gym Shot of the Preset, Sync, and Lock Position
FIG 5 The Gym Shot of the Takeaway Position

Take a close look at Photograph FIG 4 and 5, look how my right elbow syncs to my right side and my left elbow syncs and locks on the swing plane. Especially, look in FIG 5, where my left elbow is pointing toward the golf ball. This is a great indications that my golf swing toward the top is on plane.

Also another checkpoint I like to check in my time-lapse photography is how my left knee points down toward my golf ball at the address position. You won’t be able to see this making your golf shot, but with photographs of your golf swing.

Training with a Different Type of Glove, a Pair of Kickboxing Gloves

If you want to understand why the Preset and Sync maneuvers are critical, just swap out your golf glove for a pair of Kickboxing Gloves and see something real amazing occurred below in the following Figures (FIG 6 and FIG 7), below:

FIG 6 Kickboxing Gloves in the Address Position
FIG 7 The Kickboxing Gloves in the Preset and Sync Position.

In Figure 7, look how the bottom of wristbands on the kickboxing gloves align or sync with each other. Where the kickboxing gloves are stacked in the Address Position are now synced in the Preset and Synced Position. When I have a training sessions with my students for the first time, I use this kickboxing glove Technique and they can’t believe how the Preset and Sync maneuvers does this and also Syncs the elbows in FIG 4.

The Palmer Tendon in the Golfer’s Swing Sequence

There are two other responsibilities of the Palmer Tendon has, one is that this tendon grips the handle of the golf club. That that should draw your attention to this tendon, but more importantly, the second is that the Palmer Tendon also syncs the golfer’s right elbow next to the right side and shifts the left elbow forward onto the swing plane. See my RODE® 8-Iron illustration above with that takeaway swing in the Preset, Sync, and Lock Position. If the golfer gets this correct the rest of their golf swing is natural and instinctive.

Once you perform the Preset/Sync/Lock Maneuvers, you’ll your entire golf swing become more natural and instinctive. Please select the feature image above to see my entire YouTube Videos on the golf swing from TEE-to-GREEN. This also includes my putting technique to help you hole more putts.   

In my Download below, I discuss the details and step-by-step procedures on how to properly PRESET the wrists, and SYNC and LOCK the elbows:

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