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Working on your Irons to improve your golf game in your approach shot to get inside the leather is something you can do in the off-season. I routinely hit a 100 Iron shots every day that are with in 12 to 20 feet. Fire up your golf game with two simple muscle memory techniques to preset the wrist action in the golf swing.

By: Charles W. Boatright

The Importance of Iron Worker in Golf– We’ve heard We Drive for Show, but We Putt for Dough! But Analytics Don’t Back this Up with the Data

If you consider the putting data from the best in the sport of golf, players on the PGA, you see how the percentages of making putts significantly improve, based on the distance of the putt. Below is the 2018 statistics from PGA players on putting accuracy:

  • 99% of putts from within 3 feet (Inside the Leather)
  • 69% of 6-foot putts
  • 54% of 8-foot putts
  • 31% of putts between 10 and 15 feet

Between 3- feet and 6- feet, the putting accuracy drops off by 30%. The putts between 6- feet and 8- feet, the accuracy drops off 15%. And the putts between 8- feet to 15- feet, the accuracy drops off by 23%. So hitting the approach shot from the fairway onto the green, the difference between getting between 15- feet and 10- feet and between 6- feet and 3- feet, draining a putt goes up by 38%.

In baseball, if you had a Batting Average of 380, you would be considered an excellent batter with a highest career Batting Average. Especially given the baseball player with the highest career Batting Average is Ty Cobb, with a BA of 0.366.

Become a Better Iron worker in Golf to See Your Best Improvement

Becoming an Iron worker and spending time working with your Irons by hitting 12- foot pitch shots in your garage can actually improve your golf game from tee-green. I realize that it is only a 12- foot pitch shot, but this golf shot can improve your golf game significantly more than actually hitting shots on the golf range with all your clubs.

I made six (6) videos, three in my golf training facilities, using a sand wedge and 7-Iron; and three others with my driver on a football field competing in my Orange Bucket Challenge.

Using my sand wedge, I’m hitting 3- foot and 12- foot pitch shots to within 18- inches of the hole. On the football field, I’m using special golf balls that travel in feet, instead of yards, hitting what would be a 295- yard drive. I’m using special golf balls ( called AlmostGOLF Balls), where the camera crew could capture where shots were landing, in reference to my Home Depot Orange Bucket. See my six YouTube videos, below, plus a promo made for a television station in Jackson, Mississippi:

The Bunt-Type Chip Shot

The Rap-Type Pitch Shot

TICK-N-TOCK Putting Technique

THE Orange Bucket Challenge Link INTRO

The Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through

The Orange Bucket Challenge Demo

The last three, Orange Bucket Challenge Video became a promo on a local Sports Show on a Television Station leading up to the 2021 US OPEN:

The Iron worker Working on Finesses in Golf

During the off-season, I would encourage golfers to get into your garages and just work on your short pitch shots (10 to 12 ft.) and building your finesse muscle memory, focusing on two particular muscles, the Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon and the Brachio-Radialis Muscle.

The same finesse muscles used in making 3- foot and 12- foot pitch shots are the very same muscles you will use off the tee box in hitting those drives. This is what is nice about The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Techniques. The very same muscles used to hit a 2- ft, 9- inch pitch shot that I demonstrated in my golf videos are the very same muscles used to hit 290- yard drives.

If you noticed in the Orange Bucket Challenge Videos, I’m hitting my 295- yard drives within 15- feet of the pin that is in the Orange Bucket. Hitting the small scale pitch shots translates perfectly to the golf course, especially if you have a camera and crew filming you doing these type golf shots.

You’ve heard of nerves of Iron or steel– will having a camera on you with a camera crew tapping your golf shots make standing on the first tee box seem like a walk in the park? Both of these drills, the pitch and Orange Bucket Challenge practice drills, develop both finesse and, more importantly, confidence in your golf game on the course. The BRACHS & PALMER muscles memory that you are focus on developing in these finesse-type drills will work very well for you on the golf course without having to think.        



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Charles W. Boatright

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