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The Quapaw Sports Page- This is my grandfather’s Royal Typewriter that he use to write sports story from the small town of Leslie, Arkansas starting in the late 40’s.

By: Charles W. Boatright

One of the most honored occasions I’ve ever experienced was meeting a Vietnam War Veteran and P.O.W., who was held at the infamous Hanoi Hilton in North Vietnam. I had just concluded a meeting with a major supplier at the Hattiesburg Country Club in south Mississippi, when I met U.S. Air Force Pilot, Colonel George Robert Hall who was shot down over North Vietnam on September 27, 1965. He was at the country club raising money for the Veterans’ Association, when I sat down with Colonel Hall over a glass of iced tea. Hattiesburg is about 80 miles south of Madison, MS, on U.S. Hwy 49 South where I live.

The reason that I noted Colonel Hall’s situation as a P.O.W. in an article about golf is because of how he used his love of golf to sustain himself through horrendous conditions as a P.O.W. Colonel Hall, with other P.O.W’s., was able to train his minds in the field of science, math, language, and sports. Colonel Hall particularly used golf to not only keep his sanity under adverse conditions but to maintain his single-digit handicap of four. For additional background on what these men experienced as a P.O.W.’s, there is a book by Colonel Edward Hubbard entitled, “Escape From the Box.”

These P.O.W.’s were sociologically and physically tortured and held in solitary confinement for weeks and months, without any contact with the outside. Their seven-and-a-half square foot prison cells became their world of existence. Colonel Hall took advantage of his isolation and confinement to increase his subconscious ability to mentally focus, or what athletes refer to as being in “THE ZONE.”

During his confinement, Colonel Hall heightened his mental visualization skills to develop a virtual golf course in his mind, where 90 percent of golf is played. He imagined himself dressing for his round of golf each day by putting on his golf socks, pants, shoes, T-shirt, and golf shirt, and picking up his golf cap and bag and heading to the course. He mentally dealt with his nerves on the first tee box and played each and every hole of his home course and Pebble Beach, without missing a single sight and sound of each stroke. He remembered writing down the score for each hole. He pictured the fairways, greens, and the trees, including the rough and the speed of the greens.

Colonel Hall imagined himself standing behind the ball to get his alignment, going through his setup routine, presetting his wrists, and taking the club back up to the top of his swing, and then dropping the club back down into the slot, similar to how Tom Watson describes in the March 2003 issue of Golf Digest. He focused on the part of the golf ball that he wanted to impact. He heard the sound that the clubface made with the ball and held his photo-finish position.

Colonel Hall mentally maintained his golf swing muscle memory, even as a P.O.W. Upon his release, on February 12, 1973 from the Hanoi Hilton, the first thing that he wanted to do was to play his first round of golf. He did a little better than that.  In less than six weeks from his release, he was playing on one of the biggest stages in golf. On March 21, 1973, Colonel Hall was invited to play in the 1973 Greater New Orleans P.O.W. Pro-Am Open, where he shot a 76, his handicap.

This was after seven-and-a-half years of not even picking up a golf club, or having any physical conditioning. Not many professional golfers would even consider attempting such a feat. Colonel Hall lost about 100 pounds of his total weight, including muscle mass, during his captivity and still had an outstanding performance. The weight loss was due to the P.O.W.’s daily rations of approximately 300 calories. (By the way, Jack Nicklaus won the 1973 New Orleans Open.)

Yogi Berra’s statement about baseball can equally be applied to golf, where Yogi stated, “Baseball is 90 percent mental, and the other half is physical.” I couldn’t agree with Yogi Berra more! This mental approach to golf was verified by Colonel George Robert Hall’s process, by maintaining his mentalization of his game. He credited his muscle memory process and presetting his wrists during his captivity to shooting his handicap. So the next time someone tells you that they focus more on the process than the results, you know exactly what they are eluding to in their statement. Now, there is no excuse for the golfer to develop golf rust over the winter months!

During our conversation, I was able to ask Colonel Hall some questions about his process that he used. He kept unbelievable, mental notes of his techniques and the process that allowed him to play his virtual game of golf in his cell. For my complete interview please use the following LINK: Col. Hall- P.O.W. Veteran at the Hanoi Hilton

A Great Golf Practice Drill that You Can Use with AlmostGOLF Balls

If you are trying to improve your golf game I have a technique that will simulate course conditions even during your practice sessions, similar to a mental process used by Col. Hall. Video tape your practice sessions, especially the last part after you warmed up and got into a rhythm and swinging like a baseball batter standing in the batter’s box. You will notice that I have a throw-down Rubber Home Plate in the videos below. This helps my students and even be to take my golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box.

Below are three (3) videos a film crew shot back on June 05th, 2021 for their Sports ZONE Show on WJTV-12 leading up to the 2021 US OPEN. The only concern that the film crew had was picking up my drive shots and and where they were landing in reference to my orange bucket. They wanted to use one camera setup to show that the video wasn’t edited in anyway. In the pre-production meeting, I suggest special golf balls called AlmostGOLF Balls that travel one-third (1/3rd) the distance of an actual golf ball up to 100-yards. So it made the Germantown Football Practice Field the perfect place to shot these videos. So essentially, I was hitting my 295- yard tee shot in feet instead of yards. Like Yogi Berra stated- You don’t have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing, it’ll go.

Yogi Berra had another quote about swing thoughts- How can you think and hit at the same time? The answer of course is that you can’t.

My objective was to hit what would be FIVE (5) 295- yards drive to within 15- feet of my Home Depot Orange Bucket with a golf pin and flag in the Bucket. What this exercise will do for you is that it allows you to hit golf shots with the same adrenaline that you will experience on the golf course. Adrenaline hardwire your golf game and swing directly into your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind uses instincts and ignores any swing thoughts you might have worked on for long hours developing.

THE Orange Bucket Challenge Link INTRO

The Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through

The Orange Bucket Challenge Demo

This is What I can Guarantee the GOLFER

I can guarantee the GOLFER THIS ONE THING– When the golfer practice in the backyard or on the range, the golfer is using their conscious part of their mind. They are going thought processes to develop a golf sequence of what they want to do on the golf course. But I can guarantee the golfer this one thing, that when the golfer step foot onto the golf course their subconscious mind will take over the entire golf swing using instincts. If your golf swing isn’t instinctive those hours that the golfer spent practicing had just been scraped by your subconscious.

To learn more about how I did The ORANGE BUCKET CHALLENGE use this LINK:


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Charles W. Boatright

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