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This photograph was taken in HICO, Texas, in front of the Blue Star Trading Post Building. I’m wearing my US WINGS Military Issued A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that makes a great motorcycle jacket because of its durability and weight. I still enjoy riding my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60 Motorcycle, even at the age of 64. It replaces my days of flying 206-D Bell Jet Rangers for 33- years.

By: Charles W, Boatright

If your are in the Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas area, you need to take a short 80 mile trip south down the Chisholm Trail Parkway (U.S. Hwy 67 South) to HICO, Texas where they have the Billy the Kid Museum where it was reported that an alias used by Billy the Kid, ‘Brushy Bill’ Roberts, died in Hico, Texas, December 27, 1950.

Photography Best Motivation for Fitness– Two alternative motives for taking Photographs while Traveling through Backroads Small Towns U.S.A.  

This is a Truly a Photo Finish for Your Fitness.

When I travel on business or for leisure, since I’m retired now, I try to take the backroads as often as I possibly can, taking me through small towns U.S.A. I enjoy these towns’ old train stations and historical brick buildings that serve as murals of vintage commercial artwork. These brick canvases advertise some of the simple pleasures of life, when life was at a slower pace. I can’t help not to stop and capture this classic work of art on brick and mortar canvases.

The interstate system proposed by President Eisenhower has been one of the reasons for our economic success as a nation, but you miss the true character of what makes America unique and great. It isn’t uncommon for me to opt for my Jeep with my INDIAN Motorcycle in tow, in lieu of flying for business, and this time I’m glad that I did.

My Alternative Motives for using Photography in my Business

I have two alternative motives for taking these photographs while traveling through these small towns. The first alternative motive is that these photographs of these architecture masterpieces offer the perfect backdrops to feature my sportswear in my Online Store, THE QATSPY. The second alternative motive is that these photographs give me the motivation needed to maintain my health and fitness, even at age 64.

The best motivation and reason for getting into shape and staying in shape is taking up photography, especially when you are the subject of the photograph. The camera lens offers you the most unsympathetic critic that reveals your true fitness status more than any other aspect. Even the mirror doesn’t offer you the critique that a camera lens can.  

Instead of approaching photography with a disdain that it often is the case, we need to use photography to focus on something more important, and that is improving our health and fitness. I never had a more accurate assessment of my health and fitness until I had a photograph taken after an interview at JOCK 96.9 FM in Springfield, Missouri, in November of 2014.

I was totally shocked by the weight that I had gained before I had a hip replacement. After my hip replacement, I was able to address my weight issue with diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes that I made. I only had 6- months to drop 45- Lbs and 5.75- inches in my waist before I started my performance sports training and apparel business.

My Diet and Fitness that allowed me to Achieve My Objectives

The diet that I developed based on my chemical engineering background, was based on three simple premises. First, eat a diet that is high in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fats. Second, eat based on your Circadian Rhythms, when your body processes your food at the most efficient level, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Third, get back to working out 6- days a week, as I did in my newly-renovated GYM, shown below.

This is my Home GYM where I workout for 40- minutes, six- days per week. This is all the exercise equipment that I use. Nothing that is elaborate or expensive that anyone can’t use to get into shape, even at age 64.

The results that I experienced were astounding, based on these three approaches. I didn’t drop 45- Lbs. and 5.75 inches in my waist, I actually dropped 52- Lbs. and 8.25 inches, where I’m at today, seven years later. I have attached my Waistline Chart below that I kept track of my actual results for nine (9) months. Now I just measure the first of each month and the photographs shows how well I doing.

My actual Waistline Chart that I kept throughout my progress, and still keep.

I dropped four additional factors in my health and fitness as the results of my Diet, Fitness, and Lifestyle changes- I dropped my blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels, as well. But as impressive as these are, I also dropped something totally surprising that every person in front of a lens wants to drop. How about dropping about 3- decades off the appearance of one’s age, as I did. Below, is a photo shoot taken with a young lady that works with us, who is in her early 20’s.

We are featuring the A-2 Leather Flight Jacket for men and women that are issued to the U.S. Military that citizens can purchase to wear.

Losing 3- decades off the appearance of my skin is actually based on medical science. Even John Tesh (Intelligence for your Life), had a radio segment that I wrote an article on reasons why eating past 6 p.m. is harmful to your health and skin. You can refer to my article: (An Age-Defying DIET-FITNESS Skincare System). The later you eat causes damage to occur and wrinkles to form to your skin. Eating late delays your body’s natural ability to repair itself at night that is critical. If you eat late at night your body can’t repair itself, including your skin. I started seeing results in my skin within 3- months of starting my diet in December of 2014.

Dropping six (6) factors to improve one’s health and fitness was impressive enough to start modeling my sportswear, but to drop even something more impactful, which is the appearance of your age, to look younger and healthier, was totally unexpected. To have the skin of a person in their 30’s at age 64, soon to be 65, was totally a welcome benefit that anyone could enjoy.

For those interested in what I call The DELPHI AD DIET & FITNESS System, I have attached the link to obtain a download copy below:

If You Have another Diet that You’re using at the Present, Do This One Thing

If you’re following another diet program, I encourage you to at least adopt the Circadian Rhythm principle of The DELPHI AD DIET & FITNESS System of eating between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

This was a photograph taken on a challenge on January 18th, 2022 when we had a unusual warm day that allowed us to do a photo shoot for my American Classic Leather Jacket Collection and our new Flying Tiger Jacket. The camera crew couldn’t believe that I didn’t gain any weight over the holidays so they challenge me to a AB Challenge.

But your real results will be following The DELPHI AD DIET & FITNESS System, where HI stands for Health Index. This allows you to be able to read basic Nutrition Labels to turn your body into a Turbocharged, Calorie-burning juggernaut. The HI also reveals what I call the hidden sugars, (your starches) that are actually more damaging to your health and fitness than sugars are. Just try to open a bag of potato chips and eat just one, you will soon find out why starches are actual worst. I lost 52- Lbs. within 6- months by following The DELPHI AD DIET & FITNESS System.

I direct your attention to the photo, above, taken in our hangar on January 18th, 2022, after a photo shoot for our Quapaw Aviation Tiger Supply Outfitter Collection.

Our new addition to our Leather Flight Jacket collection, Our Quapaw Aviation Tiger Supply Outfitters Company Jacket. The Original Cooper Sportswear Flying Tiger G-1 Leather Flight Jacket.

Please read my article on the World War II Flying Tigers, the first TOP GUNS in aerial combat: AVG Flying Tigers G-1 Cape Buffalo Leather Flight Jacket.