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When the golfer looks down, this is what the golfer should be looking at with the wrists in the Lock Position.

By: Charles W. Boatright

Locking UP the Wrist Action in the Golf Swing, a Wrist Action that will Sync and Preset 80 Percent of the Golf Swing by Locking the Wrists

There are two simple and instinctive maneuvers that will deliver more consistency in hitting more fairways and greens in regulation. In the Address Position, if there is one indicator that the golfer has Synced and Preset the wrists properly, it is looking down and seeing the image above of the wrists in this Locked Position.

If Rembrandt were going to paint a classic wrist action in the golf swing for an illustration for a textbook, this would be a textbook illustration, in the featured image, that establishes 80 percent of the entire golf swing with two (2) simple and instinctive maneuvers.

If the golfer could lock the wrists into the Lock Position, shown above, before taking the handle of the club up to the top, the golfer Locking the wrists, shown below, would run the tables on the golf course to break 80, and even Par the course.

The Palmer BRACH Golf Swing in the Lock Position.

Take Two Instinctive Maneuvers from Your Baseball Swing

There are two (2) instinctive maneuvers that all of us have performed since childhood. If your golf swing on the course isn’t instinctive based on motor skills developed in early childhood development, you won’t be able to have a reliable golf swing on the golf course.

Two muscle memory actions establish 80 percent of the golf swing into the Lock Position, shown above. You’ve heard of the phrase- Set-it-and-forget-it, and this is what The Palmer Brach Golf Coach APP does. The Palmer Brach Golf Coach APP allows the golfer to use the Palmaris Longus (visible muscle) and the Brachio-Radialis muscle to preset the wrists into the Lock Position.

By just using these two muscles, the golfer will hit more fairways and greens with consistency and accuracy. The golfer using The Palmer Brach Golf Coach APP will not only gain distance and accuracy, but more important, confidence. There is no substitute for confidence on the golf course.

The pronunciation of the muscle Brach (Bräk) is like the candy, BRACH’S.

The term APP- means Apperception meaning to take motor skills from one sport, like baseball, and utilize these same motor skills in another sport, like golf.

For a Download of The Palmer BRACH Golf Coach APP:

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