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I am shown here is my GYM right below I start the first increment of my DEXTRO-Fitness Program in a technique I refer to as Sweat-It-Out Workout. What is also significant about this photograph is this is all the exercise equipment that I use in my TWO 30- minute workout segment is a GYM that is not air-conditioned. The Heat Index is over a 134 degrees. The press board in the left corner it what I use that for my bench presses and my leg lifts. I am 64 years old in this photograph. Also I perform 200 sit-ups each day.

By: Charles W. Boatright (CEO of THE QATSPY®)

If DEXTRO Came in a Bottle at Drugstores- The Drugstore Couldn’t even Keep it in Stock for Your Health, Fitness, and as an Anti-Aging Drug

The DEXTRO- DIET & FITNESS Program is your best drug that actually DOES NOT come in a bottle as a prescribed drug from your Doctor or as a drug filled by your pharmacist (apothecary). The DEXTRO- DIET & FITNESS Program is as easy to access as time you set aside to take care of YOURSELF! The DEXTRO is a simple Diet, Exercise, XTraining, Regimen Option for better health and fitness.

One of the best health programs that one can follow doesn’t come in a medicine bottle or in a prescription, but in a routine Diet & Fitness Program that you can follow at home with simple equipment. You can start with tubing and add other pieces of equipment and a sport as needed. DON’T pass up on considering a boxing bag. The boxing bag is one great full body workout.

The X-Training isn’t a specialized technique you would have to develop, but just include a sport in with your fitness program. X-Training allows you to not just see your achievements, but actually experience your achievements. My X-Training that I have is golf that I teach and play on a regular basis. One of my training techniques is my Orange Bucket Challenge, Look at my Orange Bucket Challenge that was part of a local Sports Zone show:

In the Orange Bucket Challenge, my objective is to hit 4-out-of-5 295-yard drives to within 15-foot of the Orange Bucket. This video was shown on a local Sports Zone program. By the way this video was done in one take.

Below is my PALMER CAM-OVER GOLF TECHNIQUE that includes the Orange Bucket Challenge with the raw video that produced the video above:


But that’s NOT ALL, as there are other real benefits of The DEXTRO- DIET & FITNESS Program that people will experience. How about including looking younger! I’m not talking about just a few years younger, but decades younger. Being in shape will always have its alluring appeal, but how about not just being in shape, but defying your age to boot in those great clothes you’ve been wanting to wear. You can’t even purchase anti-aging creams that provide the results of The DEXTRO- DIET & FITNESS Program, which is a simple diet and fitness program.

I am shown here with Miss. Mississippi Delta Rose in a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette. featuring the US WINGS A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that we supply to the U.S. Military and to Hollywood. In this photograph I’m 63 years old.

The DEXTRO-Diet is a diet that is high in protein, fiber, and B-Complex that also provides you the good fats, while eliminating the bad and ugly fats. What is especially beneficial about a diet that’s high in protein, fiber, and the B-Complex is that it allows your body to naturally produce collagen that is great for younger, healthier skin, joints, and muscle tissue.

Can you imagine being able to enjoy sports and working in the yard again and actually enjoying it, without discomfort?

Combine a Diet with Fitness; You Just Turbocharged Your Health

Speaking of turbocharging, I have upped my DEXTRO- Fitness Program during the summer months, especially this past July. I call it my Sweating-It-Out Workout. My gym is in the area over my golf training facility and photo studio THAT IS NOT air-conditioned. The actual temperatures is about 112 degrees, with humidity levels at 65 percent that create a heat index of over 137 degrees. Perfect for Sweating-IT-OUT! These conditions allow me to sweat profusely that will detox my body and skin on a daily basis. Sweating is great for the skin, ladies. Ladies, you can’t beat the benefits of SWEATING-IT-OUT!

This photograph was taken on June 21, 2021 in our hangar while we were preparing for an airshow with vintage WW II aircraft, including the P-40 Warhawk and the P-51 Mustang. The motorcycle is my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60. This was 2-weeks before I started my Sweat-It-Out Workout Regimen where I lost an additional 12-LBS to my 52-LBS that I lost in 3 months of 2015.

Just during the month of July when I started my Sweat-It-Out Workout, I lost 12 LBS, I’ve been wanting to lose. That puts my total weight loss at 60 LBS. The reason that my health and fitness is important to me is that I actually model my clothing line that includes the line of US WINGS® jackets. Just to increase my challenge at age 64, I’m posing with twentysomethings that work with me.

I am shown where with Britney on our airport tarmac with a Boeing Model 75 Stearman. Britney and I are wearing the A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that we have available for both men and women. I use my A-2 Leather Flight Jacket as my motorcycle jacket. Perfect for business or casual wear.

Posing with the young girls that work with me, makes me have to have healthier looking skin where I’m not worse for the wear and tear of working outside as a linemen and Grid Engineer with a Transmission Line utility for 33 years. That also included flying aerial patrol during those same years.

I am the one in the middle on the double channel X-arm where I’m testing out a horizontal Life Line that I developed for our Fall Protection Safety Program. I was head of the Fall Protection team where we develop devices to make our lineman’s job easier and safer.

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