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Inside the leather Classic Golf Swing Mechanics and simple golf swing tips for self-coaching techniques.

By: Charles W. Boatright Author of The ESPY Golf Swing Coach, Delta Technique Geared for Distance and Control

A Great Lineup of Gifts for Your Best Friend, Your Dad, on Father’s Day!

Lineup of great Father’s Day Gifts that can fit any dad’s needs or occasion from the office to the weekend leisure that they will used everyday.

Hitting Lead-off Spot: is a pair of American Optical® Aviators

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Your dad would love the classic look of the World War 2 aviators that pilots depend on for flying their sorties with their green distortion-free lenses. These lenses provide your father with both  UVA and UVB protection. Buy the only pair of sunglasses that went on the Apollo missions to the moon.  This pair of sunglasses comes with a black US Wings Pilot shop case. These sunglasses will make a great gift for Dad or your favorite GI! Made in the USA. Made by American Optical

These aviators do more than just protect the eyes themselves, as these aviator sunglasses also protect the skin around the eyes where wrinkles and skin damage can occur. If there is one thing that shows aging, it is the skin around the eyes. The eyes are the first feature that people notice, so let’s show people our best.

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Hit in the Second Spot: The Tailored Inseam Chinos Khaki Pants

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There’s nothing that can fit any occasion more than our khaki pants, which can be tailored in quarter-inch increments, from 26-inches to 36-inches, for the perfect fit. Khakis have proven their ability to go from the office, right to the golf course, for those special opportunities to make those tough deals. From an oxford button-down shirt to a polo shirt, khakis can complete a wardrobe for your dad.

There’s not a color that khakis can’t match. Khakis are like your utility player on a baseball team, and can play any position, except for riding the bench. These khakis are made for your dad to give him the confidence and look for all seasons. And our khakis pants look great with our US WINGS A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that I’m wearing below. Don’t forget to specify your inseam.

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Hit in the Third Spot: QATSPY Golf Training Downloads for Less than $20

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Provide your dad with one of the best gifts that can improve his golf game, both on and off the golf course. Golf is a sport to relieve frustration and not be the source of frustration. Have your dad improve his golf game between 5 to 12 strokes within a few months and not years.

Provide him the ability to take his baseball-type swing from the batter’s box to the tee box, without having swing thoughts. Made your dad’s golf swing as instinctive as hitting a baseball. You will be wanting to use this training to improve your own golf game.

This will provide you both with the opportunity to enjoy your special friendship, without worrying about your golf game and also improving your golf game from tee-to-green. Below is a link to my Locker Room, where I have a list of Self-Coaching Training Procedures to improve your game.

Price: from $10.00 to $20.00

Hitting Cleanup: Our US WINGS Cape Buffalo A-2 Leather Flight Jacket

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This is the same leather flight jacket quality that US WINGS supplies Walt Disney’s World production of “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.” This is the jacket that Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) made popular in the Indiana Jones movie series. There is nothing more iconic than the Indy Leather Jacket and a pair of khakis worn by Indiana Jones.

There’s not a better quality and feel than The Cape Buffalo A-2 Leather Flight Jacket for the price on the market. US WINGS supplies the A-2 and G-1 to all five branches of the US Service. The classic leather flight jacket worn by our pilots in World War-2 is the same quality found in our Cape Buffalo A-2 Leather Flight Jackets that meet all Military Specs. Give your dad the same style jacket that Tom Cruise wore in “Top Gun.”

Our Cape Buffalo A-2 Leather Jackets come in Regular and Tall fits, up to 3X.

Price: $295.00 to $315.00

Order yours today and beat the rush for a gift your dad will cherish for a lifetime. This also makes a great graduation gift that comes in MEN’S and WOMEN’S sizes.

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Also Hitting Cleanup, Don’t Forget Your Dad’s Essentials Personal Care Items:

In my Online Store I carry assortment of ARBONNE® items that includes Micro-Cleansers, Shaving Cream, After-Shave, and Anti-Aging ointments.

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Operation DOG TAG

Sports, such as golf, along with fitness and an exercise regimen that includes yoga, has been proven to be a great Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for trauma victims.

Veterans and those who have experienced a traumatic situation where the mind has been traumatized and disrupted can use golf and yoga to help re-establish connection and pathways in the brain. Golf also provides an excellent opportunity  for trauma victims to reconnect in a social setting to develop a dialogue without the pressures of clinical visits.

Section 1- Operation DOG TAG | GOLF CBT Intervention for PTSD

Section 2- Operation DOG TAG | Objectives and Scope