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The Golfer’s Tactical Gear using the HOME DEPOT Orange Bucket Challenge to develop the proper Wrist Action in the Golf Swing Sequence for More Power, Clubhead Speed, and Consistency

By: Charles W. Boatright

Coach’s Corner: GOLFER’S TACTICAL GEAR– The Wrist Action in the Golf Swing Sequence for More Power, Clubhead Speed, and Consistency

There are three (3) fundamentals of sports performance, and these are FITNESS, KEEP IT SIMPLE, and Develop MUSCLE MEMORY, based on basic Tactical motor skills. If you develop these, you will experience steady improvement in your game, particularly golf. The reason that I mention golf specifically is because of the longevity that a person can play golf effectively.

Below I will break down these three categories where a person can improve at sports, particularly their GOLF Game:


A person’s fitness plays a huge factor in their performance, both on and off the field. Fitness not only determines how well we will perform, but more importantly, has a direct impact on our health and how well we age. There is a lot of recent debate about booster shots for COVID-19, whether it is recommended or not. Your best booster is your FITNESS. Muscle strength plays a vital role in how well our immune system will perform.

First of all, not enough attention is given to one’s STRENGTH & CONDITIONING, as is given to Aerobic and Cardio training. Strength and Conditioning are just as important to a person’s fitness as running, jogging, swimming, and walking. Strength and Conditioning can even be done in a home setting, with simple weights or resistance tubing. You don’t have to have a gym membership to have fitness, but you do have to be consistent and dedicated. You can Link to my DELPHI Age-Defying Fitness System for more information.

Below, I’m shown here in our hangar, while sitting on my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60, at age 64. I have been working out since I was 12- years old, and fitness and sports have been an important part of my life:

This was taken on September 09, 2021 after we finished a photo shoot for our fall fitness fashion promotion that we will start in October of 2021. I’m 64 years old and still enjoy being active, especially riding my INDIAN Scout Bobber 60. This photo was done on a challenge from the photography crew.



This week at the LSU Football Game, Jordan Rogers, a SEC Network sports announcer, had a great analysis about keeping things simple. Jordan explained if you keep things simple, you keep things natural where the athlete doesn’t have to think. Subconscious RULE No. 9The greater the conscious effort reduces the subconscious intuitive response. The Athlete’s performance will be based on identifying these Tactical Motor Skills that they developed before the age of 12. One particular Tactical Motor Skills that is beneficial to the golfer is the ability to take their golf swing Tactical Motor Skills from the batter’s box to the tee box.

The Tactical Motor Skills that can be transferred from the batter’s box to the tee box to allow the golfer to develop their confidence to hit more fairways and Greens in regulation. This is what The Palmer Cam-Over Golf Technique is based on for the Golfer.

In regards to the golfer, there are two Tactical Motor Skills that we learned way before the age of 12 that are essential, simple, and that are natural to perform. If the golfer performs these two Tactical Motor Skills, the golfer has established 80 percent of their entire golf swing. This keeps the golfer’s swing sequence simple and natural. The golfer’s objective is to place their wrists into the Lock Position, shown below:

My Palmer Cam-Over Golf Technique is based on developing two simple muscle memory or Tactical Motor Skills using two muscle to set the Thenars. The Thenar is the pad at the base of our thumbs. These are the only two muscles that have direct contact with the handle of the golf club. So the Thenars are an important part of the typical golf swing sequence.


There are two muscles that have direct contact with the handle of the golf club. These muscles are called Thenars (Thenar and Hypothenar). There are six (6) natural muscle memory actions that include these Thenars- Palmer flexion, Dorsiflex, Supination, Pronation, Radial, and Ulna Deviation. There are only two (2) that the golfer needs to focus their attention on in the golf swing sequence, and these are Dorsiflex and Pronation.

These two (2) Tactical Motor Skills will allow the golfer to set and execute their golf swing, based on how their dominate Thenar is set and fired at impact. A major part of Muscle Memory is how the golfer’s Thenars represent the golf club. For the right-handed golfer, the right Thenar represents the clubface, while the left Thenar represents the shaft of the club.

This type of Muscle Memory places the clubface directly into the hands of the golfer for more Power, Clubhead Speed, and Consistency on the golf course. Below is a video that I did for a local television station that demonstrated my GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER Technique. I’m performing one of my practice techniques that I have my golf students perform called, The HOME DEPOT Orange Bucket Challenge. The objective is to get four-out-of-five (4O5) golf balls to fall within 15- feet of the orange bucket. I’m hitting a 295- yard Tee shot in this challenge:

This video was produced of a local television station for their Sports Zone Shown in June of 2021 to demonstrate a 300- yard tee shot made with properly setting the wrist action in the golf swing sequence. This will allow the golfer to hit more fairways and greens in regulation.

My Other Videos on the Pitch and Putting Techniques:

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NOTE: I typically hit over 100 shots with each of these techniques each day. 





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