QATR 707- The QATSPY Operation DOG*TAG Health & Sports Hangar for Diet, Fitness, and Golf


This Download will reveal how to develop a Health & Fitness Program that allowed me to lose 52- LBS and over 9- inches in my waistline.


This approach your Health & Fitness with Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle changes


This Download also includes a new approach to the Golf Swing by taking your instinctive motor skills developed in the batter’s box to the Tee Box with confidence and consistency that will become second nature to the Golfer.


This Download includes THE DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System, THE CASPER FITNESS PROGRAMS with a 4-Part Video where I’m demonstrating every exercise element, The THE KASPER GOLF & FITNESS COACH Bonus PRICE to give the Athlete to ability to have a consistent golf game.



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THE QATSPY Health & Sports Hangar to Achieve your Health and Fitness Goals in Life



Operation DOG*TAG= Download On Go Training Athletics Guidelines for Diet, Fitness, and Mental Core Strength

This Download is a BONUS PACKAGE revealing how I defied the conventional wisdom of losing weight after the age of 57, and have kept the weight off going on NOW for 7 years. My personal Fitness Program and A Golf Swing that is from the Batter’s Box to the TEE Box!


This package includes the diet that allowed me to lose 4.75- inches in my waistline in ONE month and 8.50- inches within 9- months, or equivalent to 52- pounds. I developed a diet plan based on Circadian Rhythms and a Weight Factor that allowed me to turn my body into a calorie-burning juggernaut at age 57.


If you try dieting and sweating it out in a gym without results, then the DELPHI Diet & Fitness Program is for you. You won’t find an easier diet and fitness training that provides results you are looking for.


This Photograph was Taken on November 09, 2021 at age of 64 after a photo shoot featuring our US WINGS A-2 and G-1 Leather and our CWU-45P TOP ACE Nylon Flight Jackets taken at our hangar.




This photograph was taken on a dare as a AB Challenge from the camera crew. They could not believe I was in this great of shape at age 64.


I retired in 2014 to start my Health, Fitness, Sports Training, and Apparel Business known as THE QATSPY® Clubhouse that carries the A-2 Leather Flight Jacket that we supply to the U.S. Military. I’m pictured below with the US WINGS® A-2 Leather Flight Jacket and our custom fitted THE QATSPY® Button-Down Oxford shirt. The A-2 Leather Flight Jacket has become my new sports jacket because it hold up to my active schedule and still look good.



The Second Part of the Triple Crown Bonus Package is The DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System


The Fitness Program that I developed has Four (4) Components that are critical to your Health & Fitness that includes Cardiovascular, Aerobics, Strength, and Pilates Exercise Regimen for a HOME GYM SET UP



THE DELPHI DIET & FITNESS SYSTEM consist of very basic exercise equipment that you see in the above photograph. My exercises consist of Free Weights, Elastic Tubing, Medicine Balls, AB Roller, at the low end. At the upper end, my exercise equipment consist of optional equipment like- An 80 LB Punching Bag, a Mountain Bike, and a Programmable Stationary Bike.


The THE DELPHI DIET & FITNESS SYSTEM includes a 4- Part Training Videos showing all of my basic exercise elements that I cover in detail during the videos that I’m narrating while I perform each exercise giving points to properly perform. Exercises are important, but more important is to avoid injuries. You what to exercise and not rehab.


The important strategy to remember about Health and Fitness is that 80% of your Health & Fitness is Nutrition; and the other 20% is Fitness. A lot of people make the New Year’s Resolution to get into shape by exercising. Unfortunately that process with render ONLY a 20% results you are looking for. A good Health & Fitness is 80% turning your body into a Calorie-Burning Juggernaut that THE DELPHI DIET & FITNESS SYSTEM Does. Exercises are important to build muscle and tone the body. When we age without proper fitness we lose muscle mass. You want to avoid this at all cost. Even if you are a long-distance runner, you have to have a strengthening program. And IT ISN’T the amount of weight you press, but the reps you perform.


The Third Part of the Triple Crown Bonus Package is an Athletic Activity Program


The reason I focus on GOLF is for three reasons- (1) The longevity that Golf can be played from 8 to 98. (2) It can be played as a team or individual sport with minimum equipment and sport wear. (3) It is a great sport to be introduced into a Homeschool Setting or Veterans groups. A Homeschool student can even earn a scholarship to a college. College are looking for Homeschool students on those merits alone, include the sport of golf and you have an attractive offer to provide colleges.


I would like to address one point about the question if Golf is a Sport- Here what I would like those that question if Golf is a Sport, Take a 45 LB pack and hike a trail for over 8 miles up and down terrain and still control your breathing and try to hit a 1.63- inch Dia. ball 280 yards inside 30 yard target. That is exactly what a Golfer is doing that walks the course with a golf bag that weighs over 40- LBS. Golf is the most mentally challenging that you ever could enjoy playing.


As part of the Golf Training, I have devoted over 10- years developing a Golf Swing that the golfer can take from the batter’s box and carry confidently to the Tee box and to the green with a high degree of consistency, and consistency with confidence is the name of the game. A Golf Swing to be effective on the golf course has to be instinctive. If your Golf Swing isn’t instinctive you won’t have it available to use on the gold course. This is the very reason golfers find it difficult to take their Golf Swing from Practice range to Performance on the course. The main reason is the golfer isn’t using the same part of the brain to play as they did in their practice. If you are THINKING, You ARE NOT PERFORMING


The golfer might very well use their conscious mind to practice with thinking through each sequence in the golf swing; BUT I can guarantee that once they step foot onto the golf course their Subconscious mind will take over their entire golf game. Sounds familiar?


THE GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH- The Golf Swing that will go from Practice to Performance at a High Level


I have included below TWO (2) Videos showing the Effectiveness of The Palmer D-PRO Golf TECH. One is the Bunt-Type Technique used around the green, and Second is the 295-yard Tee shot performed in The Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge where my tee shots are landing within a 15- foot radius of the Home Depot Orange Bucket


The Bunt-Type Pitch Shot


The Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge Tee Shot


What is interesting about the Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge is how the Subconscious mind works. Thought Drives Reaction, while Instincts Drives Performance. The Subconscious mind works off either Positive or Negative Thoughts with equal reaction. My second tee shot I was discussing how the golfer doesn’t want to get quick in their golf swing. I did exactly what the golfer didn’t want to do just by talking about it.


NOTE: The Home Depot Orange Bucket Challenge was perform before I was going to be interview by Ned Reynolds in October 2014. Before I started losing weight.


Bonus Putting Video Showing the TICK-N-TOCK Put Technique with Left hand Low



This DOWNLOAD contains Both the 72 Page The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH, The Quick Field Guide to The GOLFER’S BRACHS-PALMER TECH, and the 22 Page DELPHI DIET & FITNESS System with CASPER FITNESS PROGRAM and Training Videos to help you obtain your Health/Fitness Goals, Please purchase your copy of:

The Package is great for Veterans to use to transition back into civilian life and still remain in contact with the Veteran Community. If you are a Veteran or a Veteran group, please contact me and I can furnish each individual a PROMO CODE for this package for $10.00.