Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

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Figure No. 1 Just Compare the wrist action in the Golf Swing to that of the wrist action in the Baseball-type swing they are Virtually the SAME ACTION. Below is a enlarged image of my wrist action in my golf swing from tee-to-green
Figure No. 2-The Wrist Action in The Golf Swing is controlled by two muscles/tendons called Palmaris Longus to SYNC and Brachio-Radialis muscle/tendon to PRESET Shown HERE!

By: Charles W. Boatright

Wrist Action in the Golf Swing- The Risk of Not Understanding & Developing the Golfer’s Instinctive Natural Wrist Action From Tee-to-Green

One topic that catches my attention are articles about the wrist action in the golf swing. The articles that I have read cover the coaching philosophies of both passive wrists versus active wrists action. The Majority of articles that I have read lean more toward having an active wrist, rather than maintaining a passive wrist and letting set naturally. I’m in the camp, like Sir Nick Faldo, of having an active and presetting wrist, if done properly. The key word is– if done properly.

In June of 2021, I was asked to do a three part video series on my wrist action in my golf swing for WJTV-12 sports show called Sports ZONE that airs on Sunday night after the 10 O’clock News. The first video was the INTRODUCTION, second video was a WALK-THROUGH, and the third was DEMONSTRATION.

These Videos and a promo that the crew at WJTV-12 filmed are posted below in this article. I’m using special golf balls that only travel one-third (1/3rd) the distance of an actual golf ball where the camera crew could use just one camera set-up to shoot all three videos. The film crew was concern that they couldn’t capture where my 295- yard Drives was landing in regard to the orange bucket. These AlmostGOLF Balls are hit in feet instead of yards, so these are excellent for backyard use or on a football practice field where we shot THE ORANGE BUCKET CHALLENGE.

Importance of Wrist Action in the Golf Swing that is the Same for Baseball-Type Swing and Fly Fishing

HERE’S THE QUESTION that I have for GOLFERS– How many golfers standing in the BATTER’S BOX have the same obstacles and issues to deal with that they experience standing on the TEE BOX? I would guess NONE!

So why not use muscle memories that was developed during early childhood development to produce a natural and instinctive golf swing that you don’t even think about. Remember RULE No. 10: The greater the conscious (Thinking Process) effort reduces the subconscious intuitive response.


Figure No. 3- The Diagram of the Wrist Action in the Golf Swing to SYNC, PRESET, COCK, and LOCK Components.

Fly Fishing that Provides the Acceleration Component for Loft in the Golf Swing

There are very few fly fishing enthusiasts that would even consider fly fishing without understanding the proper use of their wrist in casting or the COCK component. COCK component (Radial Deviation) is the acceleration component that provides loft for the trajectory to the golf shot. I remember watching the movie, The River Runs Through It, with Brad Pitt, Craig Sheffer, one of my favorite actors who also played in TOP GUN, Tom Skerritt. The movie centered around fly fishing in Montana. There was a line in the movie by Craig Sheffer describing Brad Pitt’s back casting, “It’s all in the wrist.” Back casting is a back-and-forth motion of the fly rod and line that allows fishermen to place the fly into a particular spot.

It would be impossible to perform the back cast maneuver without having the proper active wrist action. The wrist action gives the back casting that whipping action and sound that almost appears to be like art in motion. I could not imagine performing back casting without two distinct wrist action called Radial and Ulna Deviation, shown in the diagram above, in golf this is cocking and un-cocking of the wrists. These are two of six maneuvers that the wrist can perform very effectively, as noted in the two diagrams of the wrist above. These six wrist actions have advantages if done correctly. But done incorrectly can actually be very frustrating and are a disadvantage for the golfer.

First, right off the bat, let’s identify the wrist action needed before getting into the golf swing. The wrist isn’t where one would wear a wristwatch or GPS rangefinder. This area is actually the lower forearm. The wrists are just below the wristband on a pair of kickboxing gloves and shown below in a model of the lower forearm, wrist, and hand.

Figure No. 4– Part of my golf lessons, I use kickboxing gloves to show my students how their wristbands are stack at address, where the top of the left wristband is level with the bottom of the right wristband. Then when the student Sync and Preset their wrists in the Lock Position that top of each wristbands are synced with each other.
Figure No. 5– This is an anatomic model of the hand that I use to get my students understand their mechanics in their golf swing.

This model, above, of the wrist shows a very important feature called the Radial Styloid Process (RSP) and Ulna Styloid Process (USP), these two (2) are nodules. The RSP is an important checkpoint for properly presetting the wrist, particularly the lead wrist. One of the two (2) trigger muscles is connected to the lead Radial Styloid Process, called the Brachio-Radialis (or BRACHS for short, like the candy company). The checkpoint is where the RSP is pointing toward the golfer’s trail shoulder. Right shoulder for a right-hander and left shoulder for a left-hander.

These kickboxing gloves, shown in Figure No. 4 above, is part of my coaching process to help my students to understand their wrist and how it is used properly in the golf swing. I particularly focus on two elements in the ESPY Golf Swing, Sync/Preset maneuvers. The Sync maneuver is called Dorsiflex. The second is called Pronation. Both are illustrated above in Figure No. 2 called the GOLFER’S BRACHS – PALMER Technique.

The BRACHS-PALMER Maneuvers in The Golf’s Wrist Action

These two (2) maneuvers, BRACHS-PALMER TECH of Dorsiflex and Pronation, the golfer must learn to develop the proper wrist action in the golf swing to be consistent. The golfer performs these simple maneuvers we perform each and every day sets 90 percent of the golfer swing. The following are the three (3) YouTube videos that I made for WJTV-12 Sports ZONE:

THE Orange Bucket Challenge Link INTRO

The Orange Bucket Challenge Walk-Through

The Orange Bucket Challenge Demo

The PROMO of my ORANGE BUCKET CHALLENGE that the Film Crew produced from the three (3) Videos Below:

The wrist action in the golf swing is crucial for making a proper and consist golf swing cocking and locking the wrists and golf club onto the proper ONE plane swing plane Position. The only issue with the wrist– is the wrists are essentially a universal joint, having six maneuvers, in Figure No. 3. In the ESPY Golf Swing all six are performed, but they need to be in the correct sequence. The golfer trying to achieve the correct golf swing must set their wrists in the correct sequence and synchronize their wrists with their forearms, elbows, and shoulders during the takeaway procedure in the golf swing.

This goes back to the article entitled “The Picture Perfect Golf Swing.” This article covers the topic Mentalization, or Mental Imagery in Sports, where the golfer is trying to use imagination to enhance the golfer’s performance. If the golfer is struggling to perform the golf swing properly, the golfer first trouble shooting  needs to be with Syncing/Presetting of their wrist action in the golf swing since this represent 80 percent of the entire golf swing.

EVERLAST Kickboxing Gloves, Swap Out Your Golf Glove for another Type of Glove

I have a pair of EVERLAST kickboxing gloves that I use as a part of my CASE Workout Program. Working with the punching bag helps me to develop stamina, both mentally and physically, but more importantly strengthens the key trigger muscles in my wrists and forearms. I use these trigger muscles to help my muscle memory. The more you workout with muscles used in your golf swing the more natural instinctive control you can exercise.

These muscles for a right-handed golfer are: Palmaris Longus Muscle/Tendon, Hypothenar, and Brachio-Radialis Muscles/Tendon. Not your ordinary household words, are they? I realize like boxing the golfer uses the majority of their 640 muscles to execute their golf swing. But there are key trigger muscles that the golfer can use to create the domino effect like a chain reactions just by Syncing/Presetting these muscles.

The Golf Channel Interview with Ken Duke by Lisa Cornwell, this was similar to the Interview that Charlie Rymer had with David Duval on That Wrist Thing

Even Ken Duke, a professional golfer, gave one of the best interviews to Lisa Cornwell, a host with Golf Channel, on presetting, or what Ken refers to as hinging, the wrists. Referring back to Figure No. 4 the kickboxing gloves where I’m gripping my training club with my kickboxing gloves like I would be in the address position to illustrate something unique that occurs after the golfer Sync/Presets their wrists. This will surprise you in their orientation of the two wristbands.

Focus on the gold line that I have drawn on both before and after photographs of my Sync/Preset maneuvers. BEFORE- The gold line goes from the top of the wristband on my left kickboxing glove to the bottom of the wristband on my right glove. Now AFTER I Sync/Preset, both top of the left and right wristbands are aligned or what I refer to as synced in the Lock Position. This is what great about using kickboxing gloves as a visual coaching technique. Remember the subconscious mind learns based on visualization.

You perform the Sync/Preset maneuvers correctly and 90 percent of your golf swing is performed correctly just by using these muscles and simple maneuvers. The golfer can actually see and feel these muscles engage and set. This is what is fascinating by the ESPY Golf Swing, is the see what you feel. The last thing the golfer wants to do on the golf course is think; in stead they want to feel and have an instinctive golf swing.

All due respects to Bryson DeChambeau and his interview with David Feherty that was aired on 25Mar2019, but the golfer doesn’t want to think. The golf swing has to be instinctive because which part of the brain we are using on the golf course, the subconscious mind. I have a degree in Engineering heavy with physics. But, the golfer can’t think, they have to do.


There’s one thing that I can guarantee the golfer, You may very well practice your golf swing and take golf lessons using your conscious mind of thinking concerning the WHAT, but I can guarantee the golfer that once they step foot onto the golf course that they will be relying totally on their subconscious mind, instincts. The subconscious mind runs the show when it comes to HOW on the golf course.

Matter of fact, if the golf swing isn’t instinctive the subconscious mind will sabotage all those swing thoughts the golfer works so hard to develop on the range.

When there’s a conflict between the conscious mind, how the golfer typically practices, and the subconscious mind, how the golfer will perform on the golf course, the golfer’s subconscious mind will win the face-off or duel. If your golf swing isn’t instinctive you won’t have it on the golf course.

To help the golfer understand the Sync/Preset element, I break it down in a Online Download Training called: QATR-101- Anatomy 101- The Wrists Action in the Golf Swing.

This training will help the golfer to develop an instinctive golf swing, or muscle memory, and motor-skills in the subconscious mind. Developing the instinctive golf swing is also a great way to deal with pressures, adrenaline, and anxiety of a round or tournament. The instinctive golf swing also allows the golfer to relax and stay focused and allow the conscious mind get out of the way of the subconscious mind and concentrate on the target area. This develops the IN-THE-ZONE performance the golfer has to have.

There are 10- Rules that govern how the subconscious mind works. I treat my conscious mind as a spectator to check certain checkpoints like my left pinky knuckle pointing toward my right big toe and a nodule just above my left thumb pointing toward my right shoulder.

  1. The subconscious mind does not and must not differentiate between visualizations (practice) and real situations (performance).
  2. Your subconscious feels that time passes faster.
  3. The Quicker and longer the subconscious mind believes and proves something, the harder will it be to alter this belief in any way.
  4. Every thought causes a physical reaction. The subconscious mind can’t distinguish between a positive or negative through.  
  5. What you expect tends to be realized.
  6. Finding proofs to your beliefs strengthens them.
  7. The subconscious mind always prevails in conflicts with the conscious mind.
  8. An idea, once accepted, will remain firmly in place until it is replaced by another.
  9. The greater the conscious effort reduces the subconscious intuitive response.
  10. Suggestions and belief can be used to “program” the subconscious mind.

The reason this nodule called the Radial Styloid Process is important is this is here the Brachio-Radialis muscle connects from the arm along the forearm. One of the functions of the Brachio-Radialis muscle is to pronate the wrists. This is huge in locking the wrists into the Lock Position, shown below.

A Great End of Your Practice- OFF THE DECK DRILL

If you perform the Sync/Preset maneuvers correctly, you should be able to take your driver and hit a golf ball off the ground, or what golfers refer to off the deck. The last thing I perform at the end of each training sessions is to do just that, take my driver and hit a golf ball off the deck and see if it has the correct flight and trajectory.

The Consistency in the Golfer’s Swing Starts with Wrist Actions in the Golf Swing

If the golfer is looking for consistency in their golf game, the proper wrist action in the golf swing is essential. Consistency is the ‘Holy Grail’ in golf and is a great confidence builder. I don’t know too many golfers who would pass up the opportunity to have consistency in their golf game. This is what training with kickboxing gloves does. If the golfer wants to improve their golf game, they need to switch out their golf glove for a pair of kickboxing glove.


If you want to see the magic of kickboxing gloves has on the golfer’s game, look again at the figure No. 4. Pay attention to the gold line in both photographs. The gold line at the top of the left wristband and bottom of the right wristband at address. Now look at after I have SYNC/PRESET my wrists, The top of the left and right wristbands are synced or aligned with each other. The virtual kickboxing gloves give the golfer the confidence and feel to grip and preset the handle of the club. Everything else falls within this mental image of Syncing/Presetting the handle of the club.

Also focusing on the kickboxing gloves and the handle of the club narrows the golfer’s focus to a very small area, less distractions. Instead of all of the other hundreds of moving parts and muscles (actually 640 muscles) in the golf swing. This was the main emphasis of Mr. Eddie Merrins, The Little Pro’s video series entitled, Swing the Handle, not the club. Mr. Merrins, I believe, was trying to reduce the complexity of the golf swing down to the handle of the club.

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