The ONE Pivotal Hinge Point that Golfers need to know and take advantage of for more consistent golf game from Tee-to-Green.

By: Charles W. Boatright, President & CEO of THE QATSPY®

Your Golf Game Hinges on One Pivotal Point: If you want to know and discover this ONE PIVOTAL Point for more Consistency and Control it’s the Process. The Process that I’m referring to is the left and right Ulna Styloid Process to CAM & CAM-OVER

Guys and Gals, I wish I could tell you that this CAM & CAM-OVER maneuver is more difficult and complicated procedure to perform in the Golf Swing, but it isn’t you have done this since childhood. The baseball/softball batter standing in the batter’s box has developed this technique naturally since their childhood. At least the elite hitters have developed this technique.

The only difference between the golfer standing on the tee box and the batter standing in the batter’s box is what part of the golf club is their bat, or the clubhead. The Ulna Styloid Processes on the left and right wrists will help the golfer to place the clubhead into your hands and take what they learned at childhood that was developed in the batter’s box to use on tee box going from the tee box, to the fairway, and onto the green.

The problem with the golfer using their wrists in the golf swing is that there are six (6) wrists maneuvers that can be performed with the wrists, like an universal joint. But fortunately we are only interested in just two (2) of these wrist actions and just two key muscle memories. Below, I will explain and demonstrate both the two wrists maneuvers and the two key muscles that will automatically set up the Kinetic Chain in the golfer’s swing. This is like putting your golf game on Autopilot! Baseball/softball batters this will work for you, as well.

Below, are the two simple wrists action in the golf swing called Palmar-Flexion (Palmer for short, like throwing a baseball underhanded) and Pronation (Pro for short, like swinging a baseball bat):


I will be referring to the right-handed golfer in this article, because I’m not a switch hitter, like my neighbor Braden Montgomery, presently plays for Texas A&M baseball team and is in the top five MLB Picks for this year’s MLB draft. Braden is what you would call a DH, not Designated Hitter, but Discipline and Humble young man that has unlimited potential.

His family stressed the importance of scholastic development, as much as, they did his sporting activities. Elite athletes train their mind, body, and their Heart equally! Heart is where the athlete’s passion is derived from to keep going. The heart is their True Grit!

The Muscles Structure of the Palmer-Pro Golf Technique

What is great about The Palmer-Pro Golf Technique is that is uses only two muscles located on the lower forearms/wrists. In the following two images, below, I will illustrate the Palmaris Longus Tendon to initiate the wrist action and the Brachioradialis Tendon/Muscle used to establish the Cock & Lock Position. The Palmaris Longus Tendon can be identified in the medial side of the wrists as noted below with the boxing bag workout:

The left Palmaris Longus (or Palmer for short) is a muscle/tendon used to perform the first maneuver (CAM) like throwing a baseball underhanded to the golfer’s right, called Palomar-flexion.

The right Brachioradialis [pronounced Brach (like the candy company)-io-radialis] muscle performs the second maneuver, Pronation (CAM-OVER) that is attached to the Radial Styloid Process. This is the nodule that is just above the thumb. The Radial Styloid Process isn’t as noticeable as the Ulna Styloid Process is on the wrists.

These two maneuvers allow the golfer to preset their wrists into the Cock & Lock Position that completes 80 percent of the entire golf swing like a batter standing in the batter’s box before they take their bat up to the top of their golf swing. The golfer in the batter’s box, as I’m illustrating below, has only to drop the handle of the golf club back through the Strike Zone using a Shot Clock as reference, shown below.

This Palmer-Pro Technique will allow the golfer to establish and execute their golf swing without thinking, just trusting their mechanics and the Shot Clock ONLY. Even the pitcher on the mound is under the clock now. The last thing any athlete wants to do in their game is to think.

Remember what Maverick told Rooster in TOP GUN: MAVERICK– “If you think up there, you are dead.” Same thing can be said about your golf game that you want to avoid on the golf course, THINKING! Swing thoughts are totally useless from tee-to-green, same in any sport.

Just remember the difference between your training and conditioning- You training is to execute what you had practiced; but your conditioning is for your body and mind to be able to perform.

A great example of conditioning was the 2020 Japan Olympics where athletes that were running the Marathon in the hot/humid summer of Tokyo where experienced runners were dropping out along the course. But the leader was taking it on like a stroll in the park. He trained under the same conditions that he would be running under in Tokyo. Same with your golf game- Train and condition the way you play; and play the way you trained and conditioned.

The Advantage of the Orange Bucket Challenge Drill

At the conclusion of all my practice sessions, I use The Orange Bucket Challenge Drill, where my objective is to place all five of my 295-yard tee shots within 15- foot of the Home Depot Orange Bucket with a flag/pin. If more than one of my five (5) tee-shots misses, I must start over until I can hit all five tee-shots to within the 15-foot of the orange bucket.

Just to add another level/dimension of pressure to The Orange Bucket Challenge, I did it in front of a camera crew from WJTV-12 Television Station here in Jackson, Mississippi. The crew were filming my Palmer-Pro Golf Technique for one of their Sports Zone shows in June 2021 leading up to The 2021 US Open.

The following raw videos was done for WJTV-12 Sports Zone Show, done in the first take. I have written numerous articles and was a lineman instructor as a grid engineer for 33-years. So making instructional videos is second nature for me. If you want to take your golf training to a whole different level, have a video done during your practice sessions. Conditioning is the key objective of The Orange Bucket Challenge using the Palmer-Pro Golf Technique. This conditioning makes your golf swing natural and instinctive where there is no swing thoughts involved.

Orange Bucket Introduction (Raw) Video:


Orange Bucket Walk-Through (Raw) Video:

Walk-Through of The Orange Bucket Challenge

Orange Bucket Demonstration (Raw) Video:

Demonstration of the Orange Bucket Challenge

Promo for The Orange Bucket Challenge Drill Series


So Why the Orange Bucket Challenge Drill is Important to the Golfer’s Game

Here’s why– If your golf swing isn’t natural or instinctive under actual conditions to you; than I can guarantee that you won’t have what you practiced with you once you step foot on the first tee box. Your subconscious mind will absolutely takeover and sabotage all those hours you spent working on your golf game under practice conditions. If your golf swing isn’t natural and instinctive to you in your subconscious mind; you subconscious mind will use what it has confidence in using.

Do yourself a big favor like the pitcher on the mound does, just FOCUS on the Strike Zone, as I have indicated in the Shot Clock illustration above with the two (2) overhead shots. The only thing that I’m focused on is where my wrists (Ulna Styloid Process) enter the Strike Zone and proceed through the Strike Zone based on the type of shape shot I’m trying to produce. This will create the lag whip action the golfer and baseball batter needs for Power, Acceleration, Consistency, Effectiveness, club head Speed, or PACES!

If you noticed in the Demonstration video, above, where I’m discussing how I will have to draw the golf ball to counter the wind coming in from my back left to my right front. This means that everything takes place within the Strike Zone including IMPACT, this is your mental focus in the Strike Zone.