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I’m hitting my approach shot from 120- yards out with my 9- Iron into the green. One hundred and twenty yards is my ideal distance for my approach shot. I like 120-yards out for the loft to stop my ball on the green

By: Charles W. Boatright

Your Best Approach to Master Your Golf Game- The Statistic Shows the best Approach to Your Golf Game, Hone Your Skills is the Approach Shot

If the third round at the Masters proves one thing, it is that your approach shot is the key to shooting lower scores. Hideki Matsuyama leads after the third round, by 11 under. The surprising thing about his lead is that he only hit five fairways in regulation on Saturday to lead the field.

I included some interesting statistics in Section 12 of my 411- Palmer D-Pro Golf Technique on proficiencies of golfers on putting stats on the PGA Tour. These are the best percentages, given various putting distances by PROS:

12.3 Analytics from Professional Golfers

The following Stats are from professional golfers’ putting proficiencies:

  • 99% of putts from within 3 feet
  • 69% of 6-foot putts
  • 54% of 8-foot putts
  • 31% of putts between 10 and 15 feet

12.4   Even for professional golfers, just 2 feet farther from the pin (since the pin can be left in the cup now), at 10- feet from 8- feet, drops the golfer’s accuracy from 54% to 31%, which is a 23% drop. With that data, the most important golf shot for the golfer to lower their score, handicap, and frustration level is their approach shot into the green, inside the 8-Foot Drop Putting Zone.

12.5   Another use of this data by golfer’s is their lag putts. The putting percentage drops from 30% from a 3- foot putt to a 6- foot putt. Remember, golf isn’t about perfection, but playing the percentages. If the golfer has over a 10- foot putt, the golfer’s objective is to lag their putt to within a 3- foot area around the pin. Just like place kickers in football, their objective is to split the uprights, that are 18′-6″ apart from each other. But placing the football inside the uprights is their goal.

12.6   This is the very reason why I made my three YouTube Videos and concentrated 80 percent of my practice and training time around the putting green in my training facility. Just hitting chip and pitch shots gives me the same mechanics and finesse needed to go from Tee-to-Green. Like Jordan Spieth stated- Aim small, miss small.

The YouTube Video below was made at my home testing out a new RODE® Wireless mike and receiver system that I just purchased to help me in my outdoor training videos. This way I don’t have to be close to my camera to discuss what I’m demonstrating out on the course. Your will hear a mower working in the background that I did on purpose to test the reception.

My objective was trying to come within 20-foot of the HOME DEPOT Orange Bucket as part of my training procedure. The special golf balls that I’m using are called AlmostGolf Ball® that are perfect for a residential setting, because these golf balls are hit in feet and not yards. They don’t cause injuries to people or pets or damage to property. I have these in my Online Store.

The YouTube Video below shows me demonstrating the ALMOSTGOLF BALL® that I carry in my Online Store:

12.7   That is why I made the video above, because it is so important to me in my training and coaching sessions. This is especially true during the off-season, where the weather and daylight aren’t conducive for practicing or playing golf on the course.

12.8   Also, the video that you can make on a modern-day digital camera or the golfer’s I-Phone provides golf course-like competition conditions during training. This is because this gives you a sensation that people are watching and helps you deal with situational pressures. Believe it or not, I made all of my YouTube Videos in ONE TAKE.

What make the approach shot at Augusta even more important is knowledge of the greens and where to place your approach shot on the green each day where it can place your shot within the 8- foot target zone of the pin.

One thing that I think improved Hideki Matsuyama’s score was the weather delay, as the greens were more receptive to Hideki Matsuyama’s approach shot. He was right in the range of the single putt. That was the key to Hideki Matsuyama scoring 11 under on Saturday.

One observation about Hideki Matsuyama’s 220-yard approach shot into the 15th green. Due to the yardage of 220, the approach shot wouldn’t have the loft needed to stop the ball on the green.

This photograph was taken with Time-Lapse mode that caught my wrists in the preset position. At this point, I completed 80% of my golf swing with the simple SYNC and PRESET Maneuver.

With water in the front and back behind the 15th green, I would be looking for a bunker to place my approach shot and hit (bunker shot out of the bunker) what I would consider a lag putt to place my ball within 8 feet of the pin. If your approach is 170-plus yards and out, you more than likely won’t have the loft needed to stop your approach on the green.

During the MASTERS Broadcast this weekend, I made the following commercial with the help of WJTV-12 in Jackson, in Mississippi where I discussed how we can take our golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box using motor skills we already developed:

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