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By: Charles W. Boatright

The Impact of Visceral Fat on Your Health, and Why Your New Year’s Resolution of Fitness is Important to Reducing Visceral Fat

The risk factors of Visceral Fat on your health lead to heart disease, Type2 Diabetes, stroke, Breast and Colorectal Cancers, including Alzheimer’s and Arthritis issues, due to inflammation. If your New Year’s Resolution included fitness, you have another important reason to stay the course of maintaining a fitness program.

Visceral Fat produces inflammatory chemicals that cause health issues to occur.  Visceral Fat is sometimes referred to as active fat, because this type of fat causes serious health issues. Visceral fat is stored mainly in the abdominal area and also can be stored in the arms and legs. Visceral fat composes about 10 percent of  our total fat. It is critical that we reduce our body’s (Subcutaneous) fat, in general, but specifically Visceral Fat.

Visceral Fat can be reduced by Including FDA- Fitness, Diet, and Athletics

If you made a New Year’s Resolution to start a fitness program, you made an important step toward improving your overall health, more than just losing weight. Fortunately, you can reduce Visceral Fat by exercising at least five times a week by including both cardio fitness and strength training. Strength training should be performed in at least three of your five exercise regimens that include cardio.

Cardio can include jogging, swimming, working out with a Medicine Ball, Ab Roller, punching bag, bicycling, and in certain sports (i.e., golf, basketball, tennis, rugby, and other sports). Strength training doesn’t have to be done with heavy weights to be effective.

In my CASPER (Cardiovascular, Aerobics, Strength, Palates, Exercise, Regimen) Fitness Program, I don’t have any weights heavier than 35-pound dumbbells. Doing reps with lighter weights is just as effective as doing heavier weights with low reps and also less likely of causing injury.

Another factor that causes Visceral Fat to be stored in the body is stress, This is why I include mediation and Athletics in my fitness program, especially due to the social benefits Athletics. Athletics can even help Veterans deal with PTSC (Post-Traumatic Stress Condition). Athletics provide a lifestyle change that can also measure the effects of your fitness program.

Your Diet Doesn’t Have to be Your Arch Nemesis

I’ve worked out since I was 12 years old by following the same CASPER Fitness Program, shown in the YouTube Video above. But what I found was that after I reached 40, I started gaining weight because my metabolism started slowing down.

To assist me in losing the weight, I needed to lose 52-pounts (8.5 inches in my waist), so I developed the Kosher 925-MET Diet. I lost over 20 pounds within four weeks of starting this diet. I lost an additional 32-pounds over the next 8 months.

The Kosher 925-MET Diet Program helps you to identify the sugars and especially the hidden sugars (Starches) that lead to Visceral fat being stored. To Turbocharge your New Year’s Resolution, include the Kosher 925-Met Diet on how I achieved my health and fitness objectives; read more below:

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Besides losing weight the combination of CASPER Fitness Program and the Kosher 925-MET Diet provides an anti-aging component to all the other benefits you are getting with FDA Program. In the photograph above and the YouTube Videos below, I’m 62 years old.

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