QATSPY ASPEN-408- The Palmer Golf 5-KP Technique (the Wrist Action in the Golf Swing)

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This 40- Page QATSPY Download will help the golfer to be able to take their baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box and get on the green with par or better. The Palmer Technique is a simple, reliable, and instinctive element that will allow the golfer to Sync and Preset their wrists. But more importantly, The Palmer Technique will allow the golfer’s to sync their elbows with their shoulders. This was the same technique Arnold Palmer gave to President Eisenhower before a Pro-AM they were paired together.


THE Boxing and Strike Zone Technique synchronizes the golfer’s wrists and elbows with their shoulders, torso, and quads muscles, where the real clubhead speed and power are generated in the golf swing. This will allow the golfer take their golf swing instincts from the batter’s box and be able to use this same techniques on the tee box without having to think.



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THE QATSPY® Golfer Inside-the-leather Classic Golf Swing Mechanics and simple golf swing tips for Self-coaching Techniques and Fitness.




This 40- Page Complete Golfer’s Training Download will help the golfer take their golf game from the backyard or training area (i.e., garage) to the golf course using The Palmer Technique. This is more than a coaching procedure, but sports medicine approach using the golfer’s instincts or APP (Apperception).

You no longer have to be like Indiana Jones on their last crusade looking for the golf swing any longer.


THE QATSPY ASPEN-408 Palmer Golf Technique is Focused on Setting the Proper Wrist Action in the Golf Swing

Have you, the golfer, ever felt that your baseball swing is more fluid and easier to perform standing in the batter’s box than setting up and making golf shot? Then you will understand exactly why The Boxing Champs Technique is critical to the golfer’s game. Why not take that same confidence that you had in the batter’s box to the tee box in order to hit more fairways and greens to make par or better?



  • To improving your golf game with cross training by swapping out your golf glove with a pair of kickboxing gloves for training purposes.
  • To develop a golf swing that is instinctive with just two (2) essential moves and eliminate your swing thoughts and confusion.
  • To practice your instinctive golf swing from tee-to-green where you practice your putting, like in the convenience of your garage.
  • Take advantage of the Palmer Technique to simply preset your wrists and sync your elbows for more distance and consistency.
  • To develop a baseball batter mentality by taking your golf swing from the batter’s box to the tee box and making everything relative to your strike zone.

Introduction to THE QATSPY® Golf Training Regimen

THE QATSPY® represents Quad Apperception Training of Synchronization Preset

  • Quad- Represents KP (Key Points) the golfers Palmer Tendon, Nodule on their lead wrist, lead Elbow, and their trailing Ear Lobe for proper swing plane on and off the golf course.
  • Apperception- Taking a well-developed and existing motor-skills (like a baseball-type swing) in one sport and apply it to another sport (like your golf swing), like cross Training by using kickboxing gloves.
  • Synchronization- Synchronizing the subconscious mind with the body and the elbows with the shoulders).
  • Preset- Presetting the hands and wrists to initiate the golf swing.
  • YouTube Video Training Techniques as shown below.


In your golf swing, if there is one thing the golfer gets correct in the golf swing sequence, right off the bat, it makes the entire golf swing easier, more predictable, and consistent. The Palmer Technique is so significant to the golfer’s game that I decided to make an entire, stand-alone Download Regimental training session just on this one technique, called The Palmer Technique. There are two reasons that I refer to this as the Palmer Technique-


  • Arnold Palmer gave this technique to a President before a Pro-AM
  • There’s a important tendon the runs down the medial (inside) of each forearm that is significant in presetting the wrist action in the golf swing.


A major part of The Palmer Technique is cross-training where I use a pair of kickboxing gloves in my coaching sessions and using a virtual Strike Zone. I produced a YouTube Video explaining this cross-training technique, refer to the three YouTube Videos below.


If the golfer could just swap out their golf glove for a pair of kickboxing gloves just for their training sessions, their whole golf game and training sessions would improve with presetting the wrist action in the golf swing and syncing the golfer’s elbows with their shoulders. This is a huge advantage for the golfer that Arnold Palmer gave to President Eisenhower.


If the ESPY Golf Swing explains WHAT (the Mechanics) are, The Palmer Technique explains the HOW (the Techniques)!



I use The Palmer Technique  to not only Preset my golf swing, but to eliminate my swing thoughts and to warm up before a round of golf. The golfer has to warm up their mind just like their muscles and joints, this is muscle memory, in the subconscious mind.


I want to replace my swing thoughts and golf glove with a simple pair of kickboxing gloves and create a simple Strike Zone before I start my training sessions, even my own training. This develops the golfer’s feel, and visualization to help develop a natural and instinctive and consistent golf swing sequence that is crucial to the golfer. Consistency and confidence are keys to any successful endeavor, on and off the golf course. And boxing gloves are a great tool to use to achieve both consistency and confidence before your training session starts. Trust me!


Below are my three (3) YouTube Videos that I just got through making demonstrating The Palmer Technique:


Below are my three (3) YouTube Videos that I just got through making demonstrating my BOXING CHAMPS Techniques:

The Bunt-Rap-Type Golf Swing From Tee-to-Green


Verifying THE QATSPY GOLF SWING with the Medicus Training Club

THE BONUS Video THE QATSPY Tick-N-Tock Putting Technique

Become a PUTTING Machine on the PUTTING Green!

These first two YouTube Videos were so significant that Arnold Palmer gave this same technique to President Eisenhower before a Pro-Am. Syncing/Presetting are significant components in Palmer Technique. Even though Syncing/Presetting are something we perform every day, they are some of the most important elements to perform. This technique is so important that I call it the Palmer Technique because the tendon used to Sync/Preset and Lock my wrists and elbows.


I can assure the golfer that The Palmer Technique demonstrated in the first two FREE YouTube Videos above will be well worth the price of admission, or the price of the Download, to learn The Palmer Technique. The golfer doesn’t want to miss out on what the Palmer Technique using their baseball-type swing and standing in the batter’s box and just focus on the Strike Zone.


The Palmer Technique is SO unique in that it can be used on the practice range, golf course, or where the golfer practices their putting like I did in my YouTube Videos. This provides reps for the golfer in a small area, day or night, regardless of the weather or season, as this is a great off-season training procedure.


This is one technique that the golfer can take from their garage or backyard directly to the golf course, without difficulty. The golfer can actually get reps to develop the instinctive Palmer Technique, while practicing their putting, as I have done in my two YouTube Videos, above. Just have a backstop to catch those wayward shots and those long pitch shots.


If the golfer ever feels that their practice swing or baseball swing is more fluid and easier to perform than setting up to the golf ball and making the actual golf shot. Than the golfer will understand exactly why THE QATSPY® Palmer Technique is critical to the golfer’s game. Why not take that same confidence from the batter’s box to the tee box in order to get onto the green for par or better?


The Boxing CHAMPS Technique to Develop a Better and Consistent Golf Swing

As an Extra Bonus my CASPER Workout Program for golfers and general Fitness.

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