QATSPY ASPEN-408- The Palmer Golf Preset Technique (the Wrist Action in the Golf Swing)


This 40- Page QATSPY Download will help the golfer to be able to take their baseball swing from the batter’s box to the tee box and get on the green with par or better. The Palmer Technique is a simple, reliable, and instinctive element that will allow the golfer to Sync and Preset their wrists. But more importantly, The Palmer Technique will allow the golfer’s to sync their elbows with their shoulders. This was the same technique Arnold Palmer gave to President Eisenhower before a Pro-AM they were paired together.


THE Boxing and Strike Zone Technique synchronizes the golfer’s wrists and elbows with their shoulders, torso, and quads muscles, where the real clubhead speed and power are generated in the golf swing. This will allow the golfer take their golf swing instincts from the batter’s box and be able to use this same techniques on the tee box without having to think.



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Elevate Your Golf Game by Taking Your Golf Swing from the Batter's Box to the Tee Box

The Palmer Preset Technique of Setting the Wrist Action in the Golf Swing